LC #30: Congratulations Wega!

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks, I barely remember my dreams either, maybe because I partied every night (i was in holidays).
I had a short LD on 20/6, not task related, a medium LD on 23/6 in which I played hide an seek with my grandpa, it would have been nice for the first task, two short LDs on 24/6 during which I attempted the second task but failed. I had a short LD on 28/6 which I wrote down at 3:30am but I don’t know what it was about since I don’t remember it now, half of what I wrote is undecipherable and half is nonsense, I wrote “LD” clearly though.
Yesterday I dreamed of a huge flying competition (my personal goal). It was amazing, I managed to shape the dream like I wanted, finish it before I woke up, it lasted about 50 min, and it was relatively vivid. Definitely one of my favorite LDs:

StarryGwee: A short LD earns you: |20 points|

Wega: Whoa. That’s a lot of points for you. Firstly, the LD points are: | 20 * 4 (for short LDs) + 30 (for one medium LD) + 40 (for the 50 min. dream) = 150 points|. Your World Flying Competition dream earns you: | (no plus points for the LD, since they are included in the above calculation) + 120 (for completing your personal task) = 120 points | The dream sounds pretty awesome, congratulations. In total, from everything you’ve informed me on in this last post, you get: |150 (LD points) + 120 (personal task) = 270 points|

The current standings are:

  • GHOSTIE11 |60 points|
  • ZRVera |290 points|
  • Magnus |0 points|
  • Rhewin |100 points|
  • idanl09 |70 points|
  • BeRightBack |20 points|
  • StarryGwee |20 points|
  • Geekboy |0 points|
  • Mimmo_O |150 points|
  • Altuno |20 points|
  • Thorn |200 points|
  • Wega |630 points|
  • Siiw |110 points|
  • Scipio Xaos |180 points|

4th Task : School Age and Adolescence

Okay, now you are almost a lump of clay ready to be shaped into what you are going to be in the future. These are the times you’re most affected from what’s happening around you, including a teacher reprimanding you, a friend backstabbing you, a relationship going wrong and everything.

Of course there are encouraging and smile-inducing moments as well, but I won’t give examples on that one. Because I want you to go on and experience those moments in your NDs or better yet, LDs.

(The general age limit of this task is around 6 -18 )

Basic Task(s)

  • Being in the general age condition required by the task (6 - 18 years) is worth +30 points.

  • Experiencing school age and adolescence separately (by growing up in the LD/ND, or getting younger) is worth +20 points.

Secondary Task(s)

  • Again with the “starting-the-whole-task” trend, experiencing the first day of school will be worth +20 points. Again, it will get you points from both the 4th task and the 3rd task.

  • Spending time with others of the same age as you will earn +10 points.

  • Get your hormones running, because that’s what everyone does. It’ll get you +10 points.

  • Throw a 18th-birthday-party for yourself, and celebrate your legal adultness (I apologize for the potential inconvenience caused to those who live in countries in which the age of majority is not eighteen), which also marks the ending of your adolescence, and you’ll earn +10 points.


  • Each time you use a school to learn about a skill or a piece of knowledge in your dream world, you’ll get +5 points.

I’d like to also remind that the monthly quest has changed, and therefore you have a new option for earning points.

The deadline will be 8 July, 6 PM GMT. Good luck! :smile:

The other day I had one medium LD. I forgot to record it, though, so you won’t be able to read it. Sorry.

Oh, and I’m 17… If you keep going the way you are – and I believe you will – you’re going to have me looking into the future. O.O Will have to record those dreams… verify… check accuracy… wow.

A long LD, no quests done, found here.

1 average length LD (found here). Not related to this challenge.

I had a mini lucid moment, just remembering in my dream that I could do whatever I want cause it was a dream but then after I lost it. :neutral:

woo actually have one for this task to lazy to actually write the dream out…been in a horrid mood lately but ill type a brief over view of what i did for point information

dream started i instantly new i was dreaming and decided to go find the girl i really like.(who is 1 year older than me). we went out to eat at this really fancy restaurant. and then went to hang with out friends. (again i would type more up but lately ive had a lack of will power for just about every thing X.x) but thats the gist of what happened…thats relavent to the challenge

was about 15 minutes long over a mid point chaining (i managed to open my IWL eyes when looking at someone :razz: then chained it back to where i was previously)

Medium LD during an afternoon WILD in a hammock. I slept quite well in it, I should do that more often (I’d have to visit my parents more often, or install a hammock in my apartment).
I think I completed some tasks, I was in high school and I attended a lesson with a teacher I had when I was 15-16.

