LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

Finally I had dreams! I dreamt 4 dreams this day(no LD though) :happy:

I had a LD that lasted for more than 4 minutes. I visited a demo party, but never got around to making any music. Do I still get the point i asked you for in the dream? :grin:

Edited in my previos LD the duration :tongue:

I had 3 more LD’s :content:

Had a short LD last night but managed to create something. It was Graffiti art because I happened to be in a city. It was an old city playground with a few punks hanging around. I got lucid from the amount of dream control I had. I used this time to bother the punks, graffiti’d my website name on a wall over their own graffiti logo and then I jumped a fence using some parkour I had seen in internet videos. :tongue:
I then continued my fun climbing up trees and the like. The punks had found a way around the fence and were after me. I went up a tree and they thought they had me cornered, but when I flew off and hovered above them. That freaked them out and they ran off.

I lost lucidity at some point. Certainly not when I was flying. I think there was a FA that caused it or a skip. I was in a new location and then suddenly at my school. I went online to enter some PIN numbers into iCoke and maybe win something. My annoying spoiled cousins C and A came over announcing that they didn’t need to win any contests and that their mom and dad could just buy anything I won. They were jealous of all my recent good fortune really. Annoyed, I finished entering my PIN’s and a message came up saying, “You must be alone without any deaf people within range to claim your prize.”
I gave a wtf look at the computer and looked over at C who was right beside me. Ridiculous rule and my cousin wasn’t deaf (or maybe she is. :tongue:).
I regained lucidity and shoved her away. I then used my last lucid moments to insult the hell out of them and fly around. “Your mommy and daddy can’t buy flight.”
I then woke up.

Lucidity in total was around 6 minutes.
I’ll try to recreate the graffiti when I can. :tongue:

Leeh, thanks for explaining ^^ so that’s | (45 sets + 60 rules + 30 lucid + 20 combo) = 155 points! |
Also, congratulations for completing the April Task! :happy: For now, that’s | 50 task + 30 lucid = 80 points. |

GHOSTIE, nice going with your half-hour long LD! I see you are truly motivated this period. :colgate:
Also, your new attempt at flying got a better score. :content: | (30 air + 30 new style + 30 lucid + 20 combo) = 110 points! |
That, and the spawn attempt, the thing Siiw did sure shows how belief in yourself is the most important thing. :wink: | (15 types + 20 objects + 30 methods + 30 lucid + 20 combo) = 115 points. |

Magnus, nice to see you had another LD ^^ Try resolving to complete a task before bed! :smile:

mattias, awesome job you did with meditation ^^ and the DJ and art tasks, too!
For the art task, | 50 composition + 15 media + 30 lucid + 20 early = 115 points! |, while the DJ one is | 20 found + 20 uses + 30 lucid = 70 points |

Wyvern, awesome sauce as always :happy: A SD, and a “How to train a dragon” dreams? I’m getting jealous man :rofl:
Nice job with Bombax! That was a personal task, so I’ll add 10 points for that.
For the DJ task, I assume you only read from it, so | 20 found + 10 activity + 30 lucid = 60 points. | Do you want a combo with that? :tongue:
Urban graffiti, that was sweet :content: | 50 art + 15 media + 30 lucid + 20 early = 115 points! | I’m eager to see what you drew there ^^

idaln09, I’m happy to hear you got your recall back :smile: Now I want to see some good LD from you ^^

Siiw, all it takes is asking :lol: I’ll put in +10 points for that.

Last comes a bonus round ^^
[center]Do your favourite activity![/center]
Be sure to pick one you like particularly, because you may have to do it for a lot of dream time :wink:
You may choose an action you want to carry out in your dream: it can be a continuous one (like flying, playing space tennis, or visiting Atlantis), or one that you’ll do often enough during the dream (like playing pranks on DC’s, or eating till bursting in each of the restaurants of your DreamWorld).

For points counting, the important thing will be the time spent doing your preferred activity, including the time you passed while looking for another go (like searching for another restaurant). The system to award points will be exactly like the one for LD time, except the points will be doubled.
Examples: you remember the task - +10 points (this one is cumulative with the others),
You actually start practising - 20 points,
1+ minute - 40 points,
4+ miuntes - 60 points
So, a 10 minutes LD where you battled RPG monsters for 8 minutes awards (10 begin + 60 time + 30 lucid + 20 early) = 120 task points.

As always, bonus points for originality and awesomeness are to be expected :content:
Have fun everyone :happy: and be sure to catch up with the tasks you wanted to complete! 4 days left until the end of the Challenge :peek:

WHAT? :open_mouth:
I got so much to complete. :<

What should I do? what should I do?
I guess I should have a lucid boost those 4 days!

Don’t mind looking at the spoiler, It’s mainly for me.

[spoiler]Task to do list
Task #1: Interact with DC’s! - DONE
Task #2: Live your story!
Task #3: Fly! (with a twist) - DONE
Task #4: Explore!
Task #5: Magic! - DONE
Task #6: Spawn!
Task #7: Subvert rules/laws! DONE
Task#8: Use and abuse your DJ!
Task#9: Create!
Task #10: Do your favourite thing!
That means, 4/10, That means, not enough.
I guess I could give up #2 and #8, that leaves me with another 4,
And maybe I could get #4 in my first quest and #6, #9 and #10 in my second.
The thing is, I think it’ll stress me out. :sad:
I’ll do the best I can.

I guess if some of the participants want, we can easily arrange an extra 4-days empty round to finish off. Let me know what you think :smile:

Oh man. So many things to choose from. Though my actual “favorite” activity is not an option in my book. :tongue:
Instead I’ll go for another favorite. Transforming! Over and over and over!

Last night was another attempt to go to Antarctica, this time, through Google. :razz:

2 LDs, one of them is chained, around 10 and 20 minutes, count it as 15. :smile:

last night had a short LD, about 15 seconds. posted it here.

Hm. I think I forgot to write a dream here… Now I forget it! Ah well.
Last night I had a LD with tosxyChor. Thought I wouldn’t become lucid if he disguised himself. He was wrong. :tongue:
My recall has really dropped these last couple of days. Weird. I know it was at least 5+ minutes because I had fairly long conversation and then I think I flew for a bit.

had 2 LD’s this morning :content:

Had a LD last night that had tosxyChor in it again. I completed the task and actually did do the thing which I said wasn’t an option in my last post. Vore.
Oh don’t worry tosxy. I didn’t eat you, a shark did. :lol:
Dream was around 20 minutes.

It probably won’t be written out before the Challenge is finished so meh. Whatever. Points or no points. Does it really matter at this point? :razz:

I had a really low lucidity dream last night,
It was about 20 minutes,
I remember repainting a movie theater with dream control, flying, and playing a weird mix of golf, soccer and marbles.

I had a WILD and a chain for the first time! :woo: Or at least that’s what I believe.

The first one was a minute, and the second was around 5 minutes. I think I want the second one to count for the Bonus Round. :content:

At first I thought my favorite activity would be LD’ing itself (which it is :tongue: ), but I wasn’t sure how to do it in a LD. LD’ing in a LD wouldn’t be really interesting, in terms of points at least. So I decided to play guitar :smile:

What a way to finish the Challenge. 5 LD’s last night. No chains. :cool:

LD 1:
I only have fragmented memories. tosxyChor was there and we were talking about auras I believe. 15-30 seconds.

LD 2:
I started off with a 3rd person dream. It was about a cartoon style penguin and a polar bear. They were guarding some kind of volcano and for some reason the bear wanted to penguin to keep throwing lanrge balls of snow in every “hour” (time skips). Eventually I took over the role of the penguin and became lucid because well, I was a penguin. :tongue:
LD was around 5 minutes.

LD 3: I was on a road trip with my uncle and we were going to this place in Toronto with a bunch of stores. While looking outside, I noticed all these Furry stores and Furry movie theatres and Yiff porn shops. My uncle explained that this was an open furry community and Furries were free to express themselves here. Along the trip we also had this black man following us wanting food but my uncle kept ignoring him. At night time when we were having dinner in a park, my family was making some rascist remarks at the man and I was appalled. I gave some food to the man in private and became lucid upon reflecting on the situation. I decided to explore the stores and jump around the buildings. I also found a Pokeball at one point which reminded me of tosxyChor, but when I teleported, I woke up instead.
Lucidity was 6-8 minutes.

LD 4 (WILD):
I started off in my college and flew aimlessly around the school for awhile. I eventually came across a group of people who wanted to fight. It turned into a dance competition. That was really fun. My annoying cousin C was also there trying to dance but failing miserably.
LD was 20-25 minutes.

LD 5:
Something about a car video game I played a few times, stuff at home, etc. Skip.
I was outside walking with my friend E. We were discussing some assignment I had to do. Became lucid because my French was better while talking to him.
Lucidity was 5-6 minutes.

Ok, then, I declare the Lucid challenge #23 officially over! :peek:

First of all, I’d like to say you all did an awesome job! :woo: seriously, 10 people who completed 4+ tasks, among other fantastic records? That’s purely amazing, and I want you to congratulate yourself for all the sweet LD’s you dreamt :handshake: :colgate:

My wish is that you’ve learned something from this experience, now it’s the time to read back and treasure all your achievements. :content:

Secondly, if everyone feels like completing more tasks, either just for the sake of it, or because it feels like a personal challenge, I will still be available for points counting, so just post here your next attempts, and we’ll sort it out :content:

Calculating points… Please wait…
Operation complete! Displaying scores…

  1. Cave of Mind | 765 |
  2. Colors | 1125 |
  3. danielns13 | 40 |
  4. GHOSTIE11 | 695 |
  5. idaln09 | 555 |
  6. JazzleDazzle | 170 |
  7. Leeh | 995 |
  8. littlenemo | 185 |
  9. Magnus | 40 |
  10. mattias | 2060 |
  11. Omnisomnia | 110 |
  12. Presence of Light | 140 |
  13. Puce | 1075 |
  14. Rare | 415 |
  15. Rhewin | 1330 |
  16. Siiw | 920 |
  17. Solaris | 0 |
  18. Vampirism45 | 110 |
  19. Wyvern | 3325 |
  20. Ysim | 735 |

I hereby declare the winner of the 23rd Lucid Challenge…

[center] :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: [/center]

Sincere congratulations, and looking forward to the LC #24 :wink:

And now for a little treat!


Here you will find my notes regarding the challenge :tongue: mostly containing the 10 tasks, most of the Tips of the Day, and the xls file where I kept track of the points, where you can double check your line if you feel like it :lol:[/spoiler]
Thank you everyone, and good night.


congrats wyvern !!! I learned something while having to complete these tasks, even if in the end I had too many problems IRL to be able to connect and even have LDs.

COngratulations everyone ! I know we all learned something from this task, and after all, it was entertaining ! :smile:

A big thank you to Master Tosxychor who put all the effort for finding new task and keeping track of everyone’s improvement ! :smile: