LC # 33 Congratulations elnaureth

I had a lucid moment and a long LD where I attempted the task. Link

I had a medium length LD this morning, where I stole a car, made a plane, and summoned somebody through a video game console. My right wrist isn’t agreeing with me atm so I’ll have to type everything up later.

i had a short lucid last night,in my 4 lds i didnt sucsufully stabilize,anyt ips

Great!! It is finally on!!

Ultimate WILD Power Activate!!!

Please clarify… was that 4 short LDs? Or 1 short LD and 4 quick lost lucid dreams?

no,i had a LD that night,but couldn’t stabilize it like all of my lucids i had sinse started lucid dreaming

here it is

[color=blue]so,i woke up in FA ,i tried DEILD in my dream,and it worked,i get out of my bed fully lucid,but my left eye is closed i can’t open it,i try to open it and i end up opening my WL eye and wake up.[/color]

rhewin,i recall you had a problem like my,any suggestion

I had a short LD last night, and a dream that involved some building, but not creation of a whole landscape. This link contains both LDs,


I had a short LD with one chain (curse you, alarm clock).

Just a brief lucid moment last night.

About a 7-8 minute LD, I can’t remember all of the lucid part. I remember more of the awesome FLD part.

Here’s the link.

I had a medium-length LD last night, which kept fading in and out of lucidity (adding up all of the lucid parts to get the length). I completely derped on my personal task involving a television despite becoming lucid at work (an electronics store) because my mind was fixated on using my TV at home and I couldn’t seem to get there. However, I did learn that gravity outside of my place of work pulls me east as opposed to down. :razz:

Way to go guys! keep up the great work :smile: :thumbs: :hurray:

Sorry for posting this a day late (I was riding dirtbikes with my friends all yesterday) but i will post it early today.

LC #33: Task #2: cooking and eating wonderfuly!

The point of this task is to get you guys motivated to eat some DELICIOUS food!

SPOILER - Click to view

If you haven’t ate food in a dream yet, you are missing out big-time

The goal is to eat or cook food then eat the food in a dream.
Points are awarded as follows:
+20 cook any type of food!
+20 eat any kind of food!
+50 if you cook the food then eat what you cooked!

if you followed a real-life recipe and can PM me a link of the recipe. I will award +30 for remembering the recipe during a dream.

Hope you guys find this task fun and i hope to hear you all reply saying how good food is in dreams. :thumbs:

I had a medium LD last night.

I had a lucid moment. [

Not quite related, but I tried out a recipe for fruit tea today that I got in a dream. It tasted like it did in the dream, even the way that it got spicy a few moments after each sip.

I also had a lucid moment.

I had a short LD, and another short LD with one chain. Both started out as Nazi nightmares. :sad:

Since the LC began, I only had one dream where I woke up immediately after realizing that I’m dreaming and one medium LD of which I remember nothing else than how I went lucid and the fact that it was of average lenght. But now I have time and can hopefully get back into LD’ing. Oh, and the tasks are really nice btw! :grin:

I had a medium LD where I ate something. Link

I had two medium LDs, one with two chains and one with one chain. In the second, I sang opera on a stage, but I’m not sure if I want to count it because I didn’t sing a whole song. Link

Had a medium LD last night.