LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

I rode in a plane last night, as well as a taxi in the same ND. I feel like I had a dream at some point that involved me being chased, but I can’t remember it :sad: .

As far as the above conversation is going, both quality and length of lucid dreams are important. For the LC, the main goal is to get lucid more often, regardless of quality. The other main goal is to complete the tasks, which indirectly measure the quality of a lucid dream, as they require a good amount of dream control. While quality is very important, it is easier to compare relative lengths of lucid dreams for a competition. Thus, one could focus more on the quality of their lucid dreams, but just like length, both improve over time. The longer you can maintain your lucidity, the more likely you will be able to improve the quality of each lucid dream. The higher the quality of your lucid dream does not always translate to learning how to sustain lucidity for a longer period, as I’ve found both take lots of practice; therefore, lots of short dreams make it harder to practice and learn versus not as high quality longer dreams where you can practice and learn better. I get where you’re coming from, and I think that a person could get away with emphasizing either; we simply choose to emphasize length.

These are just my opinions; others may disagree.

I absolutely agree. Your explanation was better than mine. :content:


Hey, thanks! For your input, that is. It makes sense. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to just keep quiet about it for now, never mind what I think myself. :tongue:

Well, no. I don’t think the entry itself is pointless. I’m too savvy with the concept of lucid dreams and recall and what-not. What I meant was that I didn’t think the dream itself would contribute to the LC, and as such, shouldn’t be posted in the LC thread.

That is, until I realized I spent 60% of the dream in a car… I sort of didn’t catch onto that until quite a while later. xD

I had a brief moment of lucidity in the first LD here and had a long LD for the second LD, which finished the monthly quest for the sixth time this month and also had an ND part that involved riding two sedans (already claimed previously), a turbine, and a freefalling Tetris block. I attempted the task lucidly but misremembered it.

@Rhewin: Congrats on being the first one to complete the task. :tongue:

@Mew151: No, unfortunately only tasks completed in dreams will count for this LC. Congrats on getting up on the boards though! :happy:

@HeadInTheClouds: That “new technique” sounds like a fancy version of autosuggestion, actually. :razz: Also, a taxi is just a fancy car, really (and an SUV counts as a car in my book). I did count the go-kart though since it seemed different enough.

@Lumessence: I won’t count the horse one as a chase as I consider a chase someone/something trying to escape the other, but the pizza hoverboard chase certainly counts. Also, were your entries lucid dreams? I know you get lucid quite often. If they are, I need the lengths to correct the scores. In any case, riding a pizza is certainly creative, so I’ll give you points for that! :smile:


@demented: I’ll give you the riding points, but I kinda need to know what you rode if you wanna claim any additional points later on for riding things.

@James: Close on that shapeshifting attempt but no cigar. :smile:

@Oleg: Yeah, I read through your dream anyway just in case you might have been in a car and not realized it before I saw that you noticed it in the edit. :tongue:

@Thorn: So close, but no lucid task points yet. :tongue:

Here are the scores so far. Please let me know if you feel there is an error somewhere. Wyverns are close to but not perfect!

  1. Mew151: 60
  2. Thorn: 205
  3. ZRVera: 0
  4. ian1: 0
  5. Scipio Xaos: 20
  6. HeadInTheClouds: 155
  7. James_UK2008: 75
  8. muccy: 0
  9. Rhewin: 140
  10. BrandonBoss: 140
  11. Yev: 0
  12. Lumessence: 105
  13. mr_Block: 0
  14. demented: 100
  15. Oleg: 50

Yes, they were lucid, sorry. I’ll specify that from now on… I’d just say short, actually.

Also. Olive is probably my least favorite color in existence >_>… Wow Lumi… Really…?

Now if only I can muster up the motivation to take the time to start writing in my DJ again…

Alright, your score has been corrected. :smile:


No recall…

… Well, guess I’m givin’ up now. :tongue: Well, no. I’m not, but I am quite sad.

Had an ND here which featured me stowing away on a steampunk airship and eventually taking control of it. Just to clarify, is there a particular ruling regarding LC things appearing in NDs? I can’t see it in the rules…

Yeah, I think you get points for LC in ND, but you get additional points for having LDs. :smile:

But… I think there are some things which do require you to become lucid… like the monthly quest… I believe… I’m not sure, though.

Rode in a bus in an ND,
And in one of those sub-parallels, I was riding in a helicopter while lucid…’ That is probably worth writing about in my DJ, actually…

I am actually willing to take back that claim on lucidity if you disagree, as it get’s extensively complicated.
Since the mechanics are fairly unique to myself, but to my view, for me, it was lucidity. For others simply hearing about it, it was just an interesting normal dream.
ND or LD, I’ll let you make that call. I’m ok with it either way, I don’t want unfair or unjustified points. Also, i think it fair to say that if anyone disagrees, i won’t argue it.

I’ve written the entry in my DJ

Ok, first of all I had a medium lucid dream in which I rode on a space ship, and a continued ND where I rode on a lunar lander (very scifi).

Last night I had a long lucid dream in which I rode something I have already discussed with Wyvern <.<

Tasks done in NDs count, they just don’t get the lucid points.

Not as unique as you might think. :tongue:
I’m familiar with these kinds of layers myself. I just need to know the length.

This ND features a brief ride atop a cruise ship.

Two short lucids. Stress keeping me away from more LDs. One of them I was riding in a car. The other one was just a brief moment of lucidity. Before I woke up.

I am driving down a back road with my wife. I am lost and realize that I am dreaming. Enough to know that I can do anything, not enough to deviate from the plot. I imagine the map of the area in the sky and neon lights are in the shape of the map with an arrow where I am at and a star where I want to go. I keep driving while looking at it and drive past! I back up and find mywway to the place. I wake up as soon as I arrive.

Inappropriate dream. Realize I am dreaming… Continue.

Well, i was referring more specifically to the waking dream “feeling” I get with waking dreams, being present in that layer. That part i’m fairly sure is unique. That’s something that I’ve not encountered before (though I have had lucidity in sub-layers before). Regardless, I guess that detail isn’t truly a necessity…

Short… Sorry.

  1. Mew151 - <10 seconds - Play DDR Dream Mix
  2. Thorn, 5 minutes, become Wyvern’s drawing of me
  3. ZRVera, 3-4 minutes, give a DC a good punch in the face
  4. ian1, 4 minutes, Fly.
  5. Scipio Xaos, 3.5 minutes, Fly with my wings again! :happy:
  6. HeadInTheClouds, 2-3 minutes, Summon Three People (and/or Animals)
  7. James_UK2008, 2-3 minutes, Shapeshift
  8. muccy, 30 seconds, do a backflip
  9. R h e w i n, 5-7 minutes, regenerate
  10. BrandonBoss: 10 minutes, have a two way conversation with something that doesn’t talk in waking (doesn’t have to be out loud)
  11. Yev, 1 minute, get some useful advice from a DC
  12. Lumessence: --, ask someone about D17.
  13. demented: 2mins, visit ancient greece.
  14. mr_Block, 30 seconds, use a functioning teleporter
  15. Loah, 10m, make a volcano erupt kool-aid.

Two LDs here. The first LD is medium-length and sees me riding a pipe that later became a rail in a long downhill grind (which I assume only counts as one thing ridden), then doing it again briefly after gaining lucidity. The second LD is also medium length and has me riding atop a trash can on wheels for a short distance. I was again on a cruise ship, but already earned points there in a previous ND. Both LDs had me desperately trying to summon my group members, but to no avail. :sad:

/me cracks his knuckles

Last night I had a long LD.

Wyvern and I had decided to meet in a dream. He was planning on committing a certain crime in the dream world, and as I usually end up working for the dream police I was gonna stop him.

I managed to use wild and [LD]found myself in the middle of a big wheat field. I knew I wouldn’t find Wyvern here so I called out for him. I tried to imagine he would be next to me but it didn’t happen.

The dreamscape then started to change. I ended up in what was either a hospital or school. It was night time, and the halls to my left and right were dark. The hall in front of me was lit up, but it was only white walls with windows looking into dark rooms. The lights were out about halfway down the hallway. One farther down seemed to be flickering.

I called out for Wyvern again and noticed something just at the edge of the darkness. It was Wyvern red, though it appeared to be closer to one of his monster forms. It was munching on something and so I figured he had already finished his crime spree.

I noticed I was in a leather jacket with the badge and insignia for my dream police. I felt like I also had a gun with a holster, but I never drew them. I began to move toward him cautiously, but slowly picking up speed. Once I was close enough it looked up (definitely Wyvern’s monster form), hissed, and jumped out of a nearby entrance.

I quickly ran after him. At first I couldn’t see him but then noticed Wyvern’s human form dart down a street. I ran with a quick speed thanks to dream powers, but his DC appeared to be able to do the same. He weaved between houses, alleys, and other streets. In several cases we had to super jump over fences.

Wyvern then somehow lead me to the street where I grew up and ran into my old house. When I went in after him, the interior was my current apartment :nuu:.

Wyvern then spawned some DC’s that were rather… attractive… to distract me. But I would not be distracted and pushed a rather nice looking lady aside.

I finally caught up to Wyvern and used a super jump to tackle him to the ground. His teeth looked a bit sharper than normal. Once I had him held down, I kissed him and swallowed him whole :3. Oddly enough, did not stretch out my stomach or body at all.[/LD]

TL;DR: Long LD and completed monthly Quest.

Had two LDs here this morning. I remembered the LC as well as the group task and in the first one, I was able to summon “Thornette” in an attempt to try and turn “her” into a Dragon which didn’t quite work out due to lack of LD stability. I was almost able to manifest a Night Fury dragon but the LD had deteriorated too much to solidly confirm anything.

1st was around 5 minutes long and the 2nd one was probably no more than 1 minute long.