LC 64 - Winner: Obliverum

Sorry, there were things going on in my life, so I did not pay proper attention to my dreams.
Hope you all had a fine LC experience! :happy:

All my dreams from this challenge have been posted.

(I have some dream art, but as we don’t get art points this time, I can post those later).

Thanks to Cornelia for hosting!

By the way: what would the next part of the “castle” subtask have been, if I’d managed to do it? (Possibly there is no answer to this question, if part 2 depends on what the dreamer does in part 1).

Majah: There’s always next LC!

Susan_Y: Part 2 partially depends on Part 1… but Part 2