LC 18-Task 7: Meet the Storyteller

I talked to a baby! And normally baby’s can’t talk lol. But I guess that doesn’t count, does it. :tongue: Oh yeh, it was an LD - but I didn’t think about the task, 'else I would ask a stone something interesting instead.

I will post it in my DJ later. :content:

Vampirism45 30+10+5=45 points
Amaryllis 30+10+20=60 points
GHOSTIE11 30 points
Dryalantha 30 points

1- Amaryllis 60 points
2- Vampirism45 45 points
3. Dryalantha 30 points
3. GHOSTIE11 30 points

Task 2 Take the elevator to the center of the earth
Taka an elevator ride but not to the center of the earth=5 points
Get to the center of the earth without using an elevator=10 points
Take the elevator to the center of the earth= 20 points

Sorry, about being almost 3 hours late with posting this, deadline for this one is 18:00 GMT on Sunday and then Task 3 will be posted

Oh, this is gonna be interesting :tongue:

And I have a secret strategy I wont reveal until sunday :tongue:

I hope I get lucid tonight I am looking forward to traveling to the center of the earth…I hope it’s not to

All these little quests are so unbelievable cool ! :woo: I really love the challenge!! :cloud9: It’s like each time I’m on a new mission!|)
Completed today’s mission :cool: I just called down an elevator and it came down to earth like a falling star. It was more of a box of steel and had 4 doors but no windows so I couldn’t see anything. I traveled a long time to the centre of earth, prepared for the worst, I thought I was going to meet the devil in hell and well, actually I did…

Todays dream found ------->here<--------, where the challenge part is marked green :tongue:

Had another LD this night (a small one) but I don’t know if that counts for anything because I didn’t do any tasks for the chalenge…

You still get LD-points without doing the task :tongue: but its always better to do the task as well :wink:

:happy: So, I had Awesome LD’s last night. I felt like I was LDing all night! I figured out that when I think I’m Lucid but everything is dark (I can’t even see my body) to Open My Eyes!) :wow:
But I Can’t believe with all the things I did and all the time I had I never thought to take an elevator to the center of the earth :wallhit:

No LD. the closest i got last night, was jumping through a hole into the floor into a shaft or pipe.

Task 3 is: What do you want to do?
Talk to a Dream Character and ask what he/she/it want to do and do it.
Ask a DC what he wants to do= 5 points
Getting a reply from the DC after asking the question= 10 points
Doing the thing the DC said he/she/it wanted to do= 20 points.

deadline for task 3 is 18:00 GMT on tuesday.

PS. I willl count the points for task 2 later tonight.

1- Amaryllis 60 points+60 points =120
2- Vampirism45 45 points
3. Dryalantha 30 points
3. GHOSTIE11 30 points +5 =35

lidybug 30 points

  1. Amaryllis 120 points
  2. Vampirsim45 45 points
  3. GHOSTIE11 40 points
  4. Dryalantha 30 points
  5. lidybug 30 points

i almost wish there could be a longer period in between tasks- i’m a beginner at LDs and sometimes it takes a second for a dream to incubate for me :sad:

One of my dreams last night I dropped my keys in a pipe at the top floor of a huge house in the hallway and had to search the house all they to the basement following this pipe to find where my keys came out.

The closest thing I’ve had to lucidity in a while…

[spoiler] I was walking home from some school function (Which is odd, I live very far from my school). As I got closer, I decided to run and get there faster. I sprinted a little then slowed down. Something felt odd. I looked over at the side of the road. There was a stream there, and my father was kayaking in it. I got suspicious. “Dad, am I dreaming?” No responce. I tried to do a hand RC, but failed. Then I tried to make a cheeseburger appear in my hand, but nothing.
But then I saw a wall. A grey brick wall, about the hight where I could normally jump, grab on, and pul myself up. I jumped, and landed on top without the use of my hands. I knew I was dreaming.

Dream pretty much goes downhill from there. (Loss of lucidity).[/spoiler]

No tasks. I’m glad to have gotten SOMETHING though.

You can do all the tasks until the LC ends, the deadline is just for the 10 bonuspoints.

Last night I had 2 LD’s, a high one and a low one.
I wanted to visit a past life and a DC showed me the way but I said ''it’s too far!! When I arrive there, I will wake up! ‘’ - “No you wont,” he said - “I’ll join you and you will arrive there before you wake up”, and he did. I arrived in a room, but some minutes (??) later I woke up.
The other LD I was in a room also but could not remind the quests… I was searching for L. but didn’t find him.

And I still have to update my DJ here for months, I hope I will get some translation time soon. :smile:

no LD last night. I’m going to try to take a nap this morning.

Yay! :woo: I got an LD and tried the task at least :tongue:

Click here to find out :tongue: LD-part blue :wink:

  1. Amaryllis 120 points
  2. Vampirsim45 45 points
  3. GHOSTIE11 40 points + 30 points
  4. Dryalantha 30 points+30points
  5. lidybug 30 points

rk7 -60 points

  1. Amaryllis 120 points
  2. GHOSTIE11 70 points
  3. Dryalantha 60 points
  4. rk7 60 points
  5. Vampirsim45 45 points
  6. lidybug 30 points
  7. buttrfli 30 points