LC #27, Winner: Rhewin! Congratulations everyone!

@tosxy, I don’t know if it counts because I didn’t purposely have it happen, but for the call out your moves thing I could hear my voice coming from like the ceiling narrating everything that was about to happen/already happening. Though it wasn’t me doing it.
As for talking with dream characters there were about 6 girls in the first group, and the single girl at the table with other DCs strewn about. I don’t think we really spoke enough to count as a full conversation though.
Sorry, I meant to make it clearer on the first post, but forgot.
Thanks :smile:

Rhewin, first | 30 points | to you; secondly, I’d like you to do an experiment, and try again with your imagination to go and finish that dream. What happens? How do you feel about it? Why do you think this is? Figure out what’s going on, and make yourself ready for next time :content:

Dreamjutsu, in the end, it could even be ok, as long as he called the names of your moves (even as simple as “parry”). I need a list of the attacks/stunts of yours he called in order to score points though :smile:
About the personal task, it’s up to you to decide if you consider it completed it or not, and in what occasion. So take a decision and tell me :wink:

It was like it was reading a book of everything, like such-and-so chases derren, jumps over a low wall, landing amidst the unsuspecting students who sit there drinking their coffee studying.
I think I’ll try talking to DCs again, I’d like it to be a meaningful conversation.

Completed the love task in an ND. There was a girl I found walking on a dark road alone. I gave her a ride a we became close. While spending time together later we held hands, I gave her a hug and sent her a text message saying that I loved her. Good thing it was a dream or my wife would kill me :tongue:

And I just remembered doing a nose RC and it failing, but I didn’t become fully lucid.

And another medium LD last night with the dance task. I spent most of it trying to stabalize the dream since it was a WILD and I was in a really uncomfortable position. I did manage to do a quick little dance on my own before losing total control.

Dreamjutsu, ok then I’ll read that as 2 moves :wink: totaling | 50 moves + 30 lucid + 20 combo = 100 points! | Nice job anyway ^^

Rhewin, nice going there! :content: For the love task, there’s | 10 people + 45 actions = 55 points | for you, and for that dance, | 25 style + 15 move + 25 type + 30 lucid + 20 early = 115 points! | ^^
Not to forget your semilucid and the medium LD, summing up to | 35 points. |

It’s time for our Nostaglia Week, feauring a task from LC #26!

Task 6: An intergalactic vacation!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been getting bored with this planet lately. It’s about time I had a vacation. An intergalactic vacation. Do you feel the same?

There are approximately 100 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, and scientists are discovering many of them have planets orbiting around them. It appears that our solar system is not as unique as we once thought. I want you to strap on those angelic wings, step through an inter-dimensional portal, or hop aboard that UFO. You’re going to have a relaxing vacation on a planet in one of those many solar systems.

What does your destination look like? Is it a gaseous, Jupiter-like planet, or a desert like mars? Maybe it has an atmosphere just like Earth, and maybe there even is life down there. Or maybe it’s as barren as our moon. Regardless, I want you to go there and have a good time :content:

For leaving Earth behind, you get 30 points. For using your chosen means of transportation to reach your destination planet, you will be awarded 35 more points. For enjoying an activity that you consider relaxing on your destination planet, there’s +30 more points - and you can repeat this for as many planets as you wish, scoring the 30 points each time! ^^

There’s really much to do out there, so good luck, have fun, and remember to bring your towel with you :wink:

Towel? Check. Something not entirely unlike tea? Check. Paranoid android? Check. Strange book with “Don’t Panic” printed in large, friendly letters on the cover… check.

Well I’m good to go.

/me packs his bag and leaves earth at once :grin:

I had short LD last night. The dream itself wasn’t very special, since I woke up very soon, but the method was completely new for me. :smile:

Last night I was wondering in bed why MILD never seemed to work for me and why I was having less LD’s this month. After a while I had this brainwave that perhaps I should visualize planting a little watchdog in my brain that would watch out for dream signs and trigger me to become lucid while dreaming. Then I remembered reading some stuff about CALD and came up with the idea of creating a puppy dog as DC that I would have to buy stuff for, take out for a walk and feed in my dreams. Every time I would see my dog or be getting something for my dog, I would know I was dreaming, since I never had a dog in WL. :tongue:

So I went to sleep and repeated to myself that I shouldn’t forget that I would have to buy stuff for my dog and had to take him out for a walk this night.

Surprisingly I actually kept remembering multiple times in my sleep I should walk my dog, which made lucid at least once (possibly even 3, but can’t really remember). It was a short LD, because I didn’t manage to stabilize it, but I was really glad that the first try I got lucid.

Only downside, I didn’t actually see my created dream dog yet. Maybe tonight. :smile:

Short LD this night :cool: was about me crashing a helicopter with my bare hands :razz:

Had a medium LD in which I wasx walking down a very dark road in my hometown. I tried to raise the sun some, but some black clouds and fog came in and made me concentrate on saving the dream. After partially restoring it I woke up.

One short LD, nothing of interest.

Finally! Lucid once again :pharaoh:
I did not do any of the tasks, I only remembered my own, flying to the Himalayas, but I only saw the mountains, I did not manage to make it there.

[spoiler]Tuesday November 30 LD #19


My dream started out as a regular morning, getting ready to bring the kids to school. I grabbed a brush to brush my hair when it dawned on me that I had long hair again (in real live I am sporting a buzz cut now, I recently cut it). The realization that I was really dreaming came as a shock and a welcome surprise. It had been so real!
I ran past the kids hollering, “Bye kids I’m off,” and ran out of the back door, jumped and flew of the bluff that I live on. The sky was orange and golden, and the palm trees made perfect silhouettes against the vivid display of colors. I was just so happy that I was lucid again that I kept on saying it while flying. I flew for a while looking at the scenery around me with snowcapped mountains in the back ground when I remembered my personal task (fly to the Himalayas). I kept flying but landed on a street all of a sudden. I looked around and I knew I had been there before in a previous dream. It looked like the street where I left Anook, but at a different part of it. There were trees along the whole street, like in an old town. The was no one there and I decided to walk under the trees out into the open so I could fly again. As soon as I cleared the tree I jumped up to fly, only to realize that I had miscalculated the clearance and I found my foot getting caught in the tree. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get loose. I called out, “Someone please help!” when a pair of unseen hands, or some force, pulled me out almost all the way. I had to call for help again once more before I became totally free. I continued flying, aiming for the mountains, when I noticed a cop on the side of the road out of his car. I get into a mischievous mood and decide to fly lower, right over his head, but for some reason he doesn’t see me; it made me wonder. Soon after the cop the scenery changed and I found myself in a narrow hallway inside a house. I wanted to go to the mountains so I walked to the front door. There was a maid behind me. I told her I was just leaving, it did not occur to me to stop and talk to her and ask her which town in Washington I should move to (my daughter and I are planning on moving there this summer).
As I got outside in the street I saw snow on the edges of the road. The maid said something about it being really cold. I noticed that I was barefooted (I pretty much always am here in Hawaii). The cold did not bother me though. I saw a friend of mine and I waved to her as I jumped back in the air to fly away; I made some flapping moves and my dolphin swimming move to get higher in the air and flew off again. I never made it to the Himalayas, I found myself inside a preschool all of a sudden where a male preschool teacher had made a bunch of cookies he had put on top of a high shelf I had flown to. As I was grabbing a cookie I felt myself losing lucidity
and woke up before I could regain it.
Later on when driving my daughter to school I found myself wondering over the significance of getting myself stuck in a tree again; it had not been the first time.
I was wondering if the tree (rooted to the Earth) represented my attachment to all worldly things, and that they were preventing me from being free (metaphorically speaking). :pharaoh:[/spoiler]
Still, as everyone who has been in a long dry spell knows, it is just so wonderful to be lucid again.

ha since I’m having super crazy no night because of work and I’ve been up until 5.30 working on an advert, I think I’ll read the task and definitely will have a LD tomorrow because I’m like extra exhausted :smile:)

yeeaahh I did it, well, I have to think about how to go through the ozone layer while lucid, and work on my tricks to stay focused and keep a long dream :smile: but I managed to remember the task and have a look at a beautiful starry sky, well, kinda the color of LD4all website ^^ put it in my DJ

Good job everyone, I’ve updated the tables with all your LD points :content: I’ve assumed it was a medium LD if not specified.
Be sure to enjoy those last days of the Challenge as well! ^^

And to conclude the LC, a simple task

[center]Task #7: Visit your home![/center]
No place like home, they say, and guess we’ll have to check whether it is the same for dreams :tongue:
This task is about coming back to visit your place, so the task will count only if you come from outside. If you’re already inside, then just get out and come back in :wink:

There’s 40 points for entering your home the first time. You will get +10 points for every familiar room you visit, and +20 for every unfamiliar one. It also applies to people you meet there, so +10 pts for every one you know already, and +20 for each one you didn’t meet before.

Be sure to look out for unexpected things, you may get a lot of surprises by looking closely to details around :content:
These are the last 5 days of the Challenge, so be sure to have a lot of dreams, and to complete your tasks :tongue: Good luck to everyone!
/me sends plenty of lucid vibes to everyone* ^^

Last night I had my first successful WILD attempt. I had set a timer at 5:00am that would beep every few minutes. After waking and falling back to sleep a couple of times in row I finally was conscious enough to try and do a WILD. [spoiler]Within a minute my body suddenly felt all weird and just a few seconds later my body suddenly made a 90 degree turn and I could slide out of my bed and did a RC to be sure it had really worked. It was very dark and couldn’t see very well, but did manage do move around by touch and leave the room through the window.after that I ended up in a ND on a train with some brunette girl I didn’t know. After a long nice talk during the ride and getting something to eat together afterwards I ended up in my old house. I saw a cop floating in front of the bedroom window and immediately realized I was still dreaming. I also remembered the WILD attempt and the girl I was just talking to in the ND, so I decided to try and find her inside the house. When I as left the room, she was actually there. We went upstairs and I explained to her that she was in a dream by showing how she could put a finger through her hand. I also showed her how to float, which frightened her a little. She wasn’t very talkative in the LD nor seemed very interested in me anymore and after a while she went downstairs. I stayed for a while and spent some time swimming around the room (only partially completing my personal goal by doing it alone), but got bored of it quickly, because it was going slow. I went downstairs, heard my parents talking to the girl about me. Then I felt I was waking up and didn’t feel like trying to extend the dream. [/spoiler]

(BTW, I had this dream before reading the ‘visit your home’ task. Nor did I ‘enter’ the house, because I was already inside when I became lucid again)