LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

Ok, in an ND I drove a car to the mall. I was looking for mattresses with some other person, but the ones we kept finding were really thin, like only an inch. Eventually we got two and used them as sleds in a race going down the stairs in front of the store. It was not the most comfortable ride.

Had a Medium length LD and I rode on a train on it. Didn’t do it intentionally, or when I thought of goals I would have made someone chase the train or something. :razz: Or two trains racing would be fun.

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Me and my sister are playing Super Mario Bros, it is like the old side scroller, but it is 3D… well it has the same rules as the side scroller at least. I become lucid halfway through. Aha. This is pretty awesome. Jumping on Goombas and riding Koopa shells. A very low level of awareness at first. I start marching to the castle and lose awareness. It skips to the end and I saved the princess. I set down the controller and stand up. Gravity is sidewaysish… Remember that I am dreaming. I notice a ladder out of the room and climb it, my sister follows me. Out the top I can see that I am on a train. It doesn’t seem to have tracks though and is just going through a city (just noticed the inception idea haha). I Make my way through some cars and can’t remember any dream goals. I decide to continue the Mario idea and make the goal to just get to the end of the train (like a finish line… you know, dream reasoning). I don’t remember my sister fighting or anything, but I took out two guys in two rooms. I had some minor puzzles, but mostly just pressing buttons to get to the next room. Sometimes I had to move a box (Zelda style). I got to the front of the train and we stopped. I jumped off the front and woke up.

I had a short lucid last night (30 seconds)

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I am out ay the pool again, but this time it is dark outside. My brother in laws are there and we are talking about what we are going to do woth my two guns since i am leaving. Then we talk about the pool and if people show up to what we posted. We all lay back and look at the sky. I am a little confused. There is no moon. I know that there should be a crescent at least. It is a week or so away from new moon. I keep looking and my sub puts something up finally. It is a circle, but not quite the moon. It also has an arrow pointing to it. Aha. Arrows like a game menu or a computer menu. I look at the rest of the stars now knowing that I am dreaming. The DCs next to me are still talking nonsense, but it is nice to have someone there. I start changing the sky around a bit, but before I can do anything awesome and drastic my wife’s alarm goes off. :cry:

I managed to ride a car in a ND last night.

Also, in that same post, I had HI where I rode another thing, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count. (or does it?)

I had two NDs last night, but I’m not sure if both qualify for the task. In the first one, I break into a parking garage and hop into a hybrid SUV I was considering buying in the dream. I accidentally take the emergency break off, and the car starts rolling. I stop it, but then accidentally do it again later, and I almost go off the cliff in front of the car.

In the second dream, I was in a go-kart/car. I think it was a car, but may have originally/become a go-kart at some point. I was driving it around in some park area, and I had a little army of toy soldiers/real life videogame miniature characters following me, but they were under my control, so I’m guessing it doesn’t count for a chase.

An army of toy soldiers? That is very adventurous sounding :happy:. I am surprised that you weren’t lucid my man. It sounds like you were pretty close to it.

Welp, it’s better than nothing! Here’s a short LD.

TF Nap ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so Far:

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Short LDs: 1

Had an LD here where I started shapeshifting into a Reindeer. Length was around 5 mins.

Well… I had some fun ideas and plans, but it seems I had to settle with a horse…
I was in school, as it was a kind of safehouse. The outside world was infested by hostile creatures.

I had two weapons, a black metal sword in my left hand, in my right, a longer sword composed of some form of dark green cystal. I rode the horse through the school, out the door, and was trying to reach another building in order to rescue someone trapped in their basement. I’m not sure if you’ll count that for part3.

Also, I watched buzz lightyear get dragged off and eaten by a large monster.

I had a ND where I rode on a pulley system thingy to descend a great height safely.

I had a long LD last night.

In it, I completed the monthly quest, although earlier in the month I had already completed it before. I think that counts, but I figured I should mention it. I mainly just walked through my house, trying to get light switches to work.

Also, I don’t know if this qualifies, but if it does then I became lucid through a new method. There is a method I heard about called RILD, where you clap your hands together IRL, then imagine yourself doing the same after awakening in the middle of the night, until you find yourself actually doing it in the dream. It is basically a rhythmic version of FILD. However, I was able to become lucid using RILD from a FA. It was a very vivid dream, but I’m not sure if this counts as a new technique or not.

Another ND in a car. I spend too much time in cars!

I am on vacation with my wife. We keep stopping at random people’s houses and I remember the end part really vividly where we are both talking about Lisanna and worrying about her and where we left her and who we left her with. My wife was driving. I am thinking of an awesome way to complete the race, but I didn’t get lucid last night because I spent the wholenight taking care of sick wife and daughter.

I rode on a train and also on a golf cart.

Enough of this wishful observation on my part! I’m sick of it! A weakness that preys me constantly…

I am joining. My motivation and determination will run out, sure, but that’s of no concern. I will not falter. I will crawl my way to the end, possibly on the verge of the death and blood-stained from the sheer effort (of sleeping). Yet, falter, I shall not.

Name: Oleg
Medium length LD: Expectations? Roughly 1 - 2 minutes - 5 at best.
Personal task: Enter a physical fight (preferably something with sword in it, by the way)

By the way, I’m curious… am I the only one who thinks the importance of ‘length’ is considerably overplayed? Methinks the quality of recall, clarity and coherent thought within is much more important. In fact, I had a 15 second LD once, and it was far more interesting because it didn’t feel so… false and betraying.

But whatever. I’ll just go with it, albeit slightly irked.

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Now just hope I won’t forget about this. :meh:

The first of the two NDs posted here sees me riding in a car. My main concern was getting the early points for this task despite interrupted sleep, and that is now alleviated. The other points will likely happen in my NDs or LDs over the next six weeks, as I am often riding vehicles or boarding in dreams and am often racing them. Now I just need to try for the group incubation. :smile:

  1. Mew151 - <10 seconds - Play DDR Dream Mix
  2. Thorn, 5 minutes, become Wyvern’s drawing of me
  3. ZRVera, 3-4 minutes, give a DC a good punch in the face
  4. ian1, 4 minutes, Fly.
  5. Scipio Xaos, 3.5 minutes, Fly with my wings again! :happy:
  6. HeadInTheClouds, 2-3 minutes, Summon Three People (and/or Animals)
  7. James_UK2008, 2-3 minutes, Shapeshift
  8. muccy, 30 seconds, do a backflip
  9. R h e w i n, 5-7 minutes, regenerate
  10. BrandonBoss: 10 minutes, have a two way conversation with something that doesn’t talk in waking (doesn’t have to be out loud)
  11. Yev, 1 minute, get some useful advice from a DC
  12. Lumessence: --, ask someone about D17.
  13. demented: 2mins, visit ancient greece.
  14. mr_Block, 30 seconds, use a functioning teleporter
  15. Oleg: 1-2 minutes, enter a physical fight.

I’m not really sure, where you think that duration overclouds other aspects of a LD.
This has a lot to do with recall, details, and control. But naturally, any increase in length is a universal benefit.

All of this is to encourage LD improvement, and length is no exception.

It is based on personal length only. Not relative to others. Someone may have an ld that lasts 30 minutes, and you yourself could still get more points than them, for having a 2 minute LD.

all i remember than i woke up and told myself to remember that i became lucid for like 20 seconds and rode.

Had a short LD here which was probably no more than 1 minute long. I remembered the LC as well as our current group incubation and was able to briefly summon Thorn.

It doesn’t seem as if I was lucid tonight. In the evening, I took a shower to relax myself and then made a feeble attempt at meditation, but my mind was restless and wandered. Heck, this entry is pointless, considering there was zero lucidity involved. Nevertheless, I feel the need to update daily.

As a note of warning, I put down my unabridged, full entry.

[spoiler]I was in my room, and it was a very early morning, considering it was still dark outside. I wanted to take a shower, but for some inexplicable reason, a wild ferret was in my room. Likely, it snuck in somehow. The thing looked scruffy and was roughly the size of my foot. I wanted it to leave, but wasn’t exactly sure how. Throughout my room and bathroom, there were lots of clothes and other trinkets (like shelves) where it could hide below. My attempts were somewhat coherent at first - I would not dare to touch it directly, and was trying to scare it onto the balcony. However, it kept trying to get back in. Increasingly frustrated, my methods became more hectic. It bit my feet in retaliation. Conclusively, I became so frustrated, I stomped it dead (suddenly, I was wearing shoes). I could not hear or feel the impact, and the ferret seemed to be killed before it could make a sound. I could feel something squishy on my shoe, but didn’t look down. In the aftermath, I started to feel sorry.

I can remember being outside, and talking to my mother, who was slightly in the distance. We were in some park-like area with an urban area seconds away. It was still dark. I tried to approach the topic of the ferret I killed in frustration, but would not tell her directly. In the end, I started comparing the ferret to my deceased pet rat.

Later, I found myself in the backseat of our car. I can clearly remember my parents, but I’m not sure whether my sister was there. The trip started out in a city-like environment and there were quite a lot of tall buildings. This time, however, it was day, but it was cloudy and grey. Supposedly, this was a place we only recently moved into. I looked forth towards some buildings, and knew that behind those buildings there was a school (which I would go to). Wondering what it was called, I asked. I got an answer. Since then, the answer has been forgotten, but it was somewhat short, likely an acronym or abbreviation of some sort.

A short time later, I came to my senses and found myself incredibly tired. Apparently, we were now in some field-like area, or perhaps it was some sort of place for farms and plantations. In the distance, I saw houses and assumed it was a sub-urban village. Either way, the sky had cleared up, and the street has been replaced by a dirt road. Tired but curious, I asked my father why we were here. He told me that he had to visit an acquaintance, and that it considered a large sum of money he let him borrow. Supposedly, this money was for some eye-based operation.

I faintly remember being in a town with narrow streets and towering buildings, roughly two to three floors at average. The buildings looked slightly timeworn.

In disregard to the previously established setting, I found myself in some sort of videogame shop. Apparently, my parents were going to buy my sister Pokémon X and Y. My father was reluctant to pay the price, wondering whether the investment would be worth it. I suddenly remember how a large part of my recently received games were quite old, being either Gameboy Advance games or non-existing entries of existing series. I also faintly remember what seemed to be a bootleg Pokémon game, but not much detail on that. I asked my mother where she had brought these games, considering I personally had a lot of trouble with it. She tells me the name of the store (which I forget after the dream). Afterwards, I decided to look through various products. I saw a Wii-U, but considering I already had it, I ignored it. Opposite of said Wii-U, I found a copy of what was supposed to be Half-Life 1. It was an orange box, and it had a rather strange title (which, once more, I cannot remember). Looking on the back of the box for pictures, I saw that the game was graphically enhanced from the original, but was still a far cry from the sequel. The frightened NPCs who ran and were eaten looked glossy and were very pointy. It seemed as if the polygons were stretchable in some form.

The dream switched away from my own perspective, and I was now watching some trailer of Half-Life. It detailed some untrue things. First, Gordon was wandering about in the underground lab, and a chubby monster showed up, cartoony in proportions but detailed in textures (albeit they were primitive and blurry). The trailer told us that you had choices and that you could play the game whatever way you wanted. The monster chased Gordon for a while, but he jumped down a big square hole. Once in there, there was a pathway partially obstructed by a grate. Gordon crouched and passed the grate. The monster was just too tall for the grate, and didn’t bother crouching or anything, and instead continued its running animation towards Gordon.

Next thing I know, I’m playing some odd, unspecified game. It seems that creating stuff was part of it, but also had other elements. Currently, I can say that it was a strange mixture of Minecraft and Dishonored, with all the coherence ripped away. I apparently shrunk myself down to the size of a mouse, and build this tiny door. Suddenly, a rat came through, upright and with cartoony proportions. In one hand it had a spear. The rat grumbled a bit, and walked off. I considered the rat a bug, and tried to think of a way to get rid of it.[/spoiler]

Edit: I was amazed at how I managed to get roughly 2,000 words, but then I realized that I accidentally copied it twice. Whoops.

And now that’s done…

I mainly base my statement on the fact that I had some ridiculously long dreams that, by definition, were lucid dreams. However, they were dumb and incomprehensible to my waking self. The dreams felt false and empty, and I don’t see it any better than any old regular dream. I did not feel I was myself. On the other hand, I had some short dreams, and I felt so much more in control of myself.

The latter’s what I want - I want to wake up from a dream, and feel as if I’m the same person I was in the dream. Not watching some idiot run around and do ■■■■ that I already told myself I wouldn’t do.

I’m aware my reasoning is a bit off, but… well yeah, that’s the general gist of things. I just don’t consider the concept of time important. There’s nothing more to it. And if I did, then it would be something that would come later, after I mastered whatever it is I talked above.

But pay me no heed, you can have your fun. :3

[i]Edit: … … … … … … . … . . . .

And now I just realized that the task is to ‘ride’. Thanks, subconsciousness. I change my mind. You ain’t a piece of crap. :>

…unless, of course, it doesn’t count because I was not lucid. Either way, I found it interesting nonetheless. ^[1]

  1. /i ↩︎

Well… Someone burnt a pizza, so I was going to get after them for it. They took off, and when I tried to follow, as soon as I left the house, a timer appeared in the bottom right, counting down from 2 minutes… So I used the pizza as a type of hover-board, and chased them through a course through town, throwing ice balls at him to try to freeze him in place.

The dream journal isn’t only to record lucid dreams. It’s there to enhance recall, which can be a factor in the triggering and efficiency of Lucid dreaming. Therefore, you should write in the journal regardless of whether it was lucid, normal, or complete random gibberish. :content: No entry is pointless.

Also… Time is a form of maintaining the lucid dream. And if nothing else, it allows you more time to accomplish something, or take things in.