Late lucidity and my unsuccessful attempt at chaining :(

Okay so, for the past few nights, I had dreams in which i became lucid only at the end. I know it was the end since the dream was already so long and the story of my dream had already reached the ending. So the dream fades out and I’m back in my head with the thought of trying to sink into a new dream in which I am lucid as well. However, the first time, I couldn’t concentrate at all since I felt too tired and I couldn’t stay aware. The second time, I was more aware but only slightly so. What I believe to have been HI flashed in front of my eyes (underneath my eye lids of course) so fast. Almost as if I was slipping in and out of awareness creating the illusion that I was seeing sped up HI until I fell into a dream again by which time I had lost my awareness again. I am going to try this again toning to see if I can make any improvement, but if anyone has any tips or suggestions for me, please reply!
Thanks a lot!

I’ve managed to chain twice, so far. Both were times when I’d woken up from a non-lucid dream, woken up, and gone into a LD. The thing I’ve found is that , if I think about it too much, I wont fall alseep. It’s seems like by the time I’m awake enough to remember to try to chain, I’m too awake to actually do it. :sad:
But as for you, from your post I’d guess you have the opposite problem; not being awake enough, and so not being very aware. Maybe something simple like rolling over into a new position might just perk you up a little?

Interesting, we DO have the opposite problems :happy:! Thanks for your idea. I’ll try doing that tonight.