LC #34

I declare this challenge open! :colgate: Presenting the first task:

Task 1: Visit Outer Space!

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut? Here’s your chance! This task is about flying in space by any method, whether it be in a spacecraft, just flying alone by magic, or anything else your imagination comes up with. Go out and explore the universe! :universe:


+10 Attempt to leave Earth by any method
+30 Fly in outer space
+30 Visit a star, planet (other than Earth), or moon
+20 Meet some aliens
+10 for each star, planet, or moon you visit after the first

Good luck everybody! :boogie:

/me grins

Today was a good day to go see John Carter. :content:

But but… What if I AM an alien?

ok hopefully i can do this one, the last two LC’s i ve gotten a LD the night i sign up for it- ending my dry streak

Off to a quick start. Just woke from a nap, with a short LD. I was John Carter, on Mars. Once I became lucid, I got into a huge fight with the locals and ultimately killed the Therns and wound up celebrating in an alien bar.


Great. You had to choose a topic that for some reason has always made me a little queazy. :cry: I don’t know why but in most of my floating-into-space dreams, my greatest fear is leaving the atmosphere and gravitational pull of earth and drifting in space forever. Of course in those dreams I don’t think i’ve ever been fully lucid. Well, here’s to overcoming my weakness! :alien:

Meet a gnar?

*GnarGnar plans on looking for a Veralien

;D Thanks Gnar, but I might just go for meeting the Doctor or only getting into space itself first.

medium ld for me, not related to task.

An ND where I met The Doctor (Time Lord, not human) while on the TARDIS. Not sure if we were flying trough space, though. Might have been, never left the ship so I cant tell.

i ended up having a ND about fighting Andross from StarFox 64, and i visited Pandora but it was not an LD…
But hey, im getting somewhere! i normally get a lucid dream once a month but im trying!! :content:

Scratch the previous ND (sorry Doctor). Last night was on a federation starship which flew from earth (was already on board) to another, forest planet. The inhabitants were quite tall. Some were reptilian, a few other more human in appearance. Interesting dream, its a shame I didn’t become lucid as well.

I had a short LD this morning, but didn’t leave the planet.

I was lucid for 5-6 minutes. I tried to fly just by flying at first, and that barely worked. I then remembered my thought to use minecraft blocks. I didn’t end up with any, but still tried walking on air like walking on steps (which I’ve done before). I thought I was getting somewhere, then realized I was only about head height of the people around me in the air. The sky was light gray and cloudy, and I tried to continue my upward journey, but ran into my usual ceiling. I broke through the first, and ran into more ceilings. I tried imagining a new dreamscape in the darkness above one of the ceilings and tried to see stars appearing, but I probably either woke up or went into an FA.

Edit: Here’s the link to my DJ post.

i had a medium length LD this morning which was followed by a FA so i forgot most of it :sad: i may have been lucid for more than 3 minutes though i do remember that, i know i said that 3 minutes would be considered long, well 5 minutes would be long but i haven’t gotten to that point yet idk. anyways i completed my personal goal of talking to a DC and asking them what part of my subconcious they are.

i don’t remember how i became lucid, i was in a building with lots of rooms and offices. (a common thing in my dreams, but not in real life) i have been wanting to become lucid there as i see similar places to that often in my dreams and they look interesting, but i dont remember what i did then, half of the LD was forgotten, i only remember going down a hallway and somehow ending up in my own house (i didn’t control this)

it was night, i only remembered two of my goals (only one would count for points because i forgot to submit the other) the goal i forgot to submit i have in my signature, i briefly thought about trying it and i was right near the bathroom where the mirror was i planned to use, but it was too dark and i was afraid of running out of time so i decided to do the other one. the light was on in the kitchen and i heard the clanking of pots and pans so i knew my mom would be in there, and since she would be a DC i decided to ask her. i went into the kitchen and started talking to her, i forgot most of what i asked, but i do know i was lucid. i wasn’t as lucid as i had hoped though, i could have been more lucid but i didn’t think about raising my awareness. she kept disappearing while i talked to her though, and i would turn around and she would be coming out of the laundry room so i went into the laundry room. it was back and forth for a while, she would disappear and i would go to the laundry room and she would be coming back into the kitchen. i remember asking her what part of my subconscious she represented, i forgot what she said though. i only remember one phrase she said which i wont tell because it is kinda personal. there was a lot of negative feelings (no surprise, we don’t get along well lately IRL) i really wish i remembered if she told me what part of my subconcious she was, i think if i figured out what she represents in my dreams, i could figure somethings out in real life.

also right after talking to her, i began to rub my hands in hopes of that keeping me lucid, it only worked a little as i felt myself waking up. i didn’t actually wake up though, i had a FA. im not sure but i think in this false awakening i even posted here about my dream! i dont remember anything else about the dream except i woke up and thought “what a cool LD i just had” and i was STILL dreaming --__–

so i completed this goal, but i am thinking of redoing it. i forgot most of the lucid dream and i wasn’t as lucid as i wished, i would like to redo this and become more lucid, and hopefully not run into anything…negative.

but i will now set a secondary goal if thats ok, i read on another site how weird mirrors in dreams can be, what if i went through one? so my next goal is: go through a mirror.

i forgot about the Task :confused: i will try to remember, but remembering two goals is actually a lot. maybe i will try to do a WILD (for the first time) and complete the Task, now that would be awesome. also i remember being lucid for much longer than in the above post but i forgot it all except i vaguely remember the feeling of being lucid, i don’t know what i did though.

Link to DJ post

I attempted to leave Earth again, and was rising away from Earth in space briefly before finding myself on a spaceship. I met two types of aliens. The lucid part was probably 4-5 minutes before the dream ended.

DreamSailor, personal tasks can’t be added or changed after the challenge begins. (You can of course set other goals for yourself, but they won’t give personal task points.)

Do you want this to count for the personal task points? It looks like you did complete it from what you said, but I can withhold the points until you get a more satisfactory answer if you’d like. :smile:

Ysim: That was quick! Let’s see… |20 points| for your short LD, and |30 points for visiting Mars + 20 points for meeting aliens + 30 task while lucid + 20 early points = 100 task points|.

Rhewin: |30 points| for your medium LD, and |30 points for flying in space + 30 points for visiting another planet + 20 points for meeting aliens + 20 early points = 100 task points|.

skyglide: |30 points for visiting another planet + 20 points for meeting aliens + 20 early points = 70 points|. Keep trying and I’m sure you’ll get a LD!

Siiw: |20 points| for your short LD.

ZRVera: Congratulations on making it into space! |30 points for a medium LD + 20 points for a short LD = 50 LD points|, and |10 points for leaving Earth + 30 points for flying in space + 20 points for meeting aliens + 30 task while lucid + 20 early points = 110 task points|.

DreamSailor: Nice LD! |30 points| for your medium LD, and |120 points| for completing your personal task.

Hi, I’ve finally decided to join the challenge.

  1. StarryGwee; (7-15mins); (Get to WC’s garden still &monthly quest)
  2. GnarGnar (1-5 mins); (Meet my DG)
  3. Rhewin (5-7 mins); (Defeat Xander in the lucid duel!)
  4. Limitles (2-5 mins); (Sail on a pirate ship)
  5. Thorn (3-5 mins); (Control another limb (arm, leg, tail, etc.))
  6. Leijona; (2-5 mins); (Meet my MCs)
  7. ZRVera; (5-8 mins); (Recreate a specific previous FLD power)
  8. Siiw (3-5 mins) (Make something in a dream and recreate it IRL)
  9. demented (none yet) (communicate with my subconscious)
  10. brandon2071 (none yet) (learn to fly)
  11. Ysim (5-7 mins); (Steal Rhewin’s hoverboard)
  12. EyesWide (a wild guess but 2-5 mins); (meet my SG)
  13. skyglide (3-5 mins); (battle with monsters)
  14. PrecisionConage (none yet) (have a SD)
  15. DreamSailor (1-3 mins approx) (talk to any DC and ask them what part of my subconscious they represent, this was recommended by someone on another site)
  16. Zzz (none yet) (fly among the clouds)


PS: Today, after 3 weeks, I’ve had my FIRST LD!!! :hyper: I’ve tried MILD, DILD and WILD, but I became lucid with DILD.
I was at school, in the computers room. Then a friend of mine entered by the door and gave us our assessment marks. The paper wasn’t like others we got before. It was colourful. I was surprised! I remember I got a 3/10 in Spanish (I’ve never had failed before- I live in Spain ¬¬) so I decided to talk to my teacher. I said her that calculating my average mark I should get a 6.4 and then the text transformed into that mark! :wow: Then, I noticed I was dreaming. :lucid:

Everything became more vivid and clear, and I decided to say her I should have had 10/10. The text transformed again. I was happy. But suddenly, the scene started to fade out. I started to think about what happened and I came back to my dream. It occurred a few times and I finally gave up. :neutral: I think I was reentering the dream or something like that… :tongue:

It was amazing! I though I wouldn’t have so much control! I felt it to last 2 or 3 minutes long, but I don’t know how long it was… :confused: How can I know my dream’s length?

However, it was the most amazing dream I ever had (although it wasn’t very exciting). :cool:

Had another short LD, but nothing task related this time. I was a bit preoccupied figuring out why Dream was killing off the rest of The Endless. :tongue:

Yay! Your singing magically worked! My dry spell ended. I did a DEILD/WILD this morning and had a short LD. I remembered the task and tried to fly up to space…but from reading Vera’s attempt, I found a ceiling in my way. :meh: It was painted like the sky and I slammed into it lolol. Spent a bit of the dream trying to will it to go away, but then lost lucidity. The dream continued with me turning into some mysterious dude trying to break through the ceiling. I’ll post this in my DJ later :content: