LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

Had 4 LD’s last night.
1st one was around a minute, 2nd one was around 20 minutes, 3rd one was also 20 minutes (possibly a little less) and 4th one was around 3 minutes then I had a FA.

I’ll write them out in their entirety when I get the chance. (I completed a lot of the task in the 3rd LD.)
I just won’t have much access to a computer this weekend.

WOW impressive! Keep the good work!

A few more LD’s. No tasks done though…

Finally completed the first task, though fell just short on the second one. (Yay for sleeping in til 10 on Saturday! :happy: ) I’ll post my LD’s soon.

Good job Puce! Remember that you can always narrate the story yourself if you find the need :smile: | 30 LD points for you. |

Leeh, the Challenge is still long from finished, and I’m sure you’ll catch up with some beautiful LD! For now, | 5 points for last night ^^ |

GHOSTIE, Keep it up, you’re doing great all the same! Did you notice you’re having more LD than before? :wink: | 20 points for that LD. |

Wyvern, 4 WBTB sure show some motivation to get the task done :lol: :tongue: While we wait for you to post your task attempt, | 30 LD points for yesterday and 160 for today. |

mattias, lol @ the animal voices :rofl: | 90 LD points for today. |

Task 3 is ready, be prepared!
I apologise if this task is less generic than the other 2, but it was too big to pass. :tongue:

Task #3 is here, I want you to
but with a tweest![/center]

In your next dreams, soar the sky, feel the wind on your face, and navigate through beautiful landscapes! There is a twist, however: for this task, all navigation through liquids, or even solids, will also count towards the objectives (so you can score points also by swimming, or earth-gliding), so I may as well have called this task “Navigate!” :tongue:. But I do have a sore spot for the air, so the first time you take off for the sky is [color=darkblue]30 points[/color] :content: , while if you have a try at water and ground, they’re worth [color=darkblue]15 points each[/color].

Experimentation will be the rule here! For every different style, device, transformation you use to “navigate”, you get [color=darkblue]10 points[/color]. If any of these is one you’ve never tried before in a dream, there’s a [color=darkblue]20 points[/color] single-time bonus.

Also, aerial manoeuvres! Do the loop, dive, make a quick turn, and go forth from there! Do the first one for [color=darkblue]25 points[/color], and for every different acrobatics you practice, [color=darkblue]10 more points[/color]! [color=#e4ecee]Do a barrel roll! Use the boost to get through![/color]

Note: gases, liquids, and solids, save for the very first bonus, are effectively considered the same thing for this task, which means you don’t get points for doing old tricks in new places.

Example task:

[color=blue]Tip of the day:[/color]

Side note: Did you notice the easter egg? :tongue:

Current task points:

  1. Cave of Mind | [color=#e4ecee]175[/color] |
  2. Colors | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  3. danielns13 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  4. GHOSTIE11 | [color=#e4ecee]90[/color] |
  5. idaln09 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  6. JazzleDazzle | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  7. Leeh | [color=#e4ecee]140[/color] |
  8. littlenemo | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  9. Magnus | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  10. mattias | [color=#e4ecee]110[/color] |
  11. Omnisomnia | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  12. Presence of Light | [color=#e4ecee]90[/color] |
  13. Puce | [color=#e4ecee]135[/color] |
  14. Rare | [color=#e4ecee]145[/color] |
  15. Rhewin | [color=#e4ecee]90[/color] |
  16. Siiw | [color=#e4ecee]155[/color] |
  17. Solaris | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  18. Vampirism45 | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |
  19. Wyvern | [color=#e4ecee]185[/color] |
  20. Ysim | [color=#e4ecee]0[/color] |

AWESOME, my specialty :happy:
Look forward for a SUPERDUPEREPICOMBO LD this night,
Oh yeah, I’m back. ^^

This is going to be a difficult task for me, since I always find flying to be the most difficult thing to do in an LD. But I am going to fly in the LD that I am going to have tonight.

Vampirism, remember that there’s always the water, or the earth if you feel like using a big drill or similar :tongue:


I guess it’s about time I learn how to fly properly! :lol:

EDIT: Oh, and what about gliding or floating? Will they be considered flying?

hello !

I managed to get lucid but failed in being inventive enough to make the narrator talks. Anyways you can read about it here: my dream journal

OK, I posted my dream from last night - it’s a bit long and not very exciting. I’d say the whole thing lasted about 25 dream minutes, my longest yet - and I was able to recall both tasks and ask my question! :smile: I also had a brief LD (a couple minutes) while napping the other day, but I don’t think it really counts because my dream was about napping…

Looking forward to doing the third task - I love flying!

Thank you and I feel the motivation is returning :cool_laugh:

And this task shouldnt be hard :tongue:

I want a LD!!! I will combine between the tasks.

Colors, congrats for the LD! But I need to know its duration :tongue:

Cave of Mind, nice job! ^^ with 2 answers and 3 interactions (talk, friendly, follow) that’s | color=#e4ecee LD + (50+30) task + 30 lucid task = 170 points[/color] | for today, and | 30 LD points | for yesterday! ^^

Mattias, probably everything, except maybe jumping really high, will do :content:

Everyone, nice to see you’re nice and motivated, keep it up! I bet combos will start flying from now on :lol:

hello ! I did not think about the new task this time but I went back to my Fujimoto task. I still managed to think about the “narrator” task…but it was a funny failure again hahaha you can read it here : my dream journal

Ho ! Sorry for that. yesterday was : LD: 7mns from the moment of lucidity, then 15mn in total with the following ND.

Today was approx 20mn of dream time I’d say, from the moment of gaining lucidity until the end.

Ok, nothing fancy, just a 1 minute long LD spasm from last night. Here ya go -> click me if you want to live

Edit: Including both vivid and hazy (short or cloudy vision) LD’s, I’ve made it to 30. Yay. It won’t be long before I’m there with vivids alone :content:

I had a very short lucid moment last night, I’d say only a couple seconds :tongue: Some computers fell on the floor and I was sad/mad about it so I RC’ed. That’s pretty much it… :neutral:

Is it just me or is this task pretty harder than it sounds? :eh:

At first, I thought it would be easy because “moving around” is a necessity and this is basicly just moving around, the “around” being a not-normal “around”. Now I think that there’s something more into this. :bored: