Last Night's Dreams Highlights!

Time to try and revive this! (and sorry for double post) :tongue:

Last night I fought a ninja/samurai guy with swords trying to get information out of him (semi-LD). I heard the name Hirsh and thought I had heard it a lot in my dreams (FM), somehow I knew he just didn’t want to tell me about it.

I also drove a motorcycle really fast on a road. There was a truck that didn’t seem to want me to get by him, so I got off the road onto the grass. The change of terrain almost made me lose my balance.

Last night I had an awesome dream. I found myself in my city but as a driver I’m frustrated by all the works that are at the moment on the road and it looks that it transformed into my dreams,

So… I was in my city and in the dream there were my colleagues from work and one beautiful girl from the clinic where sometimes I deliver things. Because of the works city was separated into 2 by the post. In this post the girl from clinic worked. As I checked myself in she needed to sign some papers to me as I did to her, but also I asked for her number and I did it very nicely. (I was proud on myself in a dream…) After work she came to our office and we continued the adventure…

The dream was intense, filled with emotions and feelings. It was a nice experience…

Last Night I had a dream in which I was lucid from the start, but I didn’t have any dreamcontrol.

Now you could think that is Great, since we strive for that dreamcontrol but being just ‘myself’ made it a lot of fun.

I was on some tropical island, covered in white marbel ruins overrun with climbing green plants, and inbetween the different ruins were small streams of clear blue water. After I find out I had absolutely no powers I decided to really go and explore the dream (something I haven’t done in a while). I walked between the ruins looking for a way to teleport to a different place were I would perhaps meet dc’s. And after a while I just found myself in this huge kathedral built only out of dark wood. I heard my brother calling me but I diden’t see him, and started opening doors and stuff to find him, and then i found myself in my room with a taperecorder lying on my bed

this was rather funny to me. A couple of weeks back we went on vacation with the family and I shared a room with my brother. He was very annoyed by the fact that I was snoring really loudly (I had a nasty cold :shy: ). But I didnt believe him at first because when I was little I used to sleep so quietly that he worried I wasn’t breathing enough. He said he would record it when it happened again.

I Apologize for this wall of text, It was just a simple dream but it was fun.

@Shadow of a Day: That place sounds really awesome!

@dB_FTS: experiences like that with DC’s of people that exist IWL can be really something!

-I was in a huge office like building, when I saw this dwarf talking to his brother.
Brother: " you are such a child, always walking around here naked."
Dwarf: " I am an adult so its not naked, its nuked."
Me: " :confused: :eh::lol: :rofl:

  • In another dream I went to the store to buy lemons, I gave them to the clerk to weigh, and he said I couldn’t buy them because they didn’t weigh enough. So he kept adding more until they cost more than I could afford. I kept arguing how this was stupid and didn’t make any sense. I ended going back home to get more money. :grrr:

Last night I saw a group of applauding ducks! :rofl: It was extra cute.

Hahaha, that must have been hilarious.

My last night dream was sad, very sad…

I was in some kind of rural area, populated with not to much houses and families. Chillin’ and just waking admiring how everything odd looked. After few minutes I saw a smoke. I knew immediately that something was wrong. I ran toward the smoke, in a second there was a fire.

After some time firefighters showed up and they put the fire out bug there was another vehicle which had some kind of cable or cord attached to the firefighters truck and in one moment it broke and this another truck flipped over and crushed all the people and the children that were in its way. It was tragic, everyone was crying as I did and I was filled with sadness…

Few minutes later medics came and they said that they can help few of them but not all of them… I woke up, feeling pretty sad… :sad:

dB_FTS: :sad:

mattias: I shall contribute! :happy:

Last Night:

Jeff Goldblum was in a dream disguised as a doctor. I recognized his “uh” and "um"s. When I pointed out who he was, he was not very happy I “blew [his] uhh… cover… um… very unprofessional.”

The highlight of last night’s dream:

I was at work. Working.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. :sad: :tongue:

Same here, I was dreaming about my work and I was not happy, I was frustrated…

Last night’s dream was in the same settings as many before that. I was getting ready for school even though I was going to work. Funny story because in WL I do work and I do not go to school anymore.

As usually the problem arise when I actually need to go. Always something. This time it was a choice between the means of transportation… My first choice was scooter and I already took the helmet when I saw the weather changing over the garage. I could see how clouds were building up and getting darker and darker.

After that I choose a car over scooter but then again I opened the garage doors and 2 cars were there. Which one to choose?

First car was Pontiac Firebird and the second was Chevrolet Camaro.

Camaro was full red color, Firebird was black but firebird on the hood was red.

Later on I remember waking up for work - was not a FA!

Last Night:

Forgot about this for a second. :razz:

Last night’s dream was about solar eclipse. Very nice and peaceful dream although my eyes got damaged by looking at sun too much… :grin:

I got into a relationship using “ld abilities” to impress them. We dated for a while, went to a theme park, and I did some interesting things. They asked me what all I could do, and I said all kinds of things, and then I said “or make the sun explode.” and they gave me a horrible look, so told them i was just kidding.

Later, i figured out that they were just using me for my abilities, and I broke it off.

2 lucid dreams, second one was the continuation of the first one. I was on the street of some to me unknown city. Realized that’s the dream because of some sign that looked very familiar and that made me to question everything.

Later on I used telekinesis for fun and to do some mess and screw with people.

  • funny though I didn’t fly, which is what I do in almost every LD…

I was playing GW2, running around in wvw chaining knockdown on enemies by using a “wooden plank”. There was nothing they could do but spending too much time on the ground. But their companions didn’t seem to like it either…

In a ND last night I was in Skyrim and put on some golden armor, it was pretty cool. The chest and shoulder pieces stuck to me as if by magnetism.

I also explored a pretty cool Minecraft world.

I was singing loudly in a choir, and was low lucid at least through a part of it. After that, I witnessed a cyborg waking up to discover what he now looked like, and tried to save somebody from drowning in a raging maelstrom.

I summoned Cthulhu, turned him into a chicken, then someone else took him to make chicken sandwiches.