Medium LD, nothing quest-relevant done, found here.

got a Lucid Moment at the end of my dream: [ less than 10 secs I believe.

Heh, i’m going nowhere with this…

Yeah… beginning to think I wasn’t ready to give up lucid points :razz:

Medium LD, no tasks done, found here.
Hey Bombax :razz:

I had a medium-length LD as well, but didn’t get anything done. It didn’t seem to click with me that I actually had tasks to do, so I spent most of the time running around the dreamscape exploring (not that I mind~).

Scipio Xaos: You get |30 points| for you unreadable medium LD.

MimmoO: Your LDs earn you |40 (for long LD) + 30 * 2 (for medium LDs) = 100 points|.

BeRightBack: An average-length LD is |30 points|.

StarryGwee: A lucid moment: |10 points|.

geekboy: Your points are: |40 (for long LD) + 30 (for accomplishing a task while lucid) + 20 (early points) + 30 (for the basic task) + 20 (for the secondary tasks) = 140 points|.

Wega: You get |30 (for medium LD) + 30 (for accomplishing a task while lucid) + 20 (early points) + 30 (for the basic task) + 10 (for the secondary task) = 120 points|.

Magnus: You earn |10 points| for your lucid moment.

Thorn: A medium LD gets you |30 points|.

A short LD. No quest relevant tasks done

I became lucid when I walked from our garden to the door, because I was curious that I couldn’t remember a 6-number sequence someone told me for a test. I assumed that I was close to waking up, and so I ran up into my room. I jumped through the window on the flat roof, and from there i jumped on the higher roof. I could see pretty far, and decided to do a mega jump.
I jumped high in the air, and I could see even further. I fell down, and while doing so, I thought it would be cool to slow down and glide a bit. And so it was, I fell pretty slowly downwards and forward.
Since it worked so good, I did the same again, but this time I wanted to float up again, which worked too. The last thing I did was gaining weight, my whole body felt super heavy, I rushed downwards, and before I hit the ground, I woke up.

MimmoO: A short LD earns you: |20 points|.

The current standings are:

  • GHOSTIE11 |60 points|
  • ZRVera |290 points|
  • Magnus |10 points|
  • Rhewin |100 points|
  • idanl09 |70 points|
  • BeRightBack |50 points|
  • StarryGwee |30 points|
  • Geekboy |140 points|
  • Mimmo_O |270 points|
  • Altuno |20 points|
  • Thorn |230 points|
  • Wega |750 points|
  • Siiw |110 points|
  • Scipio Xaos |210 points|

5th Task : Young Adulthood

You are ready to take on the world on your own. After all, you’re now an adult with all the privileges as well as the responsibilities. While still looking for your identity, you also seek close relationships with friends and more. Many decide to avoid isolation, yet some still embrace it and find bliss in it. Important choices are made, though in a dream you never have to stick to them.

But all in all, while normally during these 22 years you’re busy with one thing or another, this time you have all the time you need for that thing that you (will) think about and say “I wish I had done that”. So use the chance.

(The general age limit of this task is around 18 - 40)

Basic Task(s)

  • Being in the general age condition required by the task (18 - 40 years) is worth +30 points.

  • If you start as a “young” young adult and end as a relatively “older” young adult, you’ll be awarded +20 points.

Secondary Task(s)

  • Have your 18th birthday. Throw a party, spend the night out with your friends or do a family meeting of some sort to celebrate your adultness, although still “young”. It will get you +20 points. Again, you will get points from both the 4th task and the 5th task.

  • Between the ages 20 – 35, you’ll experience the peak of your physical performance. Use it in ways you see fit (e.g. sports). It’ll get you +10 points.

  • Let the years pass until you’re 40. And then do whatever you want in order to seize the importance of that special day when you’re finally considered not a “young adult” but a “middle adult”. You’ll get +10 points.


  • Each peer you spend time with gets you +5 points. However, if you rather “embrace” isolation, then you’ll get a one-time +10 points. This is done in order not to encourage either of those options.

The deadline will be 15 July, 6 PM GMT. Good luck! :smile:

Just had an LD where at the end I lost lucidity and thought I was in my high school lunch room, age ~16 and hanging out with my friends. Link