Lazy LDing - Afraid of destablization

lately I’ve been really lazy when I LD- I will do a RC, then I will play around with it a bit by asking a DC something specific. Like last night I had a funny dream where I hailed a taxi and the driver turned out to be Robin Williams - I asked the DC if he was REALLY Robin Williams and he shrugged at me and said “Sometimes” . But I didn’t peruse it because I didn’t want the dream to destabilize. I am however gaining some ground- that is to say I used to be afraid of my DC’s because they would always turn evil when they noticed I was lucid and now they don’t. Now the problem is that when I do try to get to in depth with them my dream begins to destabilize. How in depth can you get with a DC? What are some of your experiences trying to talk to DC’s?

Maybe you could work on holding the clarity of your dreams. When you talk to a DC be aware of this destabilisation and when it threatens use it to bring the dream back to full clarity. :cool:

Some members have done this a lot. We have a topic
“Testing the Realness of DCs” in the lucid lab.


wow this is hilarious and very deep,


i wonder if he is a place-holder, as in, he could be a bridge to meeting the “real” Robin Williams,

talking to DCs is the best way to stay lucid,
how can you wake up if you are in a conversation with someone in another reality ?
you just ask them “hey will you help me come back to you” and keep talking to them, if you drift away,
then you will come back, you can stay for a very long time by using DCs to help you.

this is important :
if you are waking up, just ask for help to stay inside your dream, if you do not notice any DCs, just make one up and talk to it, and say “hey will you help pull me back into the LD.”