LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

I’ve talked to Wyvern and ian, and Wyvern’s talked to Rhewin, and we’re going to attempt to be a four-man team. We’re tentatively going to juggle each other for the group incubation, as Wyvern likes to play with his food :happy:, but we haven’t had the chance to say much with Rhewin, so that may not be finalized.

Sorry, James, but I talked to those guys before I realized that you signed up late. :sad: Same thing to Scipio — I know your personal goal is based on something I tried with you in the past, but the thought didn’t occur to me until it was too late.

This is great for me as a keen juggler IRL!

Welcome james_uk2008 and KauaiDreamer!

I realized something may have not been clear in the task description. Parts 1, 2, & 3 must all be accomplished separately, although they can be in the same dream. For instance, if you juggle three bulldozers, it won’t count for both part 1 and 2 at the same time. In a case like that, if you hadn’t scored for part 1, I would initially count it for part 1 and if you juggled again, then I would move it to part 2. Basically, I will always award the most pts you are eligible for. I know I probably didn’t explain that very well, so if you have questions, please ask.

Well, it seems like your team was able to come up with a fun group incubation. For those who may be wondering, my suggestions would have been to think of something like having to juggle in a certain setting or environment, perhaps underwater. However, your team’s tentative incubation is another great example in my opinion on how this can be incubated by a group.

I need you to provide a personal goal. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but you still must have one. You can only have one desired action, so I’m going to remove the juggling one as it conflicts with the current task. For your desired form, I am going to need more information. It is acceptable assuming that you don’t normally dream as yourself, but otherwise I need a different form, even if it is something as simple as you with a different hair color.

Alright, you, Wyvern, ian1, and Rhewin are the first confirmed team.

Awesome! This task should be right up your alley then.

Teams and LC Partners

  1. Thorn, Wyvern, ian1, and Rhewin
  2. Letaali & Lumessence

And we’re off! Juggling, eh? Looks interesting. Hopefully the compo can pull me out of the slump I’ve fallen into (recall and lucidity) the past week.

@ Thorn, don’t worry about it. :wink:

And good luck everyone!

Because of my competition, I’ll be claiming all LD points this time around regardless if they include tasks.
So you should do the tasks, people. :razz:

2 LDs last night.

LD #2318 (short) I ran into a friend, Mohegan. He kept ranting about some kid whole was really annoying. He was ironically being annoying himself by ranting so long about it. We were walking down some field and headed towards a train station. Unfortunately he was so distracted with his rants - he’d stop every now and then to talk - that he missed his train. Mohegan then proceeded to blame the kid he was ranting about how he made him miss his train even though he wasn’t there. Causing trouble in his absence too.
It felt like he just felt like being annoyed at something, but I felt rants irritating after a while. I told him I was headed to the Couch and then he started boasted how there was no way I could creep him out.
I said, “Yeah, probably not.”
Not really caring, I shrunk him and stuck his head in my mouth like a lollypop, chewing on him for a while.

LD #2319 (medium) I traveled through a bit of a town and then to the field again. I messed around with some plant transformations. I transformed into a plant that had legs. It was more sunflower like. I then rooted my legs into the ground and caused my head to grow and arms to stretch. I turned into Audrey 2 quite quickly and successfully. I thought about scaring Rhewin… but figured I should use the form more creatively. I was then randomly shoved by a walking sunflower creature with teeth and no eyes that wanted to get my attention. I changed back and it just stared at me. Then it tried chasing me.
I threw things at it, shoved it, and then pushed it off a small cliff into a random pool of lava that was nearby, much like Minecraft. Killed it with fire.
I went to someplace called the Luvhouse. That’s where I’d find The Couch. I went inside and sat on said Couch. It was big, red, and comfy (and self cleaning!). Rhewin was in the kitchen but Thorn and ian were nowhere to be found. Rhewin appeared to be so engaged with his laptop and he called me over to see. He then started going on about the legend of the killer sunflower. Oh.
He talked about the history, some experiment gone wrong, that there were more of them… the one I killed being 12 years old. The live until 100 or so. He said how that one was just a child.
“So you’re not afraid of those things?” I asked.
“That’s just a flower. Why would I be afraid of that?”
“Whatever man.” :razz:
“Don’t you dare turn into Audrey 2. That is not the same.”
I kissed him but he seemed to want me to read more about the stupid flower. I browsed some website and there were all these profiles of important scientists and researchers involved with this thing. For whatever reason it also listed their religions. They got pretty strange and unique after a while, no longer being ones I recognized. Rhewin also showed me some webcomic pages that mentioned the sunflower. They were badly drawn.
I said I wanted to get something to eat. I went in the fridge and there was a ton of beer. Randomly on the counter there was a bowl of tomato sauce.
[something else happened here with some kid that I can’t remember now]
I tasted some of the sauce and decided to make a pizza. I took out some ingredients and then went in the fridge. There was some beef broth thing. I added that in just for the hell of it and tasted the sauce. It tasted good so far. I went back to the counter with the bowl and added some spices.
I didn’t have to complete my sauce because in the over was an already prepared pizza. I took the pizza out and tried a piece, the heat from the pan not being an issue in the dream. It was delicious and tasted like a great local pizza place nearby. Rhewin said something about it “Missing something… :wink:” But I woke up.

No juggling yet, and I don’t think I get any points for getting my form, location, and action there…
I’m kind of indifferent to those things because I don’t know how to challenge myself in those areas. It was more for the sake of fun, I suppose.

Changing my desired form to Liquid.

I realized something was not clear in the instructions for this LC. Your desired action, setting, and form are like your personal goal. Once selected, they can’t be changed; however, unlike your personal goal, when you complete your desired action, setting, or form, it stays as your desired action, setting, or form. It doesn’t change throughout the competition, regardless of how many times you complete it. As this was not clear, I will allow people to change what their desired action, setting, and form is. You are stuck with your current ones until the end of task 1. You have until task 2 to submit a new desired action, setting, and/or form to replace your current one. Once task 2 is posted, all desired actions, settings, and forms will be finalized. I added the clarification in the rules in bold red text. As always, if you have any questions or objections, please post here or PM me :smile: .

I’ll be careful not to annoy you :tongue: . Also, unless you say otherwise, I will change your desired form to liquid starting with the posting of task 2. Congratulations on posting the first LDs for LC 40!

Normal dream. Non-chalantly juggled a couple of pens while at work. Nothing else to speak of unless you count me yelling at a customer, which was amazingly satisfying since it thought it was RL XD

I had a medium-length lucid dream last night. No task completed, unfortunately.


I had a short LD this morning that didn’t manage any other points. I’m at a Christmas party right now, but I’ll post the dream as soon as I can.

Everybody on our team has scored now while nobody else has. Go team!

EDIT: Dream posted.

Well… Interesting story…
I got involved in a concept when someone brought it up in another thread. I shared that I had the experience, so tonight I decided to give an example with my DJ…

When looked at this LC just now, the task “Juggling” gave me the idea to mention it here. I leave the rest to you.
Dreamers Unite

Go team!

We so need a team name.

Dec. 24

LD #2320 (medium) [LD]Dream started in a home of some sort. I found myself in the form of a mouse. With me was another mouse who looked similar to Pinky from “Pinky and the Brain”. Apparently I was just moving in. He was showing me around the place and apologized for the mess. The previous mouse had been very messy. “Pinky” opened a window at one point to let some fresh air in. A cat outside saw us and started walking over curiously. I tried to tell Pinky about the cat but he seemed to be occupied. It nearly grabbed him when it reached inside the house with its paw. I aggressively shut the window on it and the cat retreated a bit. Peeking out, I saw another cat around. They were walking around watching the mouse house interested.
Not seeing much to do with this dream plot, I exited the house out of the cats’ sight. I found that the house was in a wide hole under some risers at a baseball stadium. I walked around the risers and looked over at the game for a bit before turning around and seeing a cat.
It pawed at me curiously and I just watched it. I thought about the idea of the cat juggling us two mice, but the task sounded more like I had to be the one juggling. It also sounded like a hassle to get a cat to juggle.
The cat meowed and then started walking away disinterested. I followed the stupid thing, confused, but it just wasn’t interested in me. Even the other cat just watched me lamely and went on with its business.
I left the riser area and came out in a big sandy area. The baseball field had turned into some kind of beach. I wandered around and saw my siblings and mom. She had built a weird tree fort thing. There was some family bickering about something useless. I left the area unseen.
DCs were talking about some evil fairy/witch. I eventually did run into her, or rather she ran into me and then started taunting me about a secret of mine. I said it was no big deal but she just continued to be annoyingly ominous or whatever.[/LD]

LD #2321 (medium) [LD]I found myself in a school of some sort. It was a new school, I think. I typically have the same dream school. This one was massive. I don’t remember much now but I spent some time with my WL friends. I also pulled some pranks with my dream powers. They were unaware it was a dream.
My friend Gabe was there and said he had told a friend of his about my fetish in a “I hope you don’t mind way”. It was relevant somehow I guess? At one point they wanted to show me something interesting on that topic. They ran off in the school and it was hard to keep up with them because they place was so big and there were so many students. I eventually did lose them and so I wandered the school aimlessly. I lingered around a coffee shop in the school for a while. It was full of hipsters on their laptops.
I eventually found my way outside where I found myself on the beach from the earlier dream. It was completely empty though. I decided to indulge in vore fun times so I simply spawned the DCs I would use. ian1 also showed up, but I didn’t see any other teammates nor did I do anything with juggling.
After the vore fun, I was confronted by the evil fairy/witch. She followed and harassed me about some feelings of mine. I was initially planning on being more detailed, but told her that I’d probably censor this dialogue from my DJ now.[/LD]

Dec. 25

LD #2322 (short) [LD]I found myself on a beach. For whatever reason, styrofoam plates kept appearing. I found it easy to spawn some myself. I went on top of one and spawned a bunch under myself. I was eventually on a tower of plates and very high up. The pile fell down on some unsuspecting DCs and I woke up.[/LD]

LD #2323 (medium) [LD]I was in some place that looked like a cross between my parents’ house and my apartment. My piano was there and so I played for a while. Other instruments accompanied me and I tried to memorize the music.
One of my aunts was there and said I was a good singer (she was talking about some previous time or something. I was not singing this dream.)
I think I also ate some leftover Christmas food at one point…[/LD]

LD #2324 (medium) [LD]I was in a playground like area. It shifted between playground like and some weird factory in a video game. The goal was to collect 3 sacred elements represented by a fire creature, a water creature, and a thunder creature. I also had some talks with some old tribes I hadn’t seen in a while. At one point I remembered the Quest, but didn’t really know what to give as a present. [com]Probably could have given Rhewin myself though. :wink:[/com][/LD]

LD #2325 (long) [LD]The longest dream will ironically have the shortest summary. I made an attempt at facing my fear (my personal goal). It was a horrible dream that ruined my morning. I don’t want to think about it.[/LD]

Haven’t updated since beginning. 2 short LDs yesterday and 2 medium last night. Will post dreams tomorrow.

SPOILER - Click to view
I am in my parents garage and I get the idea to try a backflip. It just feels right. I look up at the ceiling and try a flip. I land and realize that something was wrong with it. I jump up again and my foot hits the ceiling and slides down the wall Sheol... I thought that I had it. It is a dream. RC, stabilize. I jump back up on the ceiling and fly a bit. I teleport to my parents basement. I have had some awesome things happen down here.
"I am gonna go upstairs, wanna come?" a random DC says. I follow upstairs and wake up.

Wake up, back to sleep
RC, Back in the basement, but the lights are off. Dang, I am losing the dream already. I stabilize and go back up stairs. DC wants to go to the basement and I go back down. I hit a few lights and the lights stay off. I summon a few more small light switches and hit them. I sit down and watch some TV. Wake up a bit later.

Next day.
I am at a McDonalds. Sweet, eating dream time. RC, stabilize. I sit down with a few DCs and I have some steak and other things that don't exist at McDonalds. (x2) 

Had a short LD: [url]]

Only a fragment of a dream which ended with me becoming lucid and waking up almost immediately.

Dec 26

LD #2326 (medium) I spent some time around Cynic City. Ran into bigot Christian lady at work who was insulting a friend I used to work with because she was a transsexual. I gave the coworker a satisfying whack across the face with some random wooden spoon that was near by and went behind her and flipped over her chair. She was outraged and it was great.
I also went to a dream McDonalds and got a coffee because why the hell not. They have good coffee.
The dream police made a brief appearance, but they did not notice me.

LD #2327 forgotten, won’t count. Something about a castle. Thorn was there.

Dec. 27

LD #2328 (medium) I was at a dark school. The power appeared to be out. With me were some other music students. The dream mostly took place in a hallway. A piano was dragged into the hallway and we decided to improvise.
A song I didn’t recognize was being played and some students sang along. I mostly sat out. We then sang Bohemian rhapsody which everyone knew. The principal from my high school walked by and watched amused. He then told us that the buses were here to pick us up unless we had other transportation arrangements.
A DC grabbed his stuff from a locker I was leaning against. Other DCs started leaving too and it looked like I was gonna be alone. I followed them outside and the sky looked dark and threatening. It was supposedly day, but looked like night. It was raining a bit and the ground was full of deep puddles. I headed over to the buses but they decided to leave without me. I looked around for more buses or people but found I was completely abandoned. I eventually decided to teleport.
I appeared in my parents’ house where my dad was frying something on the stove. Eggs apparently, but he was using an unnecessarily large amount of oil. He asked me if I wanted any but then remembered that I don’t eat eggs. I looked over at the carton of eggs but there was only one left. The other was frying in the pan. Can’t really juggle one egg…
Should have just spawned one, but I am apparently absent minded.

LD #2329 (medium) I was in some fortress-like place. Similar to a recent dream with those 3 elements. I ran into Rhewin who was with his wife. Some stuff happened here that I can’t remember much of anymore. Rhewin had to leave for a bit to get something/do something. I sat down with his wife on a bed that was conveniently there and either she was coming on to me or vice versa… or both. In any case, we eventually got to kissing somehow and then her going down on me…
Rhewin returned and it turned into a threesome.
Oh… and uh, I tried to think of a way to incorporate juggling at this point but… that would be kinda terrible. :razz:

Long LD. In most of it I was investigating the disappearance of K from Men in Black, but then I was attacked by a group of agent Smiths. I juggled a few of them as I fought them.

I had a medium LD here but did not even consider the task.

Hi everyone,

So, I’ve been sick for the last couple of days, as well as dealing with some unexpected things that have consumed my time. However, I am feeling better and everything looks like it is back on track for me. :smile: Task 2 will be posted tomorrow, but there may be a delay for the extended task, although I doubt that I will have to post the extended task late.

I guess being a DC in your dreams isn’t a good thing :tongue: . It wasn’t clear to me whether that was a LD or not. Right now, I haven’t scored your latest entry for anything. If you feel you have accomplished this week’s task, please let me know. It did seem like that dream was lucid, but if you could specify what length that it was I would appreciate it.

I assume that you didn’t complete your personal goal based off of what you said. It sucks to get those dreams that can ruin a morning.

So far, you are the only one who has completed the task. Nice job and I like the sound of that dream you just posted. 5 creativity points for juggling agent Smith.

Finally a long lucid dream :smile: No task done, but I increased lucidity and talked about lucid dreaming with a DC, so that’s desired action and personal goal done.

Edit: Well, I talked about lding, but only very briefly. My personal goal was to tell a DC to help me become lucid and maybe give me some insight on the subject. So forget what I said about completing the personal goal. I’ll need a longer talk not just a quick chat about it.