Layering Binaural Beats with Music

I recently discovered binaural beats and started listening to some with sbagen. I like to experiment here and there with writing music, usually techno. What I’m wondering is if binaural beats are effective when mixed with music and if I should take any special considerations into place, including keeping all of the tracks panned into the center or having drums or the proper tempo synchronization.

Also, I was wondering if there are any pottentially dangerous sides of binaural beats and things I should look out for before I get more into experimenting with this.

Since these cd’s all come with a warning that you’re NOT supposed to listen to this while doing any driving or operating any kind of machinery it would be rather unwise to release commercially. :eek:

However If you look at the tv drama series called Oz, they use it all the time. I have also heard of “illegal” trance music before so it may have had Binaural beats in it.

If you’re going to do this for your own pleasure then I guess you’re free to do whatever you wish. :cool_laugh:

Huh? Sorry, but I’m still somewhat confused. The not operating heavy machinery makes sense and all, especially since that’s something I usually dont do in any condition to begin with, but the rest was a little hazy.

I know that you CAN mix binaural beats with music and that I can certainly do whatever I want with it for myself, but I was wondeirng more about the technical sides of mixing the audio in and if any special musical considerations should be taken.