LC #24, Final Task: Make Dream Characters Lucid!

Not just without LDs also a bad Recall, I felt bad theese days, hope it will pass quickly…I need a LD tomrrow…

Hmm, probably not. I didn’t remember the goal, so it was probably luck that I got something close to flying. :tongue: Sorry to waste time.
Will there be one more night for this task, or a different one? (I’d be okay with either way.)

Nope. Gonna post the next task today. You can still do this task in combination with the next. Don’t worry. Especially with the weekend. :content:

Here are the scores so far. Just highlight it to know yours.

  1. tosxyChor | 35 LD (medium, chain) = 35 |
  2. Magnus | 0 |
  3. Rhewin | 0 |
  4. Hexaditidom | 20 LD (short) = 20 |
  5. Bombax | 0 |
  6. KittyDreams | 0 |
  7. Rhett | 0 |
  8. Mimmo | 30 lucid + 20 early + 30 technique (will) + 45 LD (long, regaining lucidity) = 125 |
  9. BlueMoon | 0 |
  10. idanl09 | 0 |
  11. Ysim | 0 |
  12. Sandra | 0 |
  13. Puce | 0 |
  14. working class hero | 0 |
  15. Zacrifice | 0 |
  16. littlenemo | 0 |
  17. shinju | 0 |
  18. DreamWalker_5 | 0 |
  19. KauaiDreamer | 30 lucid + 20 early +30 technique (will) + 30 LD (medium) + 30 personal task = 140 |
  20. Siiw | 30 lucid + 20 early + 30 technique (floating) + 20 LD (short) = 100 |

Next time I’ll get to the calculations faster.


Common, you didn’t think I’d go a Challenge without including one of my favorite things to do in a LD, did ya? :tongue: The goal of this challenge is transformation! You will be judged on how complete your transformations are, how many transformations you make, the techniques you use to transform, and difficulty. There are a lot of points to be scored in this round!

For a non complete or partial transformation, you get 20 pts. If you continue with partial transformations, 10pts for the next ones.
Ex. Wings, changing color, changing size, almost transforming into an animal/object/element/etc.
For every complete transformation you make, 30 pts for the first, 20 pts for next ones.
Ex. Turning into an animal, creature, changing gender, somebody else, etc.
If what would be considered a partial transformation was actually a whole transformation, please specify that it was actually your intention. Don’t just grow wings and decide your transformation is an angel. :razz: It has to be decided before the transformation takes place.
If you can manage to turn into an object: 30 pts for every object transformation.
If you can manage to turn into an element (water, wind, electricity, fire, etc) and describe the experience as best as you can, I will award a whopping 50 points! Certainly the most challenging of transformations.

For every different technique you use to transform: 15 pts.
if you can manage to think of something original not listed in Transformation topic/tutorial , 25 pts instead!

And of course, bonus points may be awarded for creativity and impressiveness in your transformations.

Useful topic: The BIG Transformation topic
May update this a bit more for the sake of the Task.

A great deal of you have personal tasks for full transformations. This gives you the weekend for the chance to kill two birds with one stone. If you have any questions, just ask! Transformation is what I do best and I’ll help out as best as I can! :happy:

Can you be summoned for help with transforming? :grin:

Well, now I am glad that I did not manage to become lucid last night, because if I had, and I had managed to become a dragon it would not have qualified for this quest. Gotta look on the bright side of life here! :smile:
Also Wyvern, how will you deal with the whole timezone thing?
You just put up the scores, but you also stated that we had one more night, which for me, seeing as I live on Kauai, is just over. I think where I live is pretty much the last timezone on Earth, except for the Aleutian islands off of Alaska.
So it is not really possible for me to report my 2nd night on time (can you add it after?)
I’m glad to have 2 days to do my dragon transform.

Well, it’s been done before. :razz:

@KauaiDreamer: I can add it after. I can post the Tasks earlier if you like. I’ve been posting them at around 16:30 GMT. How many nights did you have to do this? It should have been 3 with the delay.

ooh, transformation :grin: gender change is a routine in my LDs, so I won’t even have to try hard, lol
it’s just that I had a really bad-DR-week and no lucid dreams… I got to have one tonight…or more… :tongue: to compensate.

Yep 3 nights.
It’s weird however I looked last night for the second task but it wasn’t up yet. It was up this morning 9 something my time (2:30 PM your time?) so you must have put it up earlier today

*** you, Wyvern. :tongue: You know how difficult it’s going to be to type my dreams out if I succeed at this challenge. :razz:

I will and shall try. Mohar-har.

Meh, 2 lucid moments for me last night. That is, 2 short LD’s. Still need to get the whole thing in gear :tongue:

Ah, my mistake. I’ve been putting them up at around 18:30 GMT.
(probably why I had a math nightmare last night… :tongue:)
Ah, I dunno what’s up. As long as everyone’s getting the tasks at a reasonable time.

tosxyChor: You’ll get one of the tasks done soon enough. :content: For now, | [color=#e4ecee](2 x small LD) = 40 points[/color] |

Yay, LD # 50 :slide:

I finished the first task, but the dream faded when I began the second task. It felt somewhere between 10 and 12 minutes, so I’ll call it long.


Crap… Gotta get focused this time!! xD

So close to LD but not yet…

Managed to do it: :content:
Flying and Transforming
Was around 6-7 min I think.

Had a brief but interesting transformation LD. :tongue:
here it is

it lasted about 1 minute. medium length dream time for me is about 3-5 minutes.
also, the first transformation i consider a complete transformation.

I’ll be ready to post one here once I can attain lucidity again. Get your suitcase packed and prepare for another summoning in the near future Wyvern. :wink:

Nice to see you’re doing so good with the tasks! :happy:
Last night I just had a medium LD, but I guess I can’t let the whole thing pass by :tongue: I’ll get on more to completing the tasks! ^^