LC 18-Task 7: Meet the Storyteller

because I missed your post by mistake, it’s fixed now :smile:

I had 2 LD’s, sooo… do you count this just for once 30 points or 30 points each? :tongue:

And evil twin, good twin… you mean like… twin souls etc?(the spiritual shizzle) or like real twins? (same look, other behaviour etc)

yes, twins in the literal sense, same look, other behaviour.
And yes I count maximum one LD per deadline period.

Ok, good to know. :content:

good to know indeed :smile: thanx magnus
and what if I am the evil twin? then I can only meet the good and the male ones :biggrin:

I was lucid :cool: but didn’t do any tasks. The phone can’t copy and paste, but the link is in my sig.

Had a very long LD this morning in which I had an OOBE :smile: too bad everything was dark the whole time otherwise I would have done some tasks…

What do you know, I had a LD this morning. I couldn’t decide what to do, so I flew around a bit through marvellous pastelcolored cloudy landscape. It was longer than that, talked with a DC as well, but nothing related to the challenge :tongue:

  1. Amaryllis 200 points+30= 230
  2. Dryalantha 120 points
  3. rk7 90 points
  4. GHOSTIE11 70 points
  5. Siiw 50 points + 30 points = 80
  6. Vampirsim45 45 points
  7. lidybug 30 points
  8. buttrfli 30 points

pasQuale=30 points

task 7:
Meet the storyteller of your life:
some background info; The storyteller is the person who writes down/records everything that happens in your life. A little like Michael Ende’s “the neverending story”

So that you know who to meet:
The storyteller of your life, he/she will almost be busy with writing down your life except for when you dream.
He/she will also have a place where everything about you that he/she has recorded is stored.

The task is to meet him/her and ask her or him a few questions:
Ask the name of the storyteller.
Ask how old the storyteller of your life is.
Then the big question ask why the storyteller choosed to record your life.
Ask the storyteller if he/she can show you the storage where the stories of your life is kept.

Meet the storyteller: 10 points
Then 10 additional points for each of these things you do:
Find out his/her name.
Find out his/her age.
Find out where(and how) he/she store the stories of your life.
Find out why he/she does what he/she does.

Get the storyteller to ask you about something and you answering his/her question and you get 20 additional points.

so 110 points if you include lucid points is maximum for this task, go find your storytellers now .

Task 7 is the last task, the next deathline is on thursday and then the final results will be posted and the next task maker.
Deadline 18:00 GMT as always

Got another LD. Found a rainbow but it was completely pink, the other colors were missing and I used it to fly with. I forgot to bite in it to see what it tastes like :tongue: I found a magic book, probably the book with my lifestory in it but I forgot the text and couldn’t find my storyteller…


  1. Amaryllis 260 points
  2. Dryalantha 120 points
  3. rk7 90 points
  4. Siiw 80 points
  5. GHOSTIE11 70 points
  6. Vampirsim45 45 points
  7. lidybug 30 points
  8. buttrfli 30 points
    7.pasQuale=30 points
  9. Danielns13 0 points

So congratulations to Amaryllis, you won the prize of hosting the next Lucidity Challenge, LC 19.

First off, CONGRATZ!

lol, now a proposition to you, Amaryllis (Or, if you decide to pass the quest 19 responsibility down, to Dryalantha). A few pages back, comeione suggested that the time span between challenges should be a bit longer. I want to second this.
Sometimes, it takes a day or two to actually drill what the challenge is into your head. If they’re shot out rapid-fire, they all mesh together.

hooray for me! :mrgreen_hat:

then how long would you like the time span to be? maybe i can make a new challenge task, every 4 days (so also 4 nights), 5 tasks in total, so the new challenge would take about 3 weeks in total, is that long enough? would you like me to start a new challenge immediatly? would be better for me acctually cuz i have to start studying back soon :tongue:

4 days sounds pretty good (In my oppinion), and I’m open to starting the next challenge whenever.

congrats Amaryllis! :happy: well done!

thanx :content:
will start the next challenge toworrow! now it’s sleepy time :sleep:

:smile: I’m excited to hear the challenges that Amaryllis comes up with and I agree with the idea of making the time frame between challenges a bit longer. I think I will do better this new challenge because I just got come new books in the mail, Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming, and Tibetan Dream Yoga, so I think my quantity of LD’s will increase. :wink:

Then hurry up and sign in on the new Challenge! :wink:

I bought “Exploring the World of Ludic Dreaming” a few months ago in Barns & Noble. It’s a pretty good read.

It gets my seal of recomendation.