LC 40 - Congratulations Wyvern!

With what I was concerned about, I would not actually place that in the lucid category. With the case being in that dream, in some way, I was lucid, but that is quite common. It’s a difficult thing to describe, but even though I was calling myself a dreamer, and speaking of DC’s, in the sense that I was in a dream, I did not consider myself to be lucid, simply because I myself was not truely conscious. If anything I suppose you could call it an FLD.
As for the juggling, the thought had occurred to me that I was juggling dreams, but though that may not have been what you really meant by juggling, so again, I’ll let you make that call. It’s fine by me either way.

Hi everyone, only a couple hours before task 2 is posted! :woo:

I get what you’re saying about your dream. I just didn’t want to gyp you any lucid dream points you deserved. As for the juggling, I thought that was what you were probably talking about, and unfortunately that is not what I meant by juggling. If you actually juggled dreams like they were physical objects, then I would be able to accept that, but that doesn’t sound like what you did.

4 LDs. 3 medium, 1 short.
2 DEILDs/chains.

I feel I’ve completed my personal task. Going to change it to “Decapitate myself”. :tongue:
I’ve also completed the Juggling task in LD #2332.

Yeah. I was leaning more towards that being a bit too abstract, so that’s fine.

But, I did manage to get “The End”, though there was no lucidity.
Three sisters apocalypse

I decapitated myself in this dream last night…

[center]Task 2 – Natural Disasters[/center]

Hello and welcome everyone to task 2 of LC 40. I have had quite a few dreams about such things as this week’s task, as sometimes they can be quite an awesome sight to behold. This week you will be encountering natural disasters in your dreams.

  1. Create, control, or witness a tornado – 20 pts
  2. Create, control, or witness a fiery tornado – 20 pts
  3. Create, control, or witness a tsunami – 15 pts
  4. Create, control, or witness an earthquake – 15 pts
  5. Create, control, or witness a hurricane – 10 pts
  6. Any other disaster, man-made or natural, witnessed, created, or controlled – 5pts per tick[/b]

I know that a fiery tornado isn’t really “natural,” but I had one in my dream the other night and it was really awesome. The first two parts can be accomplished with the same dream and the same tornado. Basically, if you get a fiery tornado, you’ll also get points for getting the first part as well. The last part of the task is fairly open-ended and can involve any type of large-scale disaster. It must be a major disaster that affects a large population of people.

Group incubation is set at 30 pts, 15 for attempting the task and failing, with the other 15 being added with successful completion of the group incubated task. As always, this is variable based off of the group incubation presented.

For those wondering, the extended task will be posted right below this one. Good luck everyone and here’s hoping that you will have a lot of fun with this one :smile: .

Also, scores are posted at the very bottom. If you have questions about your scores, please PM me. Desired actions, settings, and forms are now set for the rest of the competition, as are the teams and LC partners.


Maximum: 0
Mew151: 0
Scipio Xaos: 0
Yev: 0
Thorn: 50
Lumessence: 0
Letaali: 60
Wyvern: 690
muccy: 0
ian1: 50
Rhewin: 175
BrandonBoss: 100
james_uk2008: 0
KauaiDreamer: 0

[center]Extended Task
The extended task consists of 4 separate parts. They must each be accomplished in a separate lucid dream from the others, and the things accomplished for the extended task are not eligible for any other points like lucid, combo, early, or creative points. While I don’t want to discourage people, these series of tasks may contain things that are very difficult for some dreamers; if you don’t finish all 4 things in order, you get no points. The extended task is worth 500 points.

For the first part of this task, you must find one of ten items in one of your LDs. If you find multiple items, you can specify which one you choose as your item in your post mentioning the dream, but once chosen, can’t be changed. There is no limit to how many times an object can be selected, so if someone selects one of the ten items, everyone else can also select it. You can find the list below. Those who have questions please post here or PM me.

1. Mirror
2. T.A.R.D.I.S
3. Pen
4. Guitar
5. Tie
6. Car
7. The Ring (from Lord of The Rings)
8. A Toothbrush
9. A Hat
10. A Book

Some of the items where chosen before I even started the LC, so it isn’t meant to be biased, but I know that some people cough Rhewin cough might be inclined to like certain items on the list. The second part of the task will require you to shapeshift or transform based off the item you choose. Certain ones will be themed with the object, but other ones won’t be, so pick your own item at your own risk. I will PM you with instructions on the second part of the task once you complete the first part. Also, after the fist person finds and chooses an item, I will post what the third part will be about, but I won’t reveal the specifics. You are free to share with others what I PM you, or you may keep it to yourselves. If five or more people complete the first part, I will post the details of what each item will lead to for the second part.

Your personal goal has been changed. Also, you got the 20 pt creativity bonus for the week, as I liked your juggling of the triceratops. I would probably have accepted shopping carts as an impossible item though :tongue: .

My team sans Rhewin talked about the task on Google Hangouts and Wyvern got in touch with Rhewin on his own. We’re all up for beating the snot out of each other via summoning or outright being the destructive forces you listed for our group incubation. Rhewin actually mentioned last night that he wanted to watch a Godzilla movie, and I told him to just make one lucidly — how perfect for part 6! It’s also perfect that my desired action and Wyvern’s desired form are related to some of Task 2; it’s a shame that we need to do Task 1 as well for those points. :razz:

“Fiery tornadoes” stir up awful, awful memories for Sonic fans such as myself. :C

Have I missed something? What do you mean by that? :confused:

I was very briefly lucid this morning.


So I had quite a lengthy LD here which was at least 7-10 minutes long where Thorn turned me completely into classic Godzilla.
As Godzilla was technically a man made disaster as a result of nuclear testing (albeit fictional), can I legitimately claim points for task 2?

Well, I’m not sure if it counts but I’ll try it. It definitely seems like a disaster. It was another one of my classic Zombie Apocalypse dreams. Cities burning, people screaming and/or being eaten. Wyvern was in it too iirc, but as I was not lucid and it didn’t feature all three of us, I don’t think that counts toward our group incubation.

Sorry, I am gonna have to bow out. I simply don’t feel like typing my dreams up. :razz: I would rather spend some time with my wife, after this one is over I should be on a better schedule, so I might join the next one, but not 100% on that either.

Good luck with the competition y’all!

Thorn was talking about the bonuses that came with task 1 if you used your desired action, setting, or form. Those bonuses aren’t active for task 2.

If you actually destroyed a city or caused a disaster as Godzilla, it will count. If you were just simply Godzilla, however, it doesn’t count. The disaster has to be on a widespread scale affecting multiple people.

That most certainly counts for part 6, but no I’m afraid it doesn’t meet the group incubation. Congratulations on being the first to complete something from task 2!

Alright, good luck with your dreaming. I’m bummed to see you go. Seeing as though we are no where near our cap, feel free to post any dreams you might like to here anyway.

@HeadInTheClouds - Thanks for clearing that up. No actual destruction took place so I’ll be forfeiting those particular points.

I had a couple short lucid dreams over the past two nights:


Had another LD here. Probably no more than 30 seconds long this time…

Thanks HIC. I really don’t have time to do this, but I will still be watching. Normally competitions and such gets me more lucids, but since all my competitions aren’t on here or elsewhere I have been having tons of LDs again. I think I was just overstressed (hard for me to do, but I hit it). I hope you guys have an epic competition.

Alright, in a normal dream I was at a family reunion. We were all at a convention center in a parking lot and had to take cover inside thanks to a tornado. I did not see the tornado itself, but the high winds, sirens, stuff getting thrown around etc. There was a tornado for sure, but as it was a normal dream I did not actively pursue it. I’ll leave it up to you if it counts.

Yes, that counts. Congrats on completing that part of the task!

Had a medium-length lucid dream last night. No tasks completed.