LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

A short and a medium LD last night.

Alrighty, I’m loving this LD streak.

First off, I rode a minecart thanks to playing Minecraft so much.

This next dream is a long LD.
[ND]I’m going to a movie theater to watch a Doctor Who special. I don’t have any friends with me so I’m worried people will think I’m a loser for some reason. However, I sit with a group of really awesome people and we’re excited for the show.

I think that this must be Matt Smith’s final episode, but I remember that it already happened, so I figure it must be Peter Capaldi’s first episode. However, Matt Smith appears on the screen. I’m a little upset since I figure this must be his last episode which I’ve seen many times which means I would have wasted money to see it on the big screen. However, it’s a new episode we’ve never seen.[/ND]

I realize that this doesn’t make any sense and must be dreaming. The episode itself is very interesting, quite literally the episode of my dreams. I wake up but DEILD back in. [LD]I want to continue the episode but it’s in a different part now. Instead, I decide to explore around.

I walk outside and the entire theater is apparently in an old chapel in a park by a lake. There’s a forest nearby, and the back of the chapel is on a concrete foundation over the water. I walk down to the water’s edge and see a lot of lily pads and plants. I plan on walking underwater to see what might be there, but I remember the task.

I forgot I had to choose specific Pokemon, so I figured I would just try to summon water Pokemon. The first one I thought of was Psyduck. As soon as I called out for one, I saw one swim by under the water. Then I figured Golduck was the next one, and the same happened. Finally, I summoned a Goldeen which jumped out of the water in front of me.

I remembered I had to battle so I called the Psyduck and Golduck to come up. Golduck jumped out of the water and right next to me while Psyduck kind of awkwardly waddled out. I forgot anarchy and democracy had to be two seperate battles, so I had them fight each other at first. They mostly just used bite and scratch.

I then told Psyduck to use psychic. He did and Golduck stumbled around before falling over. I gave Psyduck a high five.[/LD]

No I’m not dead! :tongue: Just been having a really dry spell of nothing. :razz: That being said, here’s an NLD in which I finally do the first task. :razz:

Car Shard ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 1

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car.

Tried very hard to get a LD so I could finally get to do that Pokemon task, but that didn’t happen. However, I was on a ship at one point, so I’d guess that earns me points for ‘ride’.

I also fought a lot, mostly with weapons. However, most of the time that happened, I was playing Dishonored. The only reason I say ‘I also fought’ is because Dishonored is a first person game, and the line between what counts as reality and game in dreams lessens.

So… I wouldn’t say I completed my own personal task just yet. Tbf, I would rather do that in a Lucid Dream, myself.

Edit: … but since I wasn’t ‘myself’ when I was on that ship, does that mean that doesn’t count too? Hmmm… Well, now I’m just confused…

Aforementioned dream can be found here.

well I don’t remember very much, actually… But two things that i rode were a type of roller coaster that went straight up into the sky… then I rode a car home. so 3!

And later there was something about riding on top of a tank that was driving through town… it was in an ND

This is a good task. I can get the last one and my personal task at once I believe. I jump in and out of games lucidly and non lucidly a lot… Now just to remember them. Do I need to be looking at the screen or does going into the dream work? Like if i picked up a GBC and jumped into a pokemon game.

Had a personal short LD and another dream about riding in a car today playing age of empires in the back seat.

I had a medium LD here that attempted my personal goal in an ornate manner, but did not actually manage the part that earns points. I also had an ND in which I would have battled a Pokémon had the dream not switched to another scene right then. :sad:

:peek: A bit late but…

  1. Mew151: 60
  2. Thorn: 385
  3. ZRVera: 0
  4. ian1: 0
  5. Scipio Xaos: 50
  6. HeadInTheClouds: 245
  7. James_UK2008: 205
  8. muccy: 0
  9. Rhewin: 560
  10. BrandonBoss: 200
  11. Yev: 0
  12. Lumessence: 125
  13. mr_Block: 0
  14. demented: 100
  15. Oleg: 100
  16. Loah: 60

Also made two or three small corrections, one based on a request to remove their lucid points.

@Loah: If you’re flying a spaceship, you’re also riding it, so yes.

@BrandonBoss: You have to be physically there to earn the points, but entering a game is a good way to go about that. :smile:

Well I’m crossing my fingers and hoping the low recall no LD streak is turning into a higher recall task streak (with some LDs? :razz: ). Here’s another NLD in which I ride a cruise ship (of sorts :tongue: ).

Rock the Boat ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 1 Additional Ride

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 1

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship.

Awesome. Playing a game without physically going there is hard, sounds good to me. :3.

Can I still earn points for first tasks? I finally got in a race last night. Took me a while to get it.

4 LDs last night
3 normal length 1 long.

SPOILER - Click to view

I am in my apartment, decide to go to the dream mall. Become lucid when I get there. Look around. Yeah! Caveman brandon kicks in and jumps a few DCs. Use one of the malls services for my own good and I wake up when one of the girls tells me not to kiss her on the mouth

SPOILER - Click to view

I am in a car. All the DCs are after me! I decide that I am dreaming and kick my wife out daughter out of the car before they attack. My dad is in the car behind me and decides that he is gonna kill me. I hit the gas and he pulls next to me. Random other cars on in and we start racing for a few minutes until I decide that that is enough because they are getting more and more violent. I put my hand as a gun (like a child) and I point at the car next to me and shout “bang!” There is no notable difference, but the other car died. I turn to my dad and repeat. I take out all the cars but one this was(about 4 cars) the last car disappears and then pops back up in front ofme sideways. At this point i aam the car more than me and i can turn it around as quickly as i can think. I notice that I lost track of my dream body and jump back in the car crumbles around me.

SPOILER - Click to view

become lucid in my apartment. Jump out the window. Can’t remember goals. I already raced… Hmmm… It is really vivid dream. This looks exactly like the parking lot. Guess I’ll just fly for a while. Find the place that I was in the car chase. Wake up.

[spoiler]talking to sister and dad at my apt. I stop and remember that I have yet to wake up. I look at my hand and it is messy. I look up at my dream dad. He didn’t notice. I tell him I got to get sonething out of the room. I try to seam through the glass, but can’t make it. I open it and seam through the screen. As I get through the screen i hear my dad destroy the door and come.through, angry again. I make the screen indestructible and jump off the balcony. Fail. Hit the ground. I jump and dont fly. It is even more vivid. The more vivid, the more I struggle with flying. I go through mental prep and start floating to the top f the apts. The sky looks normal. I start adding planets and wake up.

DEILD back.
I am in the sky still. All the planets are gone. Darn, I wanted to check out another planet and talk to the people there. I turn to the north and see a huge portrait in the sky (super mario 64_) I fly to it and it keeps changing. When I get there I zoom a way from my body and se it go through. Everything goes black and i notice I am now in a kings council. Yes! Another world! Score! They are talking
King: we have won our last few battles.
Advisor: we should be able to have all the planet soon.
I can tell that this is a smalllllll planet
Me: who did you best in battle?
King: who? What did we beat! We took out the southern field!
Me: no people there
king looks angry
King: we have the largest field attacking army of anyone ever! Dont look down on that!
Me: how many people?
King scoffs and puts his arms out wavig like there are a ton
This goes on for a while. Pretty interesting place! My wife was actually in the council as well. Lol. Might have to go back there. [/spoiler]

Had an ND here which featured Zapdos and a scenario/setting that was likely influenced by the 2nd Pokemon movie.

Well, I really should have posted this a week ago when I had the dream, but… I’ve been incredibly lazy this last week (I suppose my excuse is being as lazy as I can before I start my new job). So, I did have the dream related to the first task during the first task, but I’m posting it a week late. Oops. I had this the morning of 02/27 (all non-lucid, as well).

[spoiler]I’m in an abandoned house looking for treasure. While I’m there, bandits pull up in cars and trucks, and begin their own search. I do my best to stay unseen, though I have to do so pretty actively and have a few close calls, but I still attempt to look for treasure even so. However, I’m not able to get anything because I’m too busy hiding, trying to stay unseen. At one point, once they’re done looking upstairs, I head up there to have better luck avoiding them and see if I can find anything, but apparently that made three ghosts upset, because they came out and started being unfriendly, so I had them to avoid as well. I finally book it out the front door (the ghosts having been the last straw), and I jump in a silver Chevy pickup truck. I’m not sure whether it was my truck or theirs, but it was effectively mine after that.

It was backed into its parking spot, so I put it into drive and hit the gas, speeding back home (my parents’ home, not my current one). I show my parent my new car, and I like it in the dream, even though I wouldn’t while awake. She’s unsure about it, and wants to see the trunk, since in the dream, when I was behind it, somehow it had one. I open it before she gets there, and when I look inside, there’s a bunch of trash bags, as well as a dead guy. I never was “told” by the dream that he was dead, but considering I closed it immediately, I’m pretty sure he was. I tell her it’s full of trash and that she doesn’t want to see it, but she’s so insistent that she starts trying to do so anyway, first going around back, and then I’m afraid she’ll try to get to the trunk release in the front.

Not wanting her to see all that, I jump in the driver’s seat, turn on the car, and turn around in the driveway as fast as I’m able, and hit the gas down the driveway, trying to hit her in the process as she sidesteps behind her van. I’m still speeding down the road, but I’m really enjoying the maneuverability the truck has. Somehow, a guy joins me in it, and then he tests it out (while the truck is still going) by flooring it down a long road, then turning and stopping on a dime right in front of a dumpster decorated for such a purpose. I tell him that’s why I like the truck, and then drive back to the abandoned house. The bandits are gone, but they come back while I’m still looking around. I have to go through the whole hiding thing again, thankfully without ghosts this time, but have the (not so) bright idea to go upstairs first, then realize that they haven’t been up there yet either.

On my way up, one of them, a young guy, comes down a hallway. I press myself against the wall, obviously in plain sight, but somehow he doesn’t see me and keeps going thanks to my surety that I wouldn’t be seen. I jump up in the area, but it somehow turns into a game, and eventually I have a very close call with masked twins. Soon, they rush down my corridor, and I jump into a large cement room with numerous people, but they catch onto my right boot as I fly in. (The atmosphere of the room felt like an American football party.) I do my best to shake them off, but it’s not working well. I realize that I’ll slowly lose altitude, so I make my way over to a wall before I go too far down, and try to kick them off against that. I still have no luck, so I go over to the ceiling near the middle of the room and grab on one of the wood planks. I try kicking them off against the ceiling, and that finally works.

However, I lose my boot as well, and it starts falling on the other side of a table below me. Somehow it ends up on the other side of the table with me as I turn the other way, and I grab the boot and start trying to get it on before I land.[/spoiler]

I’m assuming the truck ride counts as a ride… but if it doesn’t, I understand. I guess I kind of gave those twins a ride with them hanging on my boot in midair… though I wasn’t quite happy they were there. :razz: Though, I’m not sure if “a different type of ride” still requires me to be riding something, or if it’s just a ride in general. I guess the last one kind of involved a chase, but the truck ride didn’t. I was just speeding cause I could.

Today’s dreams where I had a medium/long LD.

Besides the LD, I also had a part where I had a Pokémon-like creature in my possession. In hindsight, it did not resemble any Pokémon I’m aware of, but it worked very similarly to one - I ordered it to use ‘dig’ on the ground, which I thought would fit into the democracy mode task. However, like said, I aimed my attack at the ground.

I need to start to remember to do things inside my dream… I always forget…

[spoiler]Unrelated to all, I suddenly realize I once joined LC#38, but then forgot about it. I decided to look up to see how my score fared compared to others (I believe I quit somewhere around Task 2…)

“I had 185 points, eh? Eh, I guess it ain’t that bad.”
notices the top-tier and their 5,000-8,000 points

Either way, I think a much better position at the moment. I’m not as keen on giving up. At the moment, I’m only 26% of Thorn, so as long as I don’t end up falling behind, I shouldn’t get another 2%… And hey, maybe if I work really hard, I’ll win.

And yes, I am kind of competitive… :I[/spoiler]

I rode in a bus and a plane in two NDs last night. I’m not sure if I’ve posted a bus or plane ride before. There was also a ND where there were three people in a car and the police were chasing them. I was watching from a third person perspective, but I’m not sure if I was one of the people in the car or just a DO. I think in the beginning I was supposed to be one of the people in the car, though. I’ll let you decide if that counts.

In a dream fragment posted here, a car I was riding in became a kiddy pool (the round, plastic kind), and I rode it shortly. Other people in my fragments rode snowboards and a log flume, but I didn’t get to ride either of them. :sad:

Another LD. This one was long. Didn’t complete anything from the current task, but I did ride the TARDIS.

WARNING could provide spoilers to a certain TM who is not caught up on all of Doctor Who. Some names adjusted so only those even slightly caught up will understand.

I don’t remember the ND part of this [LD]but I realized I was dreaming during a romp with the Eleventh Doctor in Nazi Germany. It seemed to be after the events of “Let’s Kill Hitler” as Melody Pond was on our side. The Doctor and were working on defusing some kind of bomb when some person broke in who I no longer remember.

The Doctor was then mortally wounded after I dispatched the enemy. Melody and I continued running a wire of some kind until we got to a window. The TARDIS was below but it was a long fall. She mentioned she’d be fine like in the actual episode, but I pointed out she no longer had leftover energy from her regeneration. She jumped anyway and broke her legs.

I made sure she made it to the TARDIS before I finally activated the device. Shrapnel tore through my body. It didn’t hurt, and yet I felt disabled somehow. I also jumped from the window which really did seem to hurt at the time (though not too much). I limped into the TARDIS and plopped down on a bed in an otherwise perfect recreation of 11’s first console room.

Melody was busy fixing herself up when Amy and Rory ran in. I was on my side at this point. Even sitting up was a struggle and I was apparently bleeding a lot. I knew I could heal myself instantly but I went along with the dream anyway. I’ve never had a feeling quite like that before. I even felt some pain, though not enough to make me want to change the story.

We all waited for The Doctor; the others were worried he’d regenerate. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light and a young boy walked in, claiming to be The Doctor. The others weren’t sure what to do but I laughed.

“Ok, Doctor, I know you’re fine. Come on in.”

The Eleventh Doctor walked in.

“How… how did you even guess?” he asked, looking slightly annoyed his joke had failed.

“Please, going out alone is totally not your style. Besides, Tennant did the fake regeneration much better.”

Eleven seemed slightly annoyed I said a previous regeneration did something better. The others in the TARDIS just laughed.[/LD] I woke up after that.

Average length LD here.

Had Two NDs here which featured basic manifestations of Pokemon.

In a ND last night, I went on an odd ride. It was a water slide that was completely vertical and stuck down into a room. It was odd in the sense that it was a suction slide, where you stood under it and it sucked you up through the slide instead of you sliding down it.

had ND where i rode a bus and i was being chased.
had LD where i failed to summon any pokemon, though, did battle in those both modes