LD4all Quest 68: July: Twist the Elements!

There is a typo in the title, though: It says 69 rather than 68.
Anyway, this looks cool.
Though lately my lucid dreams are short, and I can’t do much, not even fly, the first thing I’ve ever done.
I’ll try, though.

I haven’t been LD’ing for a few months now, but I got interested in it again. I’ll take this challenge, and if I succeed, I’ll post the results. Cheers! Takes a cup of molten lava and drinks it up :razz:

Challange accepted!

Challenge completed. :smile: Last night I managed to C-WILD (first time) after a short wake from an alarm. I tried counted back from 150 but lost track around 130 and after about a minute, I felt myself sliding out of my bed (same as I experienced with chaining a couple of times) and knew I was dreaming.

SPOILER - Click to view

It was dark and remembered I should take a lucid pill. I didn’t find one in my pocket, so just pretended to swallow one, which actually did make things more bright. I took off flying and got a lot higher than usually and ended up flying over an unknown city (looked at bit like a port). I went down to look for DCs and ended up in a supermarket, not really knowing what to do and I was slowly loosing lucidness again. Then I suddenly remembered that this would be a good time to try this months quest. I decided to try and act like Iceman (from X-men) by trying to create an ice bridge in front of me and then glide over it. Creating the ice in the air actually went pretty good and gliding down started out OK as well,but going up on the ice was very slippery and much more challenging. After gliding and struggling around for some time on my ice bridges, I felt satisfied with the fact that I did manage to do this and stopped. :cool: At that time I was still in the super market and slowly started loosing lucidness. I remember I got kicked out by the manager due to my actions. When walking home I met a couple of weird russians and an old friend and when I got home I realized again that I was still dreaming and started flying again. Just when I noticed a hot women was undressing in her apartment and wanted to take a look I woke up, which was too bad. :meh:

Become the avatar, the last air bender! thats what this reminded me of. This is one of my goals already, im going to try it.

This is my first post but I figured I might as well start right into it. This isn’t a dream I had in response to the quest but rather one I had a couple months ago. In my dream I am at my parents house and my mom is telling me how I have to send a thank you letter to some aunt (or other older female), suddenly it hits me that I am lucid (since I live in an apartment in Olympia since I’ve been in school), and I run outside to try to fly. I run and jump forward, bellyflopping on the ground the first time, but the second time gain air and rise into the clouds (this whole time my mom keeps shouting at me, with me responding from the sky). In the clouds I decide to take out a chunk and try a bite. The cloud tastes like cold cotton candy, almost like a slushy consistency but more light and airy. It is delicious and I decide to take more down to the ground to snack on. It sits in my hand like a lump of white fluff and I’m able to take pieces off of it to nibble on :smile: .

I dont really understand what i do here i think i say “Formally and willingly i Accept this noble quest” my goal is to walk on fire like atop the flame

((did i do it right?))

I remembered this quest as my dream became lucid last night.

I was at my mum’s house, so I turned her front garden into a lake, but it dried up as I got close to it, so I went looking for some other water. I jumped into a deep river and swam around underwater, looking for something to light a fire with. Some wooden paintbrushes appeared, so I thought, “they’ll do”. I rubbed them together and lit a fire underwater.

Hey W!zzFX LD, you don’t need to formally accept a Quest (although I like how you did that :smile: ) You can just go ahead and attempt it in your LD, and then post relevant dreams here. If you feel you have completed the Quest then also don’t forget to mention that specifically :smile:

( things along the lines of YAY! I did it :tongue: )

Lighting a fire underwater definately counts as twisting the elements, congrats, Maddie!

I twisted the quest! …started eating dirt and it wasn’t pleasant!

yes, I felt very stupid afterwards :shy:

I… I do believe I did it. Not entirely sure, so I would prefer if others would ‘judge’ (no hard feelings :wink: ).

. . . . There is a feeling within me. I tell the others something related to this being a dream, and how I choose to leave the alternative reality of what goes on down below to enjoy reality up here.

I have a good feeling and mindset, but decide to ensure myself by performing RCs. I look at my hands and am glad to see their strange alternating shapes. I put and push my right index finger into my left palm, it vanishes into it–very good, very good. (I think I should have done the nose pinching as well, but whatever). I rub my hands as I walk around the house, slightly up the mountain. I then appear to be on the elevated area of the garden by my family house, looking toward the garden to the right of the garage. The front lawn area is more elevated than IWL, three or four times the height. I worry that I might wake up just by jumping down, but I take the risk. I put my right hand on the ledge and hold it there till I have jumped and landed.

Now, let us try. I stand by the stone tiles next to our house (the ground seems level all over though, not the unevenness as IWL). I bend my knees, form my hands and dive at the ground. Fail. I try again. Fail again… but I see ripples, the ground reacted somehow to what I did, and I have a feeling that it was almost. I focus my intent more and try once again. It works!
I penetrate the ground and find myself in a dark brown place. I move my body as if swimming (doing breast strokes; I also later move my hands as if doing breast strokes, but move my feet as if I wear flippers). The darkness is gone. What is above me seems solid and what is below me seems solid, but in between… hmm, how to explain. It is like air (or water) in which lumps of earth and stones of various sizes float, my vision is a bit blurry and very grainy. I “swim” and while I do that I wonder how this will be viewed on LD4All… if they will consider my swimming as merely crawling through the ground, pushing the earth aside and pulling myself forward with my strokes. I decide not to care, because I nevertheless enjoy this moment very much as what I see is a view I have never ever had before.
I see ahead a small hole through which I see the sky and daylight. I swim to it, expand it and exit the ground. . . . [/spoiler]

Hehe I tried that once as well, when I wanted to see how stuff tasted in a LD and couldn’t find anything to eat. It sure tasted just like sand and dirt, lol :tongue:

I addition to my previous attempt (creating an ice bridge in mid air and gliding on it) I’ve given it another twist during a lucid dream last night. I still find it hard to think clearly during a LD and thinking outside the box for this task even harder, but anyway this was the best I could come up with this LD :

SPOILER - Click to view

I had already been lucid for at least 5 minutes, when I remembered I could try to do the quest better than last time. After some thinking, the best I could come up with was trying to swim through the air as if air was water. I tried the freestyle stroke and was surprised how fast I was going and how real it felt. I could really feel myself pushing the thick air backwards with my hands to gain speed. I swam to end of my street and back again. Only my legs weren’t cooperating very well during the swimming, but failing legs happen to my quite a lot in LD. When I had returned from swimming 2 lanes the dream turned black and quickly I grabbed hold of some bushes and tried to smell a pine tree to not wake up. This actually worked and I managed to stay lucid a few minutes longer by doing so, which was a bonus.

I had some doubts about having completed the task on my previous attempt, but together with this 2nd try, I feel confident I actually did it. :grin:

I would like to grab the four basic elements and put the into my hands (i’ll have 4 of course) and smosh them all together and see what it creates. :smile:

Here is what I got so far:

SPOILER - Click to view

My plan was to fly up the sky and eat a piece of cloud, then dive into the earth and swim to its core where the fire is and swim through there aswell, then go back and find water to walk on… I became lucid late in the morning and I wasn’t stable so I spun around and rubbed my hands, even came back to slightly waking up and tried again. After some tries I was stable enough and I jumped off of my balcony into the sky and flew around looking for a cloud, but the sky was clear blue (like usual in my LDs…) so I figured to just dive into the earth. I flew above a city so it was hard to find a spot that seemed okay, didn’t take me long and I dove to the earth in one straight line and when I hit the ground I felt this sorta squeezing feeling and a buzz through my arms and fingertips. As if I had to squeeze myself into the earth. I couldn’t see anything so I tried swimming but I didn’t know if I was moving or not because I couldn’t feel any dirt around me. It felt a little warm, but not really warm…like a blanket but it wasn’t constricting me. I stopped the swimming motion and tried my flying style, like superman. This seemed to work because I could feel myself flowing through the ground. It felt a little different, like I was a worm and moved in curves. After a while I still couldn’t see anything and I think I lost focus because I felt myself waking up real fast and I couldn’t prevent it from happening so I woke up.




for earning your wings with this Quest! :yay:

:boogie: :boogie:

and well done for everyone who tried but didn’t succeed this time! :smile:

This Quest is now officially over. You are ofcourse free to still do this Quest at your leisure, and post in this topic about your results, but you can’t earn wings anymore by completing it.

Another opportunity to earn your wings in the next Quest! :smile:


Congratulations to all of you who tried it and those who got their wings, I hope you had fun :content:

Thanks :happy: really awesome those wings :happy: