LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

Two long LDs fromt last night with increasingly missing DR. I regained lucidity in the second one.

In the second one I also “borrowed” the sonic screwdriver from the 10th Doctor to help the 11th with something. I also replaced a monster’s gun thing with a scrap of metal. I also joined a race in progress to see who could get somewhere the fastest (no longer remember destination).

Had a tiny LD here that was no more than 30 seconds long.

I had a short LD last night.

As far as the competition goes, it wasn’t about flight. We were fighting each other, me versus the other two, trying to kill each other. We were using some odd form of telekinetic powers that would send each other flying, but the goal was to kill each other. We never finished because after a little while, I ended up becoming lucid and they turned into regular DCs.

I had a moment where I wondered if I were dreaming or not. (I’m pegging the “wondering if you’re dreaming” as going into a Lucid Moment category. Best way I could think of to sort it.)

Horror Bits ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Lucid Moment

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 7
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 4
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship. | Rode double on a motorcycle. | Rode a Bus/Plane and a Flying Motorcycle, LUCID | Rode a Jet ski. | Rode a flying boat. | Rode an ATV. | Rode a “mass of balloons”.
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: Gave a DC a wrapped “box chocolate”. LUCID EARLY | REDACTED
Task 4: Took a sack of money. EARLY
Task 5: ~ none ~

Personal Goal: Flew with my wings!

@HeadInTheClouds: Alright, thanks for the clarification. I’ll count that competition. :smile:

@Rhewin: The taking and replacing task involves the criteria of being either a copy, an upgrade, or the opposite, so unfortunately your replacement doesn’t fit any of those descriptions though the effort was there.
Also, there’s no race points unless you’re in a vehicle. The joining task also excludes races. You’re still in the lead though. :razz:
EDIT: Gave you giving points instead.

  1. Mew151: 190
  2. Thorn: 990
  3. ZRVera: 90
  4. ian1: 0
  5. Scipio Xaos: 675
  6. HeadInTheClouds: 905
  7. James_UK2008: 475
  8. muccy: 0
  9. Rhewin: 1100
  10. BrandonBoss: 570
  11. Yev: 60
  12. mr_Block: 0
  13. Lumessence: 225
  14. demented: 260
  15. Oleg: 200
  16. Loah: 230

If you feel there is a mistake somewhere in your scoring, let me know. :smile:
Task will go up in just a bit.

Task 6: Direction

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?' That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’
I don't much care where--' Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’
- Alice in Wonderland

  1. Ask a DC what you should do in your dream. +30 pts or 40 pts if you do it.

  2. Go somewhere that a DC explicitly tells you not to go/enter. +30 pts

  3. Find the Chesire Cat and ask which way to go. +40 pts

  4. Be part of a movie/film and follow the director’s orders OR direct the film yourself. Someone must be recording it. +40pts

Bonus Task: Lost (This week only)

Lose you way? Lose the Game? Of course you did. Now make a DC lose the Game. +20 pts

Group Incubation
Part 4 of the task is the only part eligible for group incubation points. The location or plot/genre of the film must be decided on beforehand. +15pts for attempt, +30 pts for completion.

Medium lucid dream. I asked where to find something fun to do, but that apparently isn’t the specific wording I was supposed to use.

An NLD in which I audition for a role underneath a director’s orders… so… points, 'vern? :razz:

Doctor Who Audtions ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 6 Part IV EARLY

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 7
Medium LDs: 1
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 4
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship. | Rode double on a motorcycle. | Rode a Bus/Plane and a Flying Motorcycle, LUCID | Rode a Jet ski. | Rode a flying boat. | Rode an ATV. | Rode a “mass of balloons”.
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: Gave a DC a wrapped “box chocolate”. LUCID EARLY | REDACTED
Task 4: Took a sack of money. EARLY
Task 5: ~ none ~
Task 6: Voice Auditions for a Role EARLY

Personal Goal: Flew with my wings!


Short ld, and task part 3!
I went in search of the cheshire cat, and to my surprise all it took was to step outside the building I was in. I called out “cheshire”, a couple times, before I saw a fat cat leap onto a small wagon infront of me. It had a big wide grin on it’s face, and shiney eyes of which color I couldn’t quite make out. It had the stripes, but it’s main color instead of being purple or green, or w/e color you wanted, it had a yellow base color. The stripes were darker, though I’m not sure what color they were.

I tried to speak to it, asking where I should go, but it simply grinned wider, and took off… To my surprise, I found another one right then, just like it, and asked it where I should go. It said it in some kind of riddle, or ryme, but it told me that it would tell me, only if I found a young girl with long hair, and swam down one of the strands of her hair… (?)… Anyway… I went off and tried it, just to see what would happen. But I couldn’t really do anything along those lines, as I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing… The other parts of the ld just consist of wandering about, looking at people. And once again, as I was discussing before, I couldn’t recognize any of the people I was seeing.[/color]

I had a short LD last night. I summoned two people, but failed to summon a third. One of the people was Adam Sandler, and when I asked him what I should do (I may have asked him where I should go, but I’m not sure how I phrased it), he told me his pants. So, I decided it was probably best to leave that room and went to ask the second DC where I should not go to, but I can’t remember the response.

I had a medium-length LD, posted here, in which I ask what I should do in the dream and get an answer from a DC, and then do the stated thing to the best of my ability.

Medium lucid dream last night. I entered a building that the DC version of my wife didn’t want me to go in. It had broken windows and some kind of outdoors conveyor belt. I don’t remember much inside of the building, but I was being chased by a monster that looked like Amarant from Final Fantasy 9.

I had a resident evil dream
it may had been
a bit frightening, but not very
i didnt get lucid - wasn’t that scary

i didnt get married
i didn’t join
haven’t formed
any connectios

but i think i did ask for
and got some directions

I was running, but not racin’
tryin’ to escape
and the evil boss was chasin’
and they…
said, wherever i go -
the same foe
i would be facin’
i was on a second floor
in this house
i could go
up, i could go down
i know
i even…
could have stayed
but whichever way
i would go
same evil…

i had a decision to make
i think, what they said wasn’t the route i chosen to take
i had this evil to face
a meeting to attend
but then
my dream chose itself to end

I’d say I at least questioned if I was dreaming in this dream.

The first ND posted here has me going somewhere I was told not to go (Task 6). The second ND posted has me accidentally taking people’s items and handing them to the wrong people, causing somebody’s ski poles to get replaced with another person’s super-speedy ski poles (Task 4) and vice versa. I then rode skis (Task 1) to find the person from whom I accidentally stole. Other rides in the dream (snowboard, bobsled) were claimed for points in past NDs.

I had a short LD last night. I also had two dreams where I could control everything, but I never actually remember thinking to myself that I was dreaming, so unfortunately I can’t count them as LDs.

Had a minor LD here which was probably no more than 2 mins long.

Had an LD here that was around 4-5 mins long.

Today’s NDs have two new rides for Task 1: a bike and a barge.

I had a short LD last night. I did manage to summon three people (actually a whole lot more), but there had already been multiple DCs in the dream before I became lucid, so I wasn’t sure if I really brought them there or not. They were random DCs after all, so I decided that I haven’t completed my personal goal yet, although I am getting really close. :smile: I also almost completed the joining task, but right as I started to join with the DC, I woke up.