LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

No more LD luck for me yet, just some weird NDs. Will try and complete more of task 1 as I do task 2.

same for me Omnisomnia :wink: good luck to everyone for the task 2

Ysim, I loved your talk with the computer! :happy: I’m also enjoying everyone’s dreams and motivation. Thanks for that :smile:

Wyvern, if you do post the song let me know too! the last one I saw was fantastic ^^

I had a LD! :happy: it made me realize that hard work does indeed pay off! XD

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Current stand-up:

  1. Cave of Mind | 10 |
  2. Colors | 170 |
  3. danielns13 | 0 |
  4. GHOSTIE11 | 0 |
  5. idaln09 | 120 |
  6. JazzleDazzle | 170 |
  7. Leeh | 0 |
  8. littlenemo | 0 |
  9. Magnus | 0 |
  10. mattias | 285 |
  11. Omnisomnia | 150 |
  12. Presence of Light | ?? |
  13. Puce | 180 |
  14. Rare | 95 |
  15. Rhewin | 290 |
  16. Siiw | 170 |
  17. Solaris | 0 |
  18. Vampirism45 | 0 |
  19. Wyvern | 375 |
  20. Ysim | 200 |

The 1st task score for everyone is in the first task post, so you know what you have to beat to get more points. Of course, neither LD points nor extra points are counted in there, those are fully cumulative.

I’ve got the 2nd task ready, so here goes! :content:

Ok, I did manage to complete the task on my second attempt. The dream was roughly 5 min long, and I was able to ask one DC. It was a girl walking through a hallway of some sort.

Question: “Do you know who I am?”
Answer: “No… which is weird because I know everyone here.”

There was a little more interaction, and can be found here

Give me your best shot for this one!

[center][title]Live your story![/title][/center]
For this task, I’m asking you to create a story on the run, and be its protagonist! Live the epic knight tale you always wanted, solve a case like the best detective could, or make it as random and hilarious as you can :lol:. It can be fantasy, it can be romance, it can be in space, it can be under the sea, any story you can think of, you can live it in your dreams! :content:
In order to be valid, a story must be narrated (on the spot!), either by you ([color=darkblue]10 pts[/color]), some DC ([color=darkblue]20 pts[/color]), or a disembodied narrator ([color=darkblue]30pts[/color])
As any story, yours requires a beginning, a complication, a developement and an epilogue: for the appearance of each section in yours, you will be awarded [color=darkblue]30 points[/color]. Each part needs to be longer than 10 seconds, and be sufficiently engaging (in a very broad sense): a skilled narration can very easily make it so.

For an extreme example:

Just go with the flow, and make anything your personal, epic adventure!

Bonus points if you impersonate (and act out) someone different from yourself ([color=darkblue]+20 points[/color]) or transform into someone else ([color=darkblue]+15 pts[/color]) (it can be as simple as a clothes change).
You can create other stories after the first one, however only the sequences bonus will apply (the one requiring a beginning, etc.) and it will award [color=darkblue]15 points[/color] per part for the second go, and [color=darkblue]10[/color] for all the next ones.

Example story:

Good luck to all of you :happy:

Tip of the day:

Current task score:

  1. Cave of Mind | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  2. Colors | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  3. danielns13 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  4. GHOSTIE11 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  5. idaln09 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  6. JazzleDazzle | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  7. Leeh | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  8. littlenemo | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  9. Magnus | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  10. mattias | [color=#e4ecee]100[/color] |
  11. Omnisomnia | [color=#e4ecee]140[/color] |
  12. Presence of Light | |
  13. Puce | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  14. Rare | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  15. Rhewin | [color=#e4ecee]250[/color] |
  16. Siiw | [color=#e4ecee]110[/color] |
  17. Solaris | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  18. Vampirism45 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  19. Wyvern | [color=#e4ecee]200[/color] |
  20. Ysim | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |

I think this is the perfect task for me, since I like storys and I have had similar dreams, but not so many dreams with a narrator but, I’m looking forward to having one with a narrator.

This is gonna be interesting :cool:

hm…so we hear the voice of a narrator as we have a lucid dream ?


It doesn’t have to be lucid, but the necessity of a narrator will ensure you are motivated enough for it to appear (or for you to tell the story), and the dream to count.
But essentially yes, the narration must be there for the duration of the story, but it’s fine if more narrators alternate, (only the highest score one will count anyway).

i’m not sure I ever experienced this…you really mean that as I am having adventures, it’s like when I hear an audiobook and the voice describes what happens ? :o

edit: do we have to put here what main quest we want to achieve ? I always think that with general topic like this one it might be best to first come with at least a vague idea of adventure or place you want to visit…then of course what’s important is the narration not the place, if you live it in another one that the one you told us about on this forum. I don’t know what do you think ?

This is a first for me, so I’m really excited to and have ideas I would have never thought about on my own ^^ I’ll begin with the simplest quest since I never experienced the narration stuff : I’ll be a knight (so I have to change sex) and I’ll listen to the narrator to tell me where I can find a dragon and beat him. Then the treasure if I win will be a surprise, I’ll let my SC do the rest :tongue:

Does this fit the task ?

Yeah, pretty much. Of course, if you feel it as a hindrance, feel free to narrate only the highlights of your story, but it probably won’t be as epic that way :tongue:


Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of using whatever you find yourself into (in the dream) to begin a story based (eventually loosely) on that: that would probably make a easier time.
But sure, you’re completely free to build up a story by daytime and recreate it in the dream :content:

Can we do one story across several nights in this task, or just one story per night?

Furthermore, are there any chain bonuses?

Oh that’s so cool!!! I want to become Lara croft(from tomb raider) and fight!!!

Different dreams count for different attempts, and thus are not cumulative.
Chains, and lucidity regains, however, count as one single dream, and as such, one continued task, where other stories will add points to the score. (Be warned, however, stories beside the first will award less points)

This is going to be so much fun. :happy:

ok thanks for the details, so you want us to improvise right :smile: I’ll do my best to make the impersonate voice be there to narrate, what a fun idea ^^ But I’ll keep the dragon fighting in mind :tongue:

Awesome task :content: And I can see that narrating what’s going one could really increase, or at least maintain, lucidity! :happy:

This is going to be fucking epic!
Too bad I can’t be the villain. :razz:

You have no idea how much this fits with my eccentric dream personality. I’m going to be so creative with this. :cool: