LC #30: Congratulations Wega!

Since my last postst, i had 3 LDs:

17.6.2011: Medium LD; no LC tasks done

[spoiler]I am in a room somewhere in a skyscraper. It looks like a hotel room, the bed, the couch and also the other furniture look rather bad. I sit on a couch with two other people I don’t know. I suddenly gain lucidity and stand up. The other two persons are a man and a woman, both look slightly older than I do. I walk to the door into a short hallway, where I find a big mirror. I decide to get naked, for the fun (a few days before I had a talk with someone who enjoys getting naked for the thrill, and so i decide to do that too.).
I took off my Jeans, without worrying about the other parts, I suddenly stood there only in underwear (no socks). I could feel a breeze tingling my skin. Even if it was cold, it felt great. I decided then to drop also the rest of the clothes, standing there completely naked. Unfortunately, my privates looked exactly like they do in reality, but I didn’t care.
I went back to the room with the other two people, and could feel the “freedom” and the wind as I walked there. The door I opened earlier was weirdly removed. As I entered the room, the guy asked me “why are you naked?”, and I replied “because I want to.” I ignored them and walked to the window. Even if the glass looked clear, I couldn’t see through. I opened it (I had to move it up, like in the movies. I never saw such a window in reality), but all I could see was grey mist. I put my head outside and looked up and down, the facade of the building was those orange bricks. I could see the same kind of window in every direction, aligned in a gird, but I could only see a few meters far (about 3 windows in each direction). I suddenly felt super dizzy (as if I was falling) and then woke up.[/spoiler]

18.6.2011: Medium LD; no LC tasks done

[spoiler]The dream started when I found myself sitting in a garden chair, in front of me was a couch and some other chairs, as well as a small table which was full with glasses and bottles. Above me is a net, and on the couch sit two friends of mine. The floor is muddy and green, and as I talk with my friends about things I cant remember, I realize that I am in a swamp. puddles and moss-covered big trees all over. I see a train station in the other direction in the distance. As one of my friends asks me to get him a beer, I realize the weirdness of the scene, becoming lucid and tell him “Nope. I’m not your slave”.
Suddenly, a FA. I instantly get out of bed, and perform a RC, becoming lucid again. I look outside my huge window and see our garden, which looks odd: the colors are super intensive, the trees (fir trees irl) have huge leaves and look like the swamp trees I saw earlier. The grass is very long and there are plenty of weird colored flowers in there. The path of stones doesn’t exist. The flat roof to my right is also covered in moss, but no flowers. I step through the window on the roof (which isn’t flat at this place), and lose grip. I don’t fall down the roof straight, but more to the right, to the flat roof. I grab the moss and suddenly loose sight. I’m confused and also lose the feeling of my body and everything else. The only thing I feel is the soft and wet moss.
I remain calm and concentrate on the feeling of my hand. I get a feeling of my body again, and I can open my eyes again. I climb up and stand on the roof. The ground is super soft and makes squishy noises as I walk towards the other edge. I can see quite a lot of white bunnies hopping around, but they are way smaller than real ones. As i stand on the edge, I see our garden house. Unsurprisingly, its covered in moss all over.
I get there in one huge jump, landing on a flat rock of about 1m². The garden house is opened and I see a person coming to the door. I don’t know him, he wears a long grey/blue robe and has his hands behind his back. He smiles, and suddenly I fall down.
I am then in a huge cave together with some other people, not lucid anymore. I have a sword and a shield, while one of the other guys has a huge hammer, and one woman has a spear (and is barely clothed.). I trade my sword with the spear and fight a huge monster with my companions. I can’t remember the fight itself, but I eventually wake up.

21.06.2011: Medium LD; no LC tasks done

[spoiler]Me and a friend of mine which I cant identify fight some gangsters. One of them refuses to fight with me, and so we don’t fight, but have talk about the stupidness of killing all those other people. He says that for every man we kill, two new will come later. I don’t know what he means, but as he was so friendly, I give him my hat. My friend and I then move on to a small room, in which a huge, rainbow colored stone block with polished surface stands. The stone looks wet, and on the top face is the word “LIFE” engraved. We know, this is the stone of life, we have to destroy it, because our arch-enemy uses the stone to control his brainless minions.
But once we destroy it, we will only have 10 minutes to leave the building before we will die. In addition, every corpse we left will transform into a Zombie, but not those sloth-kind zombies, the fast, wild ones. I am really frightened, but then have to smile because I left this other guy alive. One zombie less.
I then punch the rock with my bare hands. Nothing happens to the rock, but I know it’s destroyed. I then run as fast as I can through the corridors, but there are no Zombies at all. Not even corpses. I manage to leave the building and run through a garden. I find myself in the street where I live. I walk towards my house, and become lucid.
I turn around to see if anyone is around. My friend from earlier isn’t there anymore (maybe the zombies got him :razz:), but as I turn around again, I see someone in my room, through the small window. I know its Undecidedman, and so I shout up “Hey undies! You know this is a dream, right?”, He turns around and looks at me surprised. He looks in some other directions, obviously confused, but then smiles and nods. He makes the sign to “come up here” with his hands, and I want to teleport up.
I close my eyes and visualize the picture I would see if I sat on my bed. I can see the image, but as i open my eyes, I still stand where I was earlier. Instead of jumping up or going through the door, I walk around the house. When I look through the kitchen window, I see him again - but he transformed into a German shepherd dog.
I continue walking and see him again in the windows of my parents bedroom. He simply stands there, and so I climb through the window into the room, but he isn’t there anymore. I look around, and find him outside, where I was earlier. I smile and jump through the window outside again, but as I land, he is inside again. I’m confused and pretend to climb into the room again, but jump back as I touch the glass. It worked, he stands next to me now.
He is really huge, his shoulder height is about my shoulder height. I move my hand to his face to pet him, and he licks my hand. But weirdly, he makes high pitched noises, it sounds like whimpering. I pet his ear, and suddenly he walks back the way I walked here earlier. I walk after him, and meet him at the hose door again. I pet him again, and he licks my hand again. I’m curious and grab his snout, opening his mouth. I can feel his warm breath, and I touch his teeth and tongue. It’s all wet and slimy, but the tongue feels different than the times he licked my hand. It feels less rough, more like a human tongue.
Unfortunately, I suddenly wake up.

All three LDs were awesome, and I’m happy I did something in the first and last LD I planned not only a few days earlier.

Scipio Xaos: Two short + one medium LDs are: |20 + 20 + 30 = 70 points|

MimmoO: Three medium LDs: |30 * 3 = 90 points|

I’m back again with a medium LD. Dream journal entry.

Scipio Xaos: Congratulations for completing the monthly quest! Here are your points: |30 (for medium length LD) + 30 (for accomplishing a task while lucid) + 50 (for the monthly quest of meeting yourself) = 110 points|

Wow, this is a lot harder without the lucid points :razz:

I briefly remember trying to find a way to become a baby in an ND but that was it v.v

I had a ND tonight in which I was a child again. Even tho my mother wasn’t my mother, my sisters don’t exist in this way, my room was pretty much the same it was the same it was back then.
I saw my flatscreen monitor which i just bought back then, and my old TV. There was a lava-lamp on the shelf which I don’t own anymore. I was not lucid, but still I knew I am not that young, I was kind of sent back in time to talk to a person who reminds me on ZRVera. The ultimate evidence that I was me back then did I get, when that other girl grabbed my left lower arm. It hurt a lot when she gripped it, even tho it shouldn’t - I looked under my arm sleeve and found a white cloth bandage. I removed it carefully (it still hurt), and found two small red holes in my arm - a dog bit me there once. I put the bandage back on and continued to dream.
I can’t really remember what happened, but it was a lot. I walked over a huge field with this girl who i was meant to talk to, and then a lot of (dream-)emotions struck me, as I had to ask her if she remembers the time when she was the queen of a kingdom. When she nodded, I told her that I need her in the future, and when she agrees to come with me, she will never see all her friends again.
When I was in the future, we kinda slingshot little animals over a frozen lake. o_O

weird and long ND.

Even if I didn’t exactly relive a memory, I still got back in time, plus have evidence I was there. Does this count?
Also, I remember having a medium LD earlier that night, but I cant recall anything from it, so I don’t want it to count (until I remember it eventually).

MimmoO: It would count if only the time travel task didn’t have the special status I gave it. That task would either be completed with early points or never completed at all. Maybe you were just one night early :tongue:

The current standings are:

  • GHOSTIE11 |0 points|
  • ZRVera |250 points|
  • Magnus |0 points|
  • Rhewin |100 points|
  • idanl09 |70 points|
  • BeRightBack |0 points|
  • StarryGwee |0 points|
  • Geekboy |0 points|
  • Mimmo_O |130 points|
  • Altuno |20 points|
  • Thorn |200 points|
  • Wega |360 points|
  • Siiw |110 points|
  • Vinoth |150 points|
  • Scipio Xaos |180 points|

3rd Task : Infancy, Early Childhood and Play Age

“What’s good about being a dependent ignorant tiny person?” you might ask. And I’d tell you that the good thing is being a dependent ignorant tiny person. Look at books, wishing to be able to read them. Watch cartoons. Explore the world. But most importantly, enjoy having no responsibilities.

(This task covers from birth to age 5.)

Basic Task(s)

  • Being in the general age condition required by the task (0-5 years) is worth +30 points.

  • Experiencing infancy (birth to 18 months), early childhood (18 months to 3 years) or play age (3 years to 5 years) is worth +5 points each. If you experience all three of them, you’ll get +20 points instead of +15.

Secondary Task(s)

  • You could begin this task by birth, for which I’ll give you +20 points. I want to emphasize the fact that going through birth will get you points from both this task and the previous one.

  • Spending time with others of the same age as you will get you +10 points.

  • Just like how birth can mark the beginning of this time frame, starting school can signify the end of it. So doing it will get you +10 points.


  • Child-games you play will get you +5 points each. There is no “it must be something you used to play” restriction here.

  • Every significant item you remember from your 0-5 age time-frame and find during the dream is worth +5 points.

The deadline will be 1 July, 6 PM GMT. Good luck! :smile:

Just curious. Are tasks 2 and 3 limited like task 1 in that you either complete them in the time frame or not?

No, they are not. Only the first task had the privilage of doing so, and there won’t be any more to come that way.

Hmm, being a child again? :tongue: /me remembers a lot how it was being a child, time to bring those memories up again.

Btw, school age here is 7 :tongue:

I was five when I started kindergarten. So, for me, it would be birth-age 4… I don’t remember a ton from then, but enough to at least go back to the house I was in then. Hmm… maybe go back to when I got stitches when I was three… That’s the only event I can actually pin down to an age that I remember. XD That was a previous house…

Last night I had a short LD after a couple of weeks of having none. After some huge alien space ship tried to shoot me, I figured it might be good time for a RC. :tongue: I didn’t do much more than fly to a roof top, sit down, feel the wind and try to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands and then I woke up.

I remember being lucid this morning (don’t remember what happened yet, but I remember RCing and planning to do stuff after I finish what I was doing in the dream… again). That one was a short LD. I do know it was lucid, but I have yet to remember it.

Had a random almost-lucid moment in another dream, where I was in trouble and I thought I might be able to go lucid and fight my way out with powers, but decided against it because there were too many.

BeRightBack & ZRVera: You both earn: |20 points| for your short LDs.

Had an average LD last night, no tasks done :tongue:

Had a short LD. I was walking down the street I live in, when I thought “My dreams should contain more Dogs.”, and then I saw 3 puppies walking by. I became lucid, wondering that I had fallen asleep so fast. I walked down the road again and jumped over a high fence. Over there, I found Bender (from Futurama), who was searching through the trash. I wanted to talk to him, but as I couldn’t think about what to say, I woke up.

Had another average LD today, no task related though :tongue:

Low lucid short LD today.

GHOSTIE11: Two average LDs get you: |30 + 30 = 60 points|

MimmoO & ZRVera: One short LD is worth |20 points| for both of you.

One day 'till the next task.