LC #30: Congratulations Wega!

altuno: Yes, that’s what you’re supposed to do. And also don’t forget that every lucid moment and non-lucid yet task-completing dream counts. So don’t forget to inform me of each and every one of them. :smile:

ZRVera: That was too quick :tongue: You get: |30 (for the medium-length LD) + 30 (for accomplishing a task while lucid) + 20 (early points) + 50 (for the basic tasks) + 50 (for the monthly quest of meeting yourself) = 180 points | And remember that specifically and only with this task, there won’t be any change in points after the second task is posted.

I had a short WILD last night where I did the task. Unfortunately, I have to work overtime today so the dream can’t be posted before I get home and in front of a computer, probably close to midnight.

I saw the school were I went as a 6-7 years old, but don’t know if I were really that age in the dream.

(edit) the dream is here

SPOILER - Click to view

-While falling asleep, I notice images of a road. It is surprisingly easy to WILD into it. The road leads to my first school. It looks exactly like it did in my childhood, and the memory is surprisingly clear. I can walk up the grassy hill and into the forest. Nobody else is around, and I wonder how i can find out the date or year. The forest is intact though. No new houses have been built on it, and the “climbing tree” is just as big now as it was in 1984.

It is early summer. The blueberries here used to taste very good, but covering my eyes or looking away doesn’t work. It is still early summer. My hands are blurry, it is impossible to judge their size. I think about going to the “orange rock”, a small mountain where my class used to go sometimes. The dream fades while I walk through the forest.

Five LDs last night. 3/15/20/6/2 min. During the three short ones I didn’t have much time to try anything. Second and third dream are connected, do they count as a single dream? I came back exactly where I left but the dream took a very different turn.
Also, I tried again to work on my personal task, but nobody wanted to fly : (

I really don’t know if I’ll be doing this task. I have quite a bit of horrible memories and a lot of stuff I don’t wanna share. We will see tonight I suppose…

5 LD’s in one night? Thats quite an achievement in itself id say :razz:

I had my first LD in quite a while, last night, but it only lasted around 20 seconds:(
Its titled “Feast For a King” - Heres my DJ

I had two short LD until now, 12.6.11 and 14.6.11.
In the first one, i gained lucidity in the city, but lost it not even a minute later, due to a FA. I woke up in the same city on the pavement, quickly regaining lucidity as i saw a policeman coming towards me. Later, when i tried to summon Vera, i woke up as i saw her (way too short) shadow.
The second one was induced by a RC after a FA. I went downstairs, jumped through the kitchen window with ease (it was harder a few dreams eralier), and found myself in our garden. it was super bright, fantastic colors as if the grass was made out of crystal.

Once i have a postworthy LD, i will post better versions of this in my DJ.

Had 1 LD today, i’d say something like 35minutes. one of my longest LD

This is what happened.
I wanted to go to the memory where i missed my mother’s birthday because i couldn’t get there in time (Plane canceled)
Dream is in here
[/spoiler] I was in the middle of the road when i realized that i must be dreaming because i wasn’t wearing any shoes. Then it all came back to me. I knew exactly what i had to do. I had already planned this. I started to fly. I flew high. I felt the wind hit my face. I felt a lot of heat on my skin, at a point in started to hurt. I imagined myself with protective clothing and i felt it form. It was like i was slowly being wrapped around in a cloth. I didn’t feel the pain anymore. Within something like what i assumed to be 1 minute. I was in space.
I remembered this theory i studied when i was at school. If you move faster than light you can reverse time. I started to spin around earth around and around until it started to become a blur. I kind of instinctively knew when to stop (its kind of hard to describe this feeling, at one point i just knew the time was right). I flew back into earth. It was nothing like i imagined, i didn’t feel the wind nor did it feel really hot. It was like i was floating but everything else was coming closer and closer to me. Like the world was moving not me.
I looked down and i was right where i wanted to be, my birth house. I landed down and stood on the floor. I felt the dream fade away so i rubbed my hands. I rang the door bell and my mother opened. She was smiling. She was happy. I remembered the other part of my plan. I had to see if i was younger, i ran to my mother’s dressing room where there was a mirror. I was disappointed to see i looked like i look now =(. I was so frustrated. My dream started to fade again so i spun around. I thought that i might as well just finish the rest of the plan. I left and celebrated my mother’s birthday (i don’t think i need to get into too much detail). I felt like i could still do other things but i was afraid that my dream recall would be poor so i forced myself awake by blinking hard many times.

Had two lucid dreams and a normal dream this morning, logged here.

The first one was medium-length (maybe about three or four minutes) and had my personal goal completed. It had hints of the current task in that I was in a location that I’ll never be able to access IWL ever again (my bedroom from my old house), but I can’t explicitly say it was done via time travel.

The second dream was normal and not challenge related.

The third dream was my longest lucid dream to date (easily ten to fifteen minutes) and in it I did an older goal of mine that I hadn’t focused on in a long time, as well as attempting to follow an incubated dream that would do the monthly quest and the current task at once. This failed, but I had fun anyway, so meh.~

Siiw: Your short WILD gets you: |20 (for short LD) + 30 (for completing a task while lucid) + 20 (early points) + 30 (for the time travel basic task) = 100 points|

Wega: Are they connected as in you chained, or as in you woke up from the second one, wrote the dream down, then had the third one which happened to continue the same storyline?

Altuno: The short LD earns: |20 points|

MimmoO: Your two short LDs get: |20 + 20 = 40 points|

Vinoth: Your LD is worth: |40 (for long LD) + 30 (for completing a task while lucid) + 20 (early points) + 30 (for time traveling basic task) + 10 (for reliving a memory) = 130 points|

Thorn: The first LD is: |30 (for medium LD) + 120 (for your personal task) = 150 points|. And the second, long LD gets you: |40 points|

The current standings and the next task will be sent today at 6 PM GMT. Dreams sent in until 18.June 6 PM will still earn their points in this task, however anything after that will not be considered, due to reasons explained before.

Two days ago I said I had 5 LDs. I read the rules and I think they are considered as 2 LDs since I got out of bed only once during the night: a short one (3min) and a long one (43min) made of four parts. I woke up briefly after the first part of the second dream but fell back asleep instantly without getting out of bed, so it is only one dream, and those two parts are chained.
Sorry for troubling you :smile:

I had a very short LD last night (<1min), I’m not writing it in my DJ:
I notice a woman trying to escape from the facility we are in. She killed a guard and she says she needs her hand to escape. So I help her by amputating the guard’s hand properly.

Short LD, probably about 5-6 minutes for me this morning. Couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do, so ended up doing something random. Was kinda fun freezing time or the people nearby except for me and the person I was trying to talk to though, even though they didn’t stay still long. ^^ Even got the noisy environment to be quiet. Seems I’m becoming more comfortable with yelling at my dreams, even when there’s a lot of DCs around now. :tongue:

Wega: OK then. Two short LDs plus one long LD gets you: | 20 + 20 + 40 = 80 points |

ZRVera: The short LD earns you: |20 points|

Had one LD on Jun - 17 morning. Duration : 2minutes. Kind of rushed into things. No task or personal goals achieved.

nothing for me…kinda in the same boat as wyrven none of my memories are that great. and there is really nothing i want to revisit :meh:

no lds this week a could of nds but nothing great :meh:

Looking forward for the next task

In an ND I went back in time to a mall that we used to visit a lot as a child. My current friends were there, but it was definitely in state that it was 17 years ago.

Vinoth: That one short LD gets you: |20 points|

Rhewin: The task accomplishment in the ND is: |30 (for the basic task) + 20 (for early points) = 50 points|

The current standings are:

  • GHOSTIE11 |0 points|
  • ZRVera |200 points|
  • Magnus |0 points|
  • Rhewin |50 points|
  • idanl09 |0 points|
  • BeRightBack |0 points|
  • StarryGwee |0 points|
  • Geekboy |0 points|
  • Mimmo_O |40 points|
  • Altuno |20 points|
  • Thorn |190 points|
  • Wega |280 points|
  • Wyvern |0 points|
  • Siiw |100 points|
  • Vinoth |150 points|
  • Scipio Xaos |0 points|

2nd Task : Relive Your Prenatal Development

…which is a different way of saying “go be a baby in a womb”. All that is necessary is you to not be born yet.

Obviously all humans go through prenatal development, and none remembers it. What I actually want to do is to experience the process as a whole, and of course remember it after waking up in order to be able to post it here. Here are a few definitions you need to know for the basic requirements of the task:

[spoiler]1. zygote: a cell formed by the union of two gametes

  1. embryo: an animal in the early stages of growth and differentiation that are characterized by cleavage, the laying down of fundamental tissues, and the formation of primitive organs and organ systems
  2. fetus: an unborn or unhatched vertebrate especially after attaining the basic structural plan of its kind

Basic Task(s)

  • Being an unborn human is worth +30 points.

  • Going through all of the stages explained above earns you +20 points. Remember, what’s important with this task is that you feel the growth and development of yourself.

Secondary Task(s)

  • Birth is possibly the end-point of this task, and for going through it, I’ll award you +20 points.

  • Communicating (in any way) with another entity in the womb will earn you +10 points the first time you do it.

  • The initial interaction with the outside world while you’re in the womb will get you +10 points.


  • Additional communication with other entities in the womb is +5 points each.

  • Additional interactions with the “not-included-in-womb” will be awarded +5 points each.

  • Cell division is worth +5 points each and every time you undergo it, but remember, you can’t go “1-2-3-4-5 cells”. It has to be “1-2-4-8-16 cells”.

LDsfor the previous task are accepted until 18 June, 6 PM GMT. The next time will be posted on 24 June, 6 PM GMT. Good luck! :smile:

Bah, I went to vacation and totally forgot to LD :razz: but here I am and will do my best now :grin:

I’m going to be away for a bit, for exams :meh:. But I love how this task reminds me of my Bio exam lawl. :content: