LC #30: Congratulations Wega!

medium LD; nothing quest relevant done found here.

MimmoO: You get |30 points| for your medium LD.

had about a 5 minute LD I just remembered. Though, all I could remember was seeing 7 fingers and …some inappropriate adult stuff afterwards loool, then I flew somewhere and did some unrelated task stuffers :tongue: .
I shouldn’t have join this LC :sad: , all this time I’ve been schooling and really busy.

I had a medium LD a few days ago, ~15min, nothing task related but at some point I met Marty McFly. He jumped in a modern supercar time-machine and said that he was time travelling and that he had many adventures and that he just f****** loves it, he was ecstatic.
A short LD yesterday, ~4-5min. I tried to age myself in front of a mirror but I all I could do is grow a beard. Or maybe did I age myself a few days?

StarryGwee: One short LD gets you |20 points|. How old were you during the task? Depending on that, you may probably get some LD points from the stuff after your seven fingers. Besides, while school does LDs some harm, it’s not a reason not to join the LC.

Wega: One medium and one short LD earns you |30 + 20 = 50 points|. A few days, in your case, is not enough :tongue:

The current standings are:

  • GHOSTIE11 |60 points|
  • ZRVera |290 points|
  • Magnus |10 points|
  • Rhewin |160 points|
  • idanl09 |70 points|
  • BeRightBack |50 points|
  • StarryGwee |50 points|
  • Geekboy |140 points|
  • Mimmo_O |320 points|
  • Altuno |20 points|
  • Thorn |230 points|
  • Wega |870 points|
  • Siiw |110 points|
  • Scipio Xaos |210 points|

7th Task : After Death

I don’t know how you decided to die. In your sleep, maybe. Or shot with a gun. Perhaps you wanted something more gruesome and went with drowning. Anyway, I don’t want to get into details there.

What happens after? What do you do? Where do you go? Are you over the clouds, in heaven? Or underground in the fires? Somewhere not that classically known, or somewhere prepared specifically for you? Do you come back to life? If so, in what form? Do you have a conversation with someone who explains the answers to the oh-so-asked questions about life? In short, again, what happens?

Basic Task(s)

  • Being dead at any point in the dream gets you +40 points.

Secondary Task(s)

  • Die, seriously. Start the dream alive, like normal, and then find a way to get to the after-death state. For this you’ll get +20 points. This works for both the 6th task and the 7th task.

  • Experience the postmortem ideas of your belief. Or any belief, if you will. Completing this will earn you +30 points.


  • Find someone you knew from your life. Each and every person will get you +10 points.

  • The second, third etc. times you might manage to die are worth +15 points each.

The deadline for the task, and for the challenge will be 29 July, 6 PM GMT. Good luck! :smile:

Dying in a LD…cool! never tried that one before. :grin: I did die a couple of times in a ND, which was actually really intriguing, so I’m definitely gonna try this if I get the chance.

Last night I had two LD’s: 1 short one in which I knew I was dreaming and told people I was, but kept feeling myself lying in bed at the same time, which made it hard to do anything. The 2nd LD was long and really nice and clear, which is partly described here

A long LD yesterday in which Bombax helped me getting to the Moon, finding Wyvern who was doing sience in a laboratory.I flew into a forest and impacted so strong my feet started to burn, also reading notes written by “Tamir” in some books in a library with huge books.

Medium LD today where a huge family annoyed me once I became lucid, I went to the street I live which was completely frozen. I spun around and ended up meeting a school friend of mine, I beat his car with a huge icicle; the car exploded.

I had several dreams about places from my childhood, and a couple where i was in serious danger of dying, but they don’t quite meet the challenge.

Gah, I forgot this Challenge and now I drop out from it, sorry

I always wanted to experience dying in a huge explosion. I’ve been watching Lost again these days so it inspired me to use dynamite.
Short LD 25/7/11 (2-3min) - Fail. I piled up two dozen sticks of dynamite and thought “needs moar dynamite!”. I got really excited about this and build a 2m high pyramid made of dynamite. I was going to blow myself up but two 30cm centipedes appeared, they looked aggressive. I tried to crush one of them with my foot but it jumped on me. I woke up… :sad:

Next time try using an atomic bomb, that worked like a charm in a ND of mine :wink:

The End

OK, maybe that’s supposed to come at the very end of this post, but well, I wanted it up at the beginning. Now I’m going to maybe start going on about this challenge and my experience with it and so, of course you don’t really have to read it. The results and everything is very noticable at the bottom.

The first problem I faced, and possibly the only one, was deciding on the tasks. Well, knowing myself, I had to have it all written down somewhere before the challenge began because otherwise I’d overkill myself with last minute arrangements and not-well-thought-over choices. The first thing I knew was that I didn’t want unrelated tasks, because I am horrible at having random thoughts. Connected ideas are what I almost always have, I can’t quite do brainstorming or “oh-this-is-just-what-popped-into-my-head” kind of stuff. So connected it had to be, but how?

I had a few other ideas before deciding on the “Experience a New Lifetime” track. I don’t plan to share them now, but I didn’t think they applied to everyone since they were more specialized tasks and one would have to have knowledge about the notions in every task to be able to complete them, which was not what I wanted because this is meant for everyone. So I thought “Oh, why not use the one thing everyone shares?” and this popped up.

I don’t want to go into detail with how I developed the idea to the thing that actually came out in the open. The thing I’m more concerned about is that, despite my expectations, the tasks weren’t appealing to everyone. And since the whole challenge was oriented around the same theme, I think some people got nothing out of it because of their disinterest. I did not expect the “they-should-all-be-connected-somehow” decision to have an outcome like this. I should have thought this over better. So I’m sorry for my neglecting of the negative consequences.

So, now, after what I felt I had to write down, finally, here are the results.

The Results

  • ZRVera |290 points|
  • Magnus |10 points|
  • Rhewin |160 points|
  • idanl09 |70 points|
  • BeRightBack |110 points|
  • StarryGwee |50 points|
  • Geekboy |140 points|
  • Mimmo_O |390 points|
  • Altuno |20 points|
  • Thorn |230 points|
  • Wega |890 points|
  • Siiw |110 points|
  • Scipio Xaos |210 points|

So the winner is… Wega. :partying_face: Will you be the next host?

And most importantly, congratulations to you all! I still hope it has been rewarding to you in some way, as it was to me. :smile:

Congrats Wega and thanks to Puce for leading this quest. I only had 2 good LDs this month and spent those on this months challenge to earn my wings, so I let the tasks drift by as a result. I hope to achieve and spent more lucid time on the next quest.

Yeah, I definitely wasn’t ready to tackle the LC without lucid points, it really cut into my motivation :razz:

Thanks Puce for the tasks and congrats to Wega for your outstanding performance!

Congratulations everyone! It was fun doing this with you.
Thank you Puce for this LC, I loved it, I did (or at least tried) things I don’t normally do in my LDs.
I would be honored to host the next LC but I will not have a single moment of spare time in the next three weeks. If we were two weeks later I would accept but now I have to decline.

Congratulations Wega, and thank you Puce for hosting! :cool:

Congrats Wega! Thanks Puce, for the awesome tasks! :cool:

Congratulations Wega :smile: looking forward to see you as a host :grin: