Laughing in a dream ==> Waking up laughing.

Do you ever have a dream where you was so laughing that you woke up???

It’s happened to me once, in one dream (I don’t remember what I was doing), I was in a situation that makes me laugh.
The laughter was so intense that it woke me up, and I was still laughing in my bed.

LOL, it was great.

Well that would be fun to experience!
Usually the emotion that wakes me up from a dream is fear or anxiety, and most of the time I can’t remember what the dream was about…

I had a recent dream where a blurry puppet was tapping on my window, wanting to come in. i woke up and hid under my covers until I fell asleep again. I got THE FEAR.

I laughed once in a LD that I woke up, but i woke up slowly and stopped laughing on the way to wakefulness. I spinned around, it was the curious time when the image of my bedroom wall was spinning when I woke up, slept with one eye open.

I haven’t exactly woken up laughing, but there have been a lot of times where i have been doing something really active and then i’ll wake up and i’ll be doing whatever it was that i was doing in my dream. When i went skiing in the winter when i was little, i always used to have dreams of skiing when falling asleep that night, and i would have dreams of where i was going off a jump, and i lifted my legs for some extra height, and then i would wake up and my legs would be lifted. Or one time i was skiing and i fell of a big cliff and my arms and legs were flailing and then i woke up and my arms and legs were all over the place.

Oh yeah that reminds me. I have several times woken up SPITTING… During a period one summer… That was interesting too because it may have been my first encounters with lucid dreaming., BEcause I was spitting in the dream and realised that I was actually asleep and spitting in bed. Then I had never heard of lucid dreaming and did not think about any of the possibilities. I guess because I never stayed in the dreams.

This happened to me too, I was spitting on my pillow because in my dream I was spitting.
Rather unpleasant !

Indeed unpleasant, and when you wake up and have to quickly catch your spit in your hand, you can’t do much more than laugh.

Yes, I have had this dream once and it happened last week. I laughed so loud that I woke myself up and my husband. I could not remember the dream. I was so ‘goosed’ that I had a hard time stopping laughing and going back to sleep. It was bizarre! :rofl:

I love when that happens, but I can never remmber why it was so funny.

I’ve never had a dream where I was laughing… :confused:
I might have chuckled alittle in a LD… I don’t know…

As for waking up and doing stuff you were doing in the dream… uh… yeah… heheh. Not so pleasant.

Lol, the body isn’t paralyzed any longer and you act off your dream !!! It’s the end of the REM-period.

ye i had it couple of times
last week dor exp.
i wake up loughing loud in the middle of the night
didnt knew really what was the reasone for the lough from the begining lol

I don’t remember laughing in a dream and waking up, but i do remember crying and waking up. :eh:

Yeah, I’ve done the crying wake up thing too. I guess my emotions are tenfold in my dreams, b/c my laughing was almost hysterical and the crying like a choking, sobbing crying. :eh:

I woke up laughing this morning because I was in the middle of a dream where they had just announced that Hillary Clinton was positively identified as the Anti-Christ. :rofl:

Acting out dreams can hurt, really. I was dreaming that I were pole vaulting but without a pole O.o, well IRL I stood up in bed and jumped onto the floor, dang that hurt. Lol