LC #30: Congratulations Wega!

Hmm be a baby. XD This is going to be fun.

Is kicking the womb considered a interaction with the outside world?

Well I had a ND when I’m unborn.
I was in a different world, and then got into a tunnel with a lot of colors and got out to the world.
Not sure if it counts.

Yes, of course.

It does count. I’d love to read the details before calculating its points, though if it’s not possible, then that’s OK too.

ND = Normal Dream?
FLD means what?
I am not sure with these terms please help.

Mouse under the acronyms and you get the answer :wink:

Wow, this looks a tad difficult. Oh well. I had an LD last night, and I redid the time travel task. Even though I lost my early points, the lucid task points should make up for it so I think I’m still ahead. I went back in time to my aunt’s house and I regressed in age to match the time. I’ll post a link to my journal when I get the chance.

It does count. I’d love to read the details before calculating its points, though if it’s not possible, then that’s OK too.

Sure :smile:
I was old, finished my life, and went to a world between death and birth.
I see a creature, his back is cut, and inside his back, there’s a blue jelly that has an orange juice flavor.
The guide said that I need to bite the blue jelly to go to the new lifetime.
I bite it and then turn into molecules and then those molecules fly from one hole to another, and I live again.

This week’s task will be quite difficult for me since I need sensations to work on. How does it feel to be a cell? This will be definitely a challenge.
I had a medium length (~12 to 15 min)LD last night, didn’t complete any task but I am progressing with my personal task.

Edit: since nobody posted here today I edit my last post to avoid double posting.
I had an interesting LD in which I met my new spiritual guide, a young woman who looks like an elf. She said that she will guide me through my new spiritual path.
@Puce: a medium and a short LD (20 and 6min), still nothing with the 2nd task but I’m working on it.

Sorry to say I’ll have to drop out of this LC. Won’t have a lot of time at all these next 3 weeks to write out any dreams.
/me sends lucid vibes to everyone in the LC.

I’ll still try to get lotto numbers though. :tongue:

Nuuuu D:! Surely you don’t have to fully write th out to just post what you’ve done :sad:

A lucid moment at the end of a false LD this morning.

A medium low-lucid and a short low-lucid this morning. Need to work on my recall again, since I probably forgot some others over the last few days.

I had a brief moment of lucidity this morning and lost it about 10 seconds later, falling back into a ND. It was more along the lines of “this situation isn’t dangerous because I’m dreaming” rather than “oh hey, I’m lucid, I can do anything!”.

idanl09: Your normal dream gets you: |30 (for being an unborn human) + 20 (for going through birth) + 20 (early points) = 70 points|

Wega: Two medium length LDs and a short LD awards you: |30 + 30 + 20 = 80 points|

Wyvern: Sorry to hear you need to drop out. :wave: I updated the sign-up list and standings, as well as my files accordingly.

Siiw: You get: |10 points|

ZRVera: A medium and a short LD is worth: |30 + 20 = 50 points|

Thorn: The lucid moment is: |10 points|

Only two days left until the next task…

@Puce: No update for my time travel task :sad: ?

I thought I’d wait for the link. If you want me to calculate based on the info there, I would, but I’d still rather read the dream as a whole.

What? Of course I gave the link >.>


I am infallible >.<

Rhewin: Here are your points then: |30 (for going back in time) + 20 (for the age correction) + 30 (for accomplishing a task while lucid) + 20 (early points) = 100 points|

Sure you are, Lord Rhewin. Why else am I a copy editor?

cough Still attempting the task, but I gotta do something… not much recall lately, and I gotta kick myself into gear. >.<

Hiya hiya! No, I’m not dead. One thing I didn’t catch in the beginning was points for just having LDs. So, while my success at the task hasn’t broke through yet, here’s a link to the entry with 3 LDs in it. The first two are short and the last is a medium. Although the last two are on the same day they’re counted as two different one’s because I got up in between them.