Last Night's Dreams Highlights!

“I started bbq’ing food in my shed in the garden, I walked out for a minute and when i came back there was a pile of ashes on the bbq and the walls of the shed had turned black by scorching, then I heard my mother come back fomr the shops (Jikes!). Of course the first thing she did was go to the shed, I tried to stop her but it didn’t work. If she saw it she would kill me :sad:. We stood in front of the shed when the door suddenly opened and dokter House came out of the shed. somehow he had polished the walls of the wooden shed to a shining silver.”
He should become a janitor :razz:

I think I had a FLD inside a FLD :lol:, or something like that.

In one dream a group of girls killed me… twice! :eek: I then went back to get revenge and killed almost all of them. My dreams aren’t usually this violent… :bored:

EDIT: december 23rd

  • In a short lucid moment I saw a wooden “v” object carved with angel’s heads at each end.
  • in a ND I got caught in a tornado, the wind was increadibly strong, although I managed not to get taken away. I also punched some round rock/fireballs so they wouldn’t hit me, they were extremely hot!

After more than a week, I got lucid last night:

-I explained a friend how to stabilize the dream by looking closely at a tree and at his hands
-The sky was awful and it was raining so I said to the dream “I want thisweather to be nicer” and the clouds went away
-I jumped on big buildings and teaching it to other DC
-I got beaten by a freaky muscular man with white hair but then I said “I’m 5 times stronger than him” and I could throw him in a buildind then smash a car on him. DC’s around cheered :smile:

Fells good to get lucid again

  • I transformed into a huge white dragon last night. Unfortunately I only felt bigger and “knew” I was a dragon, I didn’t see or feel my dragon body. I think I breathed some fire, though.

  • I threw some big fireballs, much bigger than any I’ve ever summoned.

  • I went to a fun lucid party with guitars and girls :razz:

and congrats on your LD, yoy!! :yay:

  • Last night I rode a skateboard with 2 wheels down a steep slope and ended up in front of my house which had a giant bird’s nest with swarms of bees living in it. They also somehow managed to get into our house. Annoying buggers.

Last night I was messing around in a really big mall. Endless fun when you are lucid in a mall.

I was in the gymhall and suddenly noticed there was a hole in the wall somebody had tried hide by filling it up with buckets of orange paint. I took the buckets out and walked through the hole, there was a big elavator there and it went down to a secret Spy hide-out, I was messing around on a motercycle down there when my gymteacher showed up “hey! you aren’t supposed to be here. Get back to class”.

I was one of my CALD characters, met Luke Skywalker in the Jedi Temple who was concerned about a new kind of “sphere”, (quite similar to those Luke uses to exercise and strengthen his senses, the ones which shoot lasers at you randomly) of which one had escaped and had already killed a few people. Big scenery change, at home as myself, photographing gems and other beautiful stones/mineral for a time bar(some quite amazing details here). Discovered the inactive/idling sphere on our couch and somehow switched back to being my CALD character. I then shook the sphere, activating it. Shoot it twice with a laser gun (it has three “lives”) while lying flat on the ground as I knew its laser couldn’t detect subjects lying close to ground level. To my surprise it was capable of speaking and informed me that it can, in fact, detect me. Damn, I gave the Younglings wrong advice! At this moment, a wikipedia-like article appeared in my mind’s eye and gave me some background information about the sphere and the responsible company. I quickly pulled out my laser sword and cut the sphere into halves. Mission accomplished! :grin: (Also sorry for lenghty post, I tried to keep it as brief as possible…)

In a ND I was flying with wings, when this freaky rabbit thing with razor teeth latched onto my leg… It was like the end of the world or something.

hahah, awesome dream, Leijona! :lol: I like the wikipedia part, some very random information has gotten to me in dreams in similar manners :razz:

Sean Bean was in my dream last night. He died. Poor guy, even in my dreams he gets killed off :neutral: . Then an old wise lady took we into a tiny elevator and as we went underground she asked me if I know how to put a coin in a “fumija”. I wonder what the hell that is (even though I asked and she said it was some type of milk/juice… :confused:

Oh well, I was lucid tonight, but only on about layer 2.

I remember doing my reality check while I was on the back of some medieval horse and buggy thingy. It was night and I could only see the darkness, and some of the warm light shining off streetlamps. (medieval + street lamps = dream logic…)
From the moment I became lucid, I wanted to contribute to this topic/experiment. A random DC with a large spoon came up to me, and started pushing me, asking me what I was trying to do… Oh, those Dream Characters! :wink:

Great idea mattias, I just stumble on this topic.

Last night dreams I don’t remember but 2 days ago I had an amazing dream.

Longer version is in my garden, so

main thing happened in outer space, the dream was non lucid but nevertheless it was amazing. I was flying through the nebula and I guess I was shaping it as I was flying. Well here’s the image how it looked (click on the image for somewhat larger image)

Lately I have problem remembering dreams, started with new job and I’m still getting use to it…

The only thing I can do in a dream that I realize I’m dreaming in is fly a broomstick in my house and jump really high running down the street but other than that I can’t have a lucid dream :razz:

  • Last night a cat got on my back and covered my ears with it’s paws. It was supposed to be it’s way of letting me know I had a fever and indeed, my forehead was really hot!

  • In another dream people jumped through a glass window out of the last floor of a tall building. I made the glass bits fit back together into a window. Then I looked out and saw one of the people gliding around, really tiy far away.

I had an great dream last night where main character except me was my coworker. He bought an awesome motorbike which looked this Tomos. Nothing special, right? But when he sat on it and when he turned the key in the ignition the bike literally transformed into something like this still with the lines of the original Tomos motorbike. It looked awesome!

The night before I had a lucid dream which again was awesome. The main theme was me flying over some beautiful landscape in the time of sunrise but the things was on the horizon there were 2 suns! :eek:

last night i had a laser pointer that made things grow and then pop like a balloon.

Work took literally all day today, so i’ll post here instead:

I went to a place i knew from a false memory, and used a hidden key to open a safe. The safe contained a little notebook with this written in it: 15 11 18 26. A DC told me that the code could be very useful the next time I come back. I wrote it down in several places but realised that it would be gone when I woke up.

Ah, bad dreams all night. I think cold got me and I had weird dreams.

It was something about driving something somewhere. I have very bad recall and I remember that I was frustrated in the dream and upon awakening. Everything was supposed to go easy and normally but normal things turned into complicated ones.

It was something about big rock that was needed to be transported somewhere…

Very weird dream… :neutral:

This scene takes place Somewhere in a dark underground bunker. I’m surrounded by serious looking people and we’re in the middle of an important discussion. Suddenly the question pops up: “How do we even know any of this is real?”. Me: “You can always check by… [/i]I’m starting to suspect already as I’m thinking faster than I’m talking[i] …thinking about how you got here.” Suddenly it clicks and I know i’m dreaming Other person: “What did you say?”. Me: “How did you get here?” “Think about it. How did you get here?”. him: “I…I…”. Watching his expression as he realised was priceless :razz:

I almost forgot about this topic, I’m glad you guys are keeping it alive!

The other night I turned into a wave! It was an interesting feeling. I was in the middle of a room and just transformed, becoming taller.

Last night I put on a wide straw hat and used it to fly, by holding onto it.