LC #24, Final Task: Make Dream Characters Lucid!

I transformed in a ND last night -__- how could I NOT notice it’s a dream :cry:

Hey, it does count towards the challenge, so post it up! ^^ Notice how there’s lucid points for each task you complete, which means there’s the possibility of completing it while non-lucid.

no LD tonight, but instead, i defeated a giant magical self-splitting phoenix, found out that there are 6 elements (fire, water, earth, air, apples and light), and managed to master some legend-of-zelda-like dungeon :slight_smile:

Like tosxyChor said, that still counts! You just won’t get the lucid points but you can still get the Task points, so post the dream anyway. :happy:

And great job everyone else. :woot:

Rhewin: Too bad you didn’t manage to transform. You’ll get it next time I’m sure. :content:
| [color=#e4ecee]30 lucid + 30 technique (peter pan) + 40 LD (long) = 100 pts[/color] |

Bluemoon: I need to know if that was a short, medium, or long LD. For now your task points: | [color=#e4ecee]60 lucid + 40 combo + 60 flying technique (peter pan, bat) + 30 transformation (bat) + 15 transformation technique (will)= 205 pts![/color] | I’m also assuming this was the first time you’ve transformed into a bat to fly.
/me loves bats

littlenemo: I don’t think I’ve ever personally grown crab claws. :tongue: It sounds more like a partial transformation as it was only your arms that transformed, even if that was your intention. You hadn’t decided that would be your complete form before the transformation. | [color=#e4ecee]30 lucid + 20 early + 15 technique (will) 30 transformation (claws, incomplete bird) + 20 LD (small) = 115 pts[/color] |

tosxyChor: More LD pts for you. :content: | [color=#e4ecee]30 LD (medium)[/color] |

@Mimmo0: Sounds like you’re still keeping busy regardless of the Challenge. :tongue:

Just woke up but there are no LD points to add up to my tab. I’m having a rather weird phenomenon happen the last 3 nights. Wake up at 4 stay up for half an hour as usual write in DL and read book on lucid dreaming and go back to bed, only to wake up 30-45 minutes later like someone tossed a bucket of water on me, with no recollection of a dream, and not being able to go to sleep again. Odd :meh:

I’ve had very little luck so far. I guess I’m in a dry spell again.

/me decides to do a complete recall journal for some weeks

Hey, Wyvern! Can I join the challenge? :lol: Nah, just kidding (sorry, I had to :tongue:) Congrats everyone and keep up the good work!

lol² at that! :grin:

Oh the time, hmmm! It didn’t feel that long so I would say medium and yes it is the first time I succeeded (I tried once, but failed).

Oh and congratulations to the others! :wink:

Just noticed that Rhewin and I are loving the Peter Pan flying style. :rofl:

Okay then. I’ve added your points.

Going to have another delay folks. Should be the last one. :tongue: Honest.
The next task and scores will be posted tomorrow at 16 GMT.

@ Wyvern - oh okay i see your point. :smile:

:woo: One more try? Cool! I didn’t do well the second night of this challenge. I’ll post tonight’s and the first night later.

Does that mean we get another night to try? :grin:

Got two LD’s whereof one contained a short TF. … 1&start=45

Congrats, Bombax! That’s | 30 lucid + 20 early + 20 transformation + 15 technique 40 LD (2 x short)= 125 points! | :cool:

EDIT: And the Scores.

  1. tosxyChor | 105 |
  2. Magnus | 0 |
  3. Rhewin | 100 |
  4. Hexaditidom | 20 |
  5. Bombax | 125 |
  6. KittyDreams | 0 |
  7. Rhett | 0 |
  8. Mimmo | 125 |
  9. BlueMoon | 235 |
  10. idanl09 | 0 |
  11. Ysim | 0 |
  12. Sandra | 0 |
  13. Puce | 0 |
  14. working class hero | 0 |
  15. Zacrifice | 0 |
  16. littlenemo | 115 |
  17. shinju | ? |
  18. DreamWalker_5 | 0 |
  19. KauaiDreamer | 140 |
  20. Siiw | 100 |


One of the other things I love to do in dreams is eat! There are a few reasons. One, you can eat as much of your favourite food as you want and never gain weight, and two, you can eat foods that don’t exist in real life, taste new flavours, or even better, eat stuff that isn’t even food at all!

For every different thing you taste, that is, try without eating, you get 10 pts for the first, and 5 pts for the next ones. (That’s because it’s very easy to just lick a bunch of stuff. :lol: )

For every different thing you eat, you get 20 points each. 25 points if it’s something you wouldn’t normally eat in waking life.

If you actually prepare any of the food in your dream, you get 25 points each!
(Ex. Sandwich, soup, milkshake, etc.)

If you clearly manage to eat more than what is physically possible in waking life, you get 30 more points.

If you can manage to make it to The Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples and try some of the food there (you don’t have to be religious :tongue:), you get 50 points!

And of course, bonus points may be awarded for creativity.

Disclaimer: The Task Manager is not responsible for any repulsive, disgusting flavours the participant may or may not experience.:peek:

Hahaha, you know EXACTLY what I’m going to eat. :tongue:

One medium LD for me yesterday, let me speak no more of it. :razz:

Yay eating! I guess a lot of different candies will do the trick for fast point rack-up. :tongue:
And LOL @ the Last Summer (Supper?), I’d verily be glad to see someone going there and reporting back. :content:

I’m gonna need some help here Wyvern. I had a dream where I knew I was in a lucid dream, but I didn’t know I myself was dreaming. I used dream powers, but I thought I was just borrowing them from the dreamer. I’m calling it an FLD for now, but I could also see how it is an LD. You pick :tongue:.

Also, I finished the transform task in that same dream. clicky. Task is in green.

P.S. I can’t wait to have some dream tacos :grin:!

Well hidden, but I’ll quote it so that everyone reads it! :ebil:
As for the task I think I’ll try something out and see how it works.

oh yeah, eating is easy :smile: i hope ill have a LD soon!