LC # 33 Congratulations elnaureth

I had a lucid moment and a long LD where I attempted the task. Link

I had a medium length LD this morning, where I stole a car, made a plane, and summoned somebody through a video game console. My right wrist isn’t agreeing with me atm so I’ll have to type everything up later.

i had a short lucid last night,in my 4 lds i didnt sucsufully stabilize,anyt ips

Great!! It is finally on!!

Ultimate WILD Power Activate!!!

Please clarify… was that 4 short LDs? Or 1 short LD and 4 quick lost lucid dreams?

no,i had a LD that night,but couldn’t stabilize it like all of my lucids i had sinse started lucid dreaming

here it is

so,i woke up in FA ,i tried DEILD in my dream,and it worked,i get out of my bed fully lucid,but my left eye is closed i can’t open it,i try to open it and i end up opening my WL eye and wake up.

rhewin,i recall you had a problem like my,any suggestion

I had a short LD last night, and a dream that involved some building, but not creation of a whole landscape. This link contains both LDs,


I had a short LD with one chain (curse you, alarm clock).

Just a brief lucid moment last night.

About a 7-8 minute LD, I can’t remember all of the lucid part. I remember more of the awesome FLD part.

Here’s the link.

I had a medium-length LD last night, which kept fading in and out of lucidity (adding up all of the lucid parts to get the length). I completely derped on my personal task involving a television despite becoming lucid at work (an electronics store) because my mind was fixated on using my TV at home and I couldn’t seem to get there. However, I did learn that gravity outside of my place of work pulls me east as opposed to down. :razz:

Way to go guys! keep up the great work :smile: :thumbs: :hurray:

Sorry for posting this a day late (I was riding dirtbikes with my friends all yesterday) but i will post it early today.

LC #33: Task #2: cooking and eating wonderfuly!

The point of this task is to get you guys motivated to eat some DELICIOUS food!

SPOILER - Click to view

If you haven’t ate food in a dream yet, you are missing out big-time

The goal is to eat or cook food then eat the food in a dream.
Points are awarded as follows:
+20 cook any type of food!
+20 eat any kind of food!
+50 if you cook the food then eat what you cooked!

if you followed a real-life recipe and can PM me a link of the recipe. I will award +30 for remembering the recipe during a dream.

Hope you guys find this task fun and i hope to hear you all reply saying how good food is in dreams. :thumbs:

I had a medium LD last night.

I had a lucid moment. [

Not quite related, but I tried out a recipe for fruit tea today that I got in a dream. It tasted like it did in the dream, even the way that it got spicy a few moments after each sip.

I also had a lucid moment.

I had a short LD, and another short LD with one chain. Both started out as Nazi nightmares. :sad:

Since the LC began, I only had one dream where I woke up immediately after realizing that I’m dreaming and one medium LD of which I remember nothing else than how I went lucid and the fact that it was of average lenght. But now I have time and can hopefully get back into LD’ing. Oh, and the tasks are really nice btw! :grin:

I had a medium LD where I ate something. Link

I had two medium LDs, one with two chains and one with one chain. In the second, I sang opera on a stage, but I’m not sure if I want to count it because I didn’t sing a whole song. Link

Had a medium LD last night.