LC #24, Final Task: Make Dream Characters Lucid!

Its 7 AM Monday morning and I woke up half an hour ago from a fun lucid dream!
It started out as an ND (which I’ll include because it ties in at the end) where a friend of mine and I where running away from someone who was chasing us. We got to a steep wall covered in small vines and my friend climbed up ahead of me. I thought the vines were too small to hold my weight, but seeing as my friend is way heavier and he had no problems I decided they would hold me as well. It was hard climbing up the wall, especially seeing as my sight was so blurry. Once we got on top of the platform we ate something cause we were starving. The guy that chased us however found a way easier path on top of the ledge and he showed up on the other side. He ran toward me and jump as if he were a tiger I rolled back with my feet in the air grabbing him and hurling him into the wall behind me where he fell unconscious. My friend and I ran into the jungle when I saw a bunch of cute monkeys scurrying in front of me (they were adorable). All around the jungle were bright red balls for them to play with. It was then that I realized there was something fishy about this scene and became lucid.
I was so happy I kept on saying I am dreaming and I am lucid, I can do my transform task! :smile:
My sight however was still bad and I kept on clapping my hands to remain lucid, I didn’t want to blow it. I then started jumping and that really helped make me more lucid and aware. I then remembered to try the “putting some glasses on to get rid off blurry vision” trick I read about in one of the forums. I “found” some glasses on top of a dried up tree trunk that had fallen down, and put them on. It worked like a charm and now I was really clearheaded. (personal task)
Changing into a dragon was my goal for this task and I started focusing and doing what Wyvern suggested, one piece at a time. I kneeled on the ground and focused on my hands to turn them into claws, it was really easy. My fingers turned longer and bigger, with claws on the end, and I envisioned scales but forgot about the color, so naturally they turned into my favorite color, namely sapphire blue. They were beautiful with a hint of black shading.The scales ran all the way up my arms. Then I started on the rest of my body, I needed to be bigger. My knees remained on the ground and I envisioned stretching and expanding while walking forward with my arms. My shadow wash showing me what I was changing into. It was cool! Pretty soon I ran out of space and decided to do the rest in the air and I jumped up and flew. I flew past a huge mirror to see what I looked like.
Well… not exactly the way I envisioned I’m afraid :grin:
I was huge with blue dragon arms, a serpent/fish-like torso (silver) ending in a (I have to say) magnificent eagle’s tail with huge white feathers tipped in black, that was by far the largest part of my body. Underneath my tail where my legs should have been was a fishes tail, more like a mermaid’s. On the back of my torso where two big wings, but they were like see through delicate fish fins with scalloped edges. My head was like that of an eagle/phoenix. My flying was rather odd, more like the “Man from Aquarius” style, where my torso was moving in waves. I flew over water and ended up in a place with hundreds of “people.” Everyone was different, some were more normal looking, but overall it seemed like an alien planet. I was flying over everyone and looking at them when I decided I wanted to speak to someone, but I couldn’t decide who. So in the end I just hollered out, “Hello everyone, how are you? I’m lucid.” I heard a girl shouting back, “Hello to you too,” but I couldn’t see who it was. Seeing the shape I was in was not really good for standing and talking to people, I decided to dive into the water and come out human again, which I did. But unfortunately everyone was gone when I surfaced.
My first thought was, oh no I lost lucidity, I’m just in a regular dream. Then the absurdity of that statement hit me and I realized that I was still lucid, but back to where I had started, at the tree trunk where I had “found” my glasses.
The guy who attacked me earlier on was there too, but this time I didn’t run but asked him what he wanted. Turns out he had lost his daughter and needed help finding her. He was afraid of her being in the jungle. I told him that this was only a dream, but he didn’t listen. I decided to put him at ease and told him that the jungle was really safe, only a bunch of cute monkeys. He replied, yes it is safe now, while it is light, but once it turns dark it won’t be safe anymore.
I woke up.
I’m going to have to practice transforming! One of these days I’ll be able to envision the perfect dragon.
Oh yeah, this dream was shorter then my usual ones, only about 5 minutes or so.

Can someone tell me how to link my dream, so in the future I can put it in my dreamlog and link it so that I won’t take up a whole page.

Forgot to say this about the transformation task, but: WOOHOO! :hyper:
The eating one too. These are great so far! Very motivating. :content:

On June 5th I had a long LD, not accomplishing much, and on June 7th I had a short LD where I flew a little bit. … 071#583071

KauaiDreamer: If you click the tiny paper symbol () at the top left of the post you want to link, the address bar will contain the link for that specific post. :smile:

Still no Lucid Dream and my dream recall is also crap. sigh

After most of my exams are over (which should be after Friday) I’ll try to focus more on this. After all, I subscribed to try and see if I could improve my dream recall and LDing skills.
It will probably help to read other people’s DJs but so far I can find no time for that (I can’t even find time to meet with friends this week, or to do anything not related to school. Actually, I shouldn’t be here now in the first place…)

oh, didn’t know that counts too >.> …but anyway, that dream was kind of personal so nevermind me, I’ll try next time :uh:
and I know this question is not on topic anymore, but does it count as transformation when you suddenly realize you’re someone/something else? I mean, that you didn’t want to transform, you just did? because in my opinion transformation has to include the act of transforming, doesn’t it? :neutral: I’m confused. XD

by the way, this new task kind of startled me. Yesterday I was randomly thinking about what is the next task going to be and I immediately thought “eating, for sure”
I’ve wanted to eat something in a LD since I had my first one, and never managed to :meh: because I had to fly first. and transform, and try telekinesis and going through wall and-… you know what I’m trying to say :tongue:

what if i eat something that’s not a food? :tongue:

Here’s what Wyvern wrote:
“or even better, eat stuff that isn’t even food at all!”

And I surely will… :devil:

Short lucid moment:
To my DJ
Still frustrates me a bit! :sad:

KauaiDreamer, that was an amazing transformation! :happy: More so because it is very original :content:

For me, just 2 lucid moments, in the same dream (I realized it was a lucid again after a sorta-FA). And oh, I went to bed thirsty, so I drank water in a ND :tongue: it was rough and calcareous, and I also found a slimy, transparent algae in it, that I just tasted. It was slightly sweet.

I had a long ld where I did all three tasks :eek: will post/edit in after work. Marbles don’t taste bad, btw.

(edit) here it is:

[spoiler]This was a nap, between a meeting and the actual work shift:

-I stand in the bedroom, and know instantly that it is a dream. I just fell asleep! The apartment looks as usual, apart from the door behind the sofa corner. I open it, and find a storage room similar to the one i already have. There is a slightly threatening feeling, before a dog jumps at me from the back of the room. Luckily, it runs past me.

It is so good to be in a lucid dream again, and i sing songs that i make up on the spot. My voice is deep and beautiful, so unlike my real voice! After a minute or two of this, i try to remember if i had anything to do if i got lucid, and remember the lucid challenge on LD4all. I was supposed to eat something. The first thing i see, is some glass marbles that are supposed to go into flower vases. I eat one. It tastes slightly salty and a little sweet, and feels crunchy and a little sticky. I eat another one, it tastes the same. I can’t decide if i like it or not.

It is easy to make a mirror appear on the new door. It grows out of the wood. I look like myself, only wearing different clothes: a black dress in transparent layers and tights. I want to transform into an orc for the second task of the challenge, but it isn’t working well, even if i try to make orkish grimaces. Staring into the mirror for a long time works in a way. My face slowly grows ugly, I look a little like a frog! It is a disturbing sight, and i look away. Singing with this face is strange too, i sound like a man.

I want to really transform into something interesting, and i think about the LD4all topics about this. Why not a dragon? I look around in the living room for a magical object that help me transform. There is a crystal egg on the table, and it glows faintly reddish from the inside. It must be a dragon egg. I eat it quickly, actually i swallow it whole. It feels strange, because the egg is as big as my tea mug.

“I have to get outside before i grow to big!”, i realise, and open the door. The house owner’s son is there, mowing the lawn close to my wall. He stares at me. The weather is very nice, cloudy and breezy. I stretch out my arms and feel them stretch further away than possible. My arms transform into wings, and i stand against the wind and take off flying. I feel extremely powerful! My body stretches out, my legs become small and i realise that i have a tail. It feels strange, but right for flying like this. I flap my wings and fly over the treetops, feeling more physically powerful than i can remember feeling before…

I woke up from my cat literally standing on me. It was time to go to work.[/spoiler]

No LD this night, instead i went fighting with and against wolves, also meeting a friend of mine i didnt see for a while. whole dream this morning was very nice and exciting :cheesy: Looking forward to have a LD this night!

Long LD with an FA thrown in the middle (I’ve gotten good at catching those). I ate grass with a bit o’ dirt, some grapes, and I managed to make a sandwich but woke up just as I was about to take a bite. click or die

Clicked on that little thing but nothing happened. I take it I need to copy the url of that post, but what do I do afterward? How do I paste it to the past I want to link it to?

Am I right that you want to insert a link into the post?
There is a button URL, with that you can do it. First you enter the URL (or adress) and then you write a title (like: “link to my DJ”). :smile:

Thanks blue moon, I got it. The first time I tried it, it didn’t work, that little box did not show up in which to put the URL and then the title. The 2nd time it did work.

Yay, finally a task completed in a LD! ^^ It was a medium one, but I can’t remember the last time I had a long, high-lucid dream, like this one. :happy:

Last night, I realized I was dreaming because I was flying. It was short and low-lucid dream, but at least it’s something,. clicky

I got a short lucid moment this night where I thought of the quest.


Whoa, I have a lot to catch up on it seems!
Had no internet yesterday.

/me starts reading and adding up points…

EDIT: Here we go.

Rhewin: for the possible LD where you transformed, I’m gonna count that. You did know you were in a dream, and that’s the definition of a LD, you just thought you were in someone else’s so it sounds like it was a low lucid, but lucid nonetheless. :cool:
So | 30 lucid + 20 early + 30 transformation (awesome raptor) + 15 technique (will) + 30 LD (medium) = 125 pts |
And the Eat Task, :lol: grass tasted like celery in my dreams too and dirt tastes like dirt. Great subconscious’ think alike, eh? :tongue: You wanna count the grass and dirt as two separate things or what? I’m gonna count the dirt as tasting since it came with the grass and I’d want you to grab a handful of it. :ebil:
| 30 lucid + 20 early + 55 (grass, dirt, grapes) + 25 preparation (sandwich) + 45 LD (long, FA) = 175 pts! |

KauaiDreamer: Very nice transformation. Even if you didn’t transform into your desired form, it was still pretty complete. I’m happy the transformation techniques worked for you. Well, somewhat. :tongue: You also told me by PM that you used your shadow to verify the transformation at first, which while wasn’t in the tutorial didn’t help in the transformation itself (though I can imagine how it potentially can :happy: ) I’ll give you +5 bonus points for the originality.
Oh, and like I said before, one personal goal per person. I believe I’ve already counted one for you.
| 30 lucid + 20 early + 30 transformation (dragon) + 20 technique (grow + bonus) + 20 LD (short?) = 120 pts |

Hexaditidom : That was a good attempt! And wow, the Spore technique? That’s pretty original. :happy: (except for the copyright infringement part :lol:) For now you get LD points and Flying points. I hope you can pull off that transformation technique in the future.
| 30 lucid + 30 technique + 60 LD (long, short) = 120 pts |

Sandra: Ah, I know the feeling of exams. Don’t stress out too much. At least you still got something!
| 30 lucid + 30 technique + 20 LD (short) = 80 pts |

shinju: Personal, no problem. And yeah, a transformation dream needs to include a technique and if you just start as something else, then it doesn’t count.

Bluemoon: Don’t be frustrated. It’ll only hinder you. Be happy at the successes. You got lucid in the first place. There’s one. Now be confident that the next one will be longer.
| + 20 LD (short) |

tosxyChor: For the Flying Task, congrats on the longer LD. I know you get tired from all those annoying lucid moments and being unable to actually do anything.
| 30 lucid + 30 technique + 55 LD (short + FA, medium) = 115 pts |

Siiw: Awesome LD! And in a nap too. Congrats on completing the 3 tasks in one dream! :happy:
For the eating task| 30 lucid + 20 early + 50 food (marbles, dragon egg) = 100 pts | You’ll have to help me out here. Do you think that dragon egg would count as more than you’re capable of eating in WL?
Transformation: | 30 lucid + 20 combo + 50 transformation (ogre face, dragon) + 30 technique (mirror, egg) = 130 pts! |
And you didn’t manage to improve your score on the Flying task. Awesome job on the others. :cool:

Bombax: Hurry up and eat me, damnit. :razz: Nice to see your lucids are becoming more frequent. + 20 LD (short) |

Will edit this post again with the latest scores after I get access to my Excel sheet at home. (and if my internet works)

  1. tosxyChor | 220 |
  2. Magnus | 0 |
  3. Rhewin | 400 |
  4. Hexaditidom | 140 |
  5. Bombax | 145 |
  6. KittyDreams | 0 |
  7. Rhett | 0 |
  8. Mimmo | 125 |
  9. BlueMoon | 255 |
  10. idanl09 | 0 |
  11. Ysim | 0 |
  12. Sandra | 80 |
  13. Puce | 0 |
  14. working class hero | 0 |
  15. Zacrifice | 0 |
  16. littlenemo | 115 |
  17. shinju | 0 |
  18. DreamWalker_5 | 0 |
  19. KauaiDreamer | 260 |
  20. Siiw | 370 |