LC# 28: Winner, Siiw! Congratulations!

@Rhewin: Oh, sorry to mislead; I’m not a total neophyte. I’ve been into the concept of LDing for about four or five years now, and I’ve seen many of the tutorials time and time again and have probably had forty or so LDs since that point (not that they’re not fun to read and refresh with, though). My biggest hurdle to overcome is staying dedicated as daily life intervenes and I feel that the challenge here forces just that, so I’m looking forward to whatever you throw at us. :smile:

@Thorn: Ah, I see. Well, in that case just welcome to LD4all :content:

I’m so excited about the challenge!
It always bring me back to the lucidty channel :content:

Sorry, I know it’s very late… give me a few minutes and I’ll have the first challenge up

All right, here we go, :partying_face: LC 28 is officially open! :partying_face:

Feel free to still sign up if we have spots left!

First Task: Country Life

Let’s start off with something nice and relaxing, eh? What we’re going to do in this task is pay a little visit to the countryside. Basically, I want you to visit a rural area and enjoy the day (or night… or whatever your mind comes up with). Fly a kite, meet some country folk, build yourself a summer home. Above all, enjoy yourself. Often times we try to do big and exciting things (many will be in tasks to come), but we forget how pleasant the little things can be in dreams. So grab your boots, partner, we’re headin’ out!

Base points:
Go for a walk/ride in the country: 30 pts
Starting in a city and traveling to the country: 20 pts

Repeatable points:

Meet some new people (or any sentient being): 10 pts for the first and 5 pts for every one after.
Every different activity you do while in the country (fishing, horseback riding, etc.; obviously a walk does not count): 5 pts

Secondary points:
Find your own place in the country (house,barn,secret spot, etc.): 10 pts
Actually create your place: 30 pts

You have 1 week to complete this task. No rush. Not yet, anyway :content:

Sounds nice, I think I’ll try some fishing. :content:

Does a walk still count if I’m flying? A lot of times flying is more natural to me in a dream than walking.

/me flies in the country too and good idea to have a time to do the task :smile:

Yes that’s fine, along with driving in a car and whatnot. But none of these apply toward the activity points.

One week??!! Oh, dear me. That’s what I get for reading the fine print when I haven’t slept for a while.

Imma do it! It’s on like Donkey Kong on a stick!!!

Wow. When I saw what the task was, I was wholly expecting to come out with next to nothing, since changing settings has never been my strong suit. Instead, I both became lucid and made a bit of progress on the task on my first night.

Link to dream journal entry (Dream #1)

Now if I can only keep this up. :razz:

EDIT: I would probably call this medium-length… it’s a lot wordier than most entries in my offline Dream Journal, but most of it is describing my thought processes instead of actual action, and the lucid part felt like it was about five minutes or so.

Well done, Thorn. That all adds up to |30 Task While Lucid + 50 base (taking a walk; going from city to country) + 20 early = 100 pts| plus |30 lucid pts (medium LD)|. Congratulations, maybe next time you’ll be able to do a few more activities :content:

And for those of you interested, here is the length to an LD I had last night. Of course, I am not competing but I figure if I participate instead of merely hosting, being TM won’t mess up my regular LD’s like it did last time. A bit of motivation is always what I seem to need :content:

Hi :smile:
I didn’t dream about the task, but I was in countryside, there was a lot of sand, and I was climbing with a person on a mountain or hill.
He told me that this his favorite thing to do, and people shouldn’t mind.

Had a LD last night. Didn’t remember the task, but I did my personal goal (even though I didn’t remember it was connected to the LC :lol:). The dream was a bunch of pieces put together, but it all seems like part of the same story, so I’ll say I regained lucidity at the end instead of having 2 LD’s.

Link to DJ

The lucid part felt like hmm, I’ll say 15 minutes.

idanl09: For completing the task in an ND you get |30 base + 15 repeatable (mountain climbing; meeting a new person) + 20 early = 65 pts|

mattias: Congratulations! For completing your personal task you get |30 PT pts| as well as |40 long + 5 regaining = 45 lucid pts| for the LD. If you would like to do a new personal task, pot it below. You’ll get a PM from me with additional requirements to complete the second PT.

Now it’s time for… Rhewin’s Tip o’ the Day!!!

And I also completed the task last night in an ND; link is here. I was in the Old West, played some zombie bowling with my horse, and rode out with a TV character to try to save his town. That, of course, nets me 0 points :tongue: .

^LOL Rhewin, do you got any tips on how to end lucid dryspells?

Congrats idal09 & mattias! :content:

Well I just got myself out of a rather large dryspell. I had gone almost inactive here, and I wasn’t doing my DJ or RC’ing very often if at all. For me it was just a matter of forcing myself to go back and doing everything I did when I had a higher lucid count. It was hard, since my motivation was much lower than when I started.

But that’s just my personal experience, there could be a lot of other factors that I didn’t go through. Still… it may be time for a guide on dryspells…

So being outside a city in sweden counts too? I didnt know that, but thanks to IRC I know :cool:

Look out world, here I come! :razz: