LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

The first ND posted here includes a Pidgeot for Task 2, which I briefly ride in line with Task 1. I feel that there were actual Pokémon battles in that dream, but I was jarred out of the dream and don’t recall them clearly.

Task 3 - Giving

This particular task comes up every year around the holidays as a Quest, but I figured the spirit of giving doesn’t need a reason or time. :wink:

  1. Give something to a DC +20 pts

  2. Buy or wrap something and then give it to a DC +30 pts (must be different from 1.)

  3. Get one DC to give something to another. You must witness it being given and be the reason they did so. (ex. You tell them to, you control them, etc.) +40 pts

Group Incubation

To successfully complete this particular group incubation, either 2 parts of the task must be present OR the gift must be specified beforehand. 15 pts for an attempt, 30 pts for completion, and 40 pts if you manage to complete every part of the task with your entire group in the same dream.

Given the title of this task, task 4 might be obvious… :peek:

Had a short LD here which was no longer than a minute.

As part of the group incubation I discussed with Thorn last night, I was able to give Thorn a potion contained within a test-tube.

Well, that was disappointing.

Now I think about it… The alarm went of at 3:30, but I can’t remember ever pressing the button. I’m going to guess that the LD happened afterwards…

It may be that I did successfully perform a chain the first time, but just… can’t remember it? :v Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll try again next time.

This ND features giving in a few contexts that all work for Task 3’s first part; I give a lift/ride to Scipio and I give a TM to the Nidoking from my current Pokémon game’s party. The Nidoking itself is part of Task 2; I’m glad that I inadvertently made a team with four major players from the Twitch Plays Pokémon stream, as it’s been in my dreams twice now. :tongue:

EDIT: We’ve decided on a group incubation. James and I talked yesterday, and we agreed that having some sort of dream control potion would be a gift we’d want to be given (hence James giving me one and earning points already; Wyvern was around to confirm that we decided that much yesterday). Mew151 wants a “cool hat”, and Scipio wants a shrink ray. Mew151 is clearly the most original of all of us.

OK, first of all I had a medium LD two nights ago. Content’s not really forum appropriate so I’ll leave it there.

This morning I had a short LD. I dreamed that I was at work, and upon realizing I was dreaming I flew around in the stock room, though none of my coworkers seemed all too impressed, even when I interrupted a store meeting by floating around upside down in front of them.

Also rode a trolley in an ND.

Got a ride in a car here.

I also stole things. Does that mean points are taken away, cause I’m supposed to give? :>

Bwahahar. I’m kind of evil.

Last night I saw Pidgeot and I gave someone something in some ND’s.

Here’s an LD. Hopefully Spring Break can recharge my lucid batteries so I don’t totally fall out of this compo. :razz:

Am I dreaming? ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship.

Had an ND here which prominantly included my own goal of shapeshifting.

not sure if i get some points every time i give something, but imma list it at least so that others could realize how they could complete “giving” part through technicalities.

I gave some item to DC, but that’s all I remember from the dream.
I gave DC advice (not to jump down the waterfall and explanations why).
I gave DC a help with homework.
I gave DC a good beating.

Here’s an ND in which I ride a train. I was a DO at the time, but it was “me” riding it.

lucid - medium

SPOILER - Click to view

I walk into a courtyard and hear the door lock behind me. That doesn’t make any sense. I walk across it to the other door and someone opens it and let’s a dog out. I know something is up and RC and stabilize real fast. Alright! Kill dog. I step behind a tree and the dog jumps out the side grab him and smack him a few tines. I toss him away and wait for him to come back. I pull my fist back and charge it. As soon as he gets within range, I snack him on the nose and kick him in the face. He doesn’t move and I hear the door open. I flash step behind a tree and wait to hear the person. Then the dog gets “unfrozen” and comes and attacks me. I grab it and we roll on the ground I keep stopping her from biting me. I keep pushing her head into the ground. I wake up. (I beat dogs in waking… Surprised that I couldn’t whoop a dog in a dream)

Had another dream yesterday:

SPOILER - Click to view

I am driving down a road. I have been here before! But only in a dream! I can’t believe that this is a real place! I should visit it in a dream. :sad:

a dream last night I rode a cart and a van

SPOILER - Click to view

I am in a grocery store, my dad has told me to help him steal things. We get a grocery cart loaded with things and I drop little tiny things of obsidian and they make the lights flash out every time that they hit. I ride the cart out and no one notices. We jump in a van and drive to a parking lot overlooking the grocery store… dream goes on.

OK, long LD. I bought something for Wyvern and had another DC give something to his DC. I’ll edit with my DJ later, it’s quite long. Also, lost and regained lucidity at one point.


Last two nights (11th and 12th) lacked recall, which… is a shame. I wonder where it all went…?

I had a short LD last night. It didn’t go according to plan, but was close. I almost met my personal goal, but instead of 3 people, I somehow summoned their shadows. Nonetheless, the shadows were alive and moving around. This was definitely not a dream in which my level of consciousness was high. However, I did give a book to one of the shadows, as well as tell one shadow to kiss the other, thereby completing two parts of the current task. I also gave one of the shadows something else, but I forgot to wrap it :sad: .

2 medium LDs, 1 short

[spoiler]Had a bunch of allergies acting up last night. I woke up at 2 (normal for me) but then I have issues getting back to sleep. 230 sleep and I keep jumping in and out of dreams because of sinus issues. I don’t remember anything but fragments till I get lucid. I am at a farm area and there is a huge merry-go-round that looks like a cattle pen on the outside (but spinning). RC/stabilize This guy (I think it night be Jason… Acted like it, that douche). He challenged me to fight his DCs. I told him that I wasn’t feeling great and I would train a DC. I jumped into a cattle pen and told the 2 DCs how to fight a bit (no idea what i told them) let them loose and they got demolished by his DC. I jump in and rhrow some fireballs at the DC and kill him. Wake up

A few more fragment. Not being able to breathe killing me.

Back at the pen. RC/stabilize Just me and Jason (I think… Might still be a random DC douche) in there now. I told him that Iwould kick his butt. Throw fireballs at him. He returns them back to me and I dodge. He disappears and I dont know how to get out of the pen. Lose lucidity.

I wake up and take a shower to clear the nose. Back to sleep.

A few dreams. Wake up at 6. Talk to my wife for a bit. Back to sleep at 630

I decide to try and WILD at the risk of insomnia. I start imagining ny church. I am in the hallway. Easy. . Stabilize/RC There are a lot of people there. I decide to scare them out. Little ghost girl. I look in the middle of the hall and force her there. She screams! Wasnt expecting that. Peopoe are runnig out both exits. I look at all the people i know and make notes on the differences in dreams. Wife attacks me out of the blue.

I am back at the church. Decide to teleport to try and get omnipotent. I am still laying down and I notice that there is a 10 foot wide record spinning next to me. Other than that I am surrounded by white. RC/stabilize. Woah, haven’t been here in a while. The opposite of the void. Two naked people come to me (honestly they are a little blurred in the light, naked because i am naked in dream) they are ageless (spend a lot of time in dreams and you know this age. ) and they are singing about how i chose to learn from the girl and that I could have learned*more from the guy. I am confused because my DG is an old man. They stop singing and give me a hug and disappear. Iwake up. [/spoiler]

I rode a motorcycle in a ND last night. I also thought I rode an escalator, but I can’t remember clearly. I had a short LD as well, but no task points. I was wearing a suit and saw my reflection, but my body was invisible, which was pretty cool as the suit seemed to be alive when I moved.

1 medium LD, 1 short
Rode a car again and a Cruise Ship

I am on a boat. Already lucid, dont remember anything before. Someone is showing me around and pointing at different parts.
Captain: this is the DEILD port.
Henpointed at a wall that people were walking through and just flying away.
Captain: when people DEILD, they automatically come through here. If you look from the side like a regular dreamer, you will see that it just looks like a doorway.
I start laughing hysterically for no reason. He teleports us to the bow of the ship. Itlooks lIke a straight up cruise ship. We fly around the whole thing and he points out other LDing relates amenities. I dont remember anything else. It is easy to do dream control when a DC is doing it with you and when you aren’t 100% aware.

I am in my car about to go to work. That doesn’t make any sense. Why is it so dark in here? Aha! Dream! I rc and stabilize. Get out of the car and feel myself waking up. Jump back into the car. It isn’t stable out there. You know the feeling. Guess I’ll just drive around like a maniac. I floor and decide that I font need to shift since it is a dream. I get up to 50 mph and make a hard left and wake up.[/spoiler]

I had a short LD here. As well, the NDs had some instances of “giving” with known reasons, but they weren’t physical objects. I saw a teacher give a long-winded rant about how her students weren’t getting taught properly because the student teacher was doing poorly, and I saw my “roommate” get a suspension from a principal because my roommate started a fire. Does the giving have to be an object for this subtask? I know that it doesn’t have to be for the first subtask, else the innuendo in the task doesn’t work. :tongue: