LC #24, Final Task: Make Dream Characters Lucid!

Okay guys. tosxyChor just brought the situation with the Double Quest to my attention. Because there’s a Double Quest going on, it would be too complicated to count points for doing the Quest, so there will be no points awarded for that this time around.
Now everyone go thank Q. :truit:

On the bright side, I’m sure this Challenge will give you guys plenty of opportunity to do the Quest at the same time so you’ll be able to get wings. :cool:

Hmmm… I guess I would consider a medium LD at 3-5 minutes.

I’ll interrupt my current quest in favor of this one.

Also, I feel sort of behind on LD4all’s quests in general. I have been here for four years and still have not made an attempt to earn my wings. :tongue:

Thanks! I need all the vibes I can get. :razz:
Medium LD: 2 minutes.
Personal goal: Complete transformation

kk, my medium LD-length is also about 2 minutes, and my personal goal is also to complete transformations :cheesy:

Seeing as this is the first time I’m doing this I have a few (probably stupid) questions.
Do I keep a log of things attempted with the scores, and then post them?
Or do I post each task after I’m done and I will get scored by Wyvern?
Do I need to give my personal goals beforehand, or just say what it was I was trying to achieve when posting my LD?
Then as everyones LDs are of a duration I am just wondering if I am totally off on my LD lengths. To me a medium LD seems about 10-15 long seeing as there is always so much happening in my dreams. But maybe it only feels long but isn’t?

1st quest. (medium LD)
I flew, but just my regular way of flying, holding my body still and using my thought to go where I want and I automatically go there. I forgot about using an original techniques, will try again tonight.
I did try 3 of my personal goals last night.

  1. Told myself to say, “Increase lucidity”, and I did (trying to make that a habit).
  2. told myself to say , “Stay lucid for an hour” which I said, and hoped that it would keep me lucid without having to work on keeping vividly lucid.
  3. Told myself to see if I could sing, so that way I can practice when dreaming without bothering the neighbors in WL. I did try but was sorely disappointed. I’m going to have to work on singing in dreams, I sounded terrible.
    The I actually had a 4th goal which was that after attempting Wyvern’s Quest I would attempt the double quest that pasQuale had started, which I then did.

PS At the end of pasQuale’s quest a rooster outside my window rudely awakened me (one of the disadvantages of living on Kauai, millions of free-roaming chickens and roosters) so the staying lucid for an hour didn’t work due to outside forces. :sad:

Hey, there are no stupid questions. :tongue:

Post the dream and I’ll add up the score.
You don’t need to post your personal task beforehand but it is preferred. You can just state when you’re writing the dream whether or not you completed a personal task. Remember, only one personal task is counted.
As for the lengths, before or after each LD, just say whether or not it was short, medium, or long. You can’t be off with your times as it’s entirely subjective. If it felt long, then it was probably long.

However, if I see you getting consistent “long” LD’s, maybe you are off. Though maybe not. Maybe just being fortunate. :razz:

Wyvern, can i still sign up?

-There is a big party in the city hall. I am at the back of a big crowd, and can’t see anything of what is happening. I know that it is “like this again, why don’t i just fly again?” and relax as deeply as i can. It makes me float slowly up to the ceiling, where i can see everything. The dancing people look very good from above.

:edit: i was low lucid for less than a minute

Such a pushover I am.
/me changes his title

Sure Siiw. :cool:

That’s it. 20 people. No more. :tongue:

EDIT: Make sure whether to specify whether it was a short, medium, or long LD.

Actually I have had short LDs that felt like only a minute or so, but most of the time those are LDs after I’ve already had a regular one. The dream where I looked for my dream guide was a way longer one, and my only long one. My tree of souls , the wiccan and last nights dreams were way shorter, not to mention my earlier LDs.
Maybe I just got a complicated head on my shoulders, haha.

Meh, no flying for me, despite my (feeble) attempts, but I got a LD through :content: A medium one, with a side serving of a chain :tongue:

wow, im surprised i managed it to remember this task, and also that fast.
im in a medium sized room, together with a few of my school mates. we talk about a project were doing (building a small robot), when i suddenly realize that the robot about three times as big as in reallife.

im telling my partner that this was a lucid dream, and he drops his pen he held in his hand, looking surprised at me and making his typical “wtf-what?!”-face and sound. i grin and tell a few other people that i am dreaming at the moment.

suddenly, everything starts to fade, but im still in the same room, same situation, but not more lucid. “i think i woke up”, i tell my partner. “seems i sleeped in in class and had a LD…” a few of my classmates are then making fun of me, as if they wont believe in LDing and think thats all weird stuff.
but then i hear some kind of music, i cant remember exactly, but i regain lucidity again. i wam walking to the other and of the room, to a large window (i kinda always want to get outside in a LD, when im inside), and a few steps before the window, i think “air? outside? flying. wyvern!”, and knew what to do.
so i open the window, going outside, the earth level is the same as the lower edge of the window, as if i was in the basement. about one meter away from me theres another wall, so im in some kind of hallway, without a ceiling. i try to just fly away by jumping, but i just manage it to moonjump. so i jump onto the flat roof of the building i was in before, and the roof is as large as the room i was in. i go to the other side of the roof, and looking down.

about 5 floors under me, theres the same flat looking grass, and about 100 meters in front of me, theres another building, about as high as the one i am on. it has no windows, and the same boring brick-like texture on the outside. i turn around, and drop backward, doing almost a backward summersault. when i see the ground and the other building upside down, i already fell around 3 floors, and then just navigate the falling/flying intuitively. i fly to the other building, and when im next to it, i do some roll and push myself away with my feet (as if i was swimming).
again, everything starts to fade, i shout “increasy lucidity!”, but it does not help.
im back in the room i was at first, same situtaion, same persons, but i did not loose lucidity this time.
this time, i want to transform. there is a verry small puppy (or was it just a minituarized dog?), whichs body i somehow wanted to take. so i moved my head nearer to the floor, as if i was shrinking. but nothing hapened, and i didnt feel something special. again, everything starts to fade…

and i finally wake up in my bed, 4:45 AM

w00t! im kinda surprised about myself. first time i managed to complete a task ive given myself in that a short period of time before having the LD (only one day or so).


oh, and for the length, it was rather long, because of the chaining-like-false awakenings. something between medium and long.
:cry: No lucidity. Lots of missed dreamsigns.
But at least recall is at full capacity again.

Same here, did not manage to get lucid. Had a feeling I was dreaming, did my usual RC but first time ever it failed. bummer, I had such a cool idea for a flight scenario.

You guys get another go at the Flying task tonight. I had to go to a funeral today so I didn’t have time to post up the next task. So… you still have a chance to get this done on time.

Nice job everyone. :happy:

EDIT: Why isn’t this topic Stickied yet…? :tongue:

Not stickied yet? I don’t know what you are talking about :whistle:

Eh…I’ve had no luck getting lucid lately.

Terribly sorry to hear about the funeral :sad: . Thanks for posting in the first place today.

Same here, my condolences. :angel_fly: Hope you are all right.
Seeing as I had a failed RC last night, I’ll try again tonight. My flying technique would be to change into a Gold Dragon first and then fly around doing loops and such. :grin:

Had a short LD on the 3rd, and kinda flew. I updated my original post, and if this goes another day, will update it there again.

Sound like high jumps to me. Would you consider it to be more flight than jumping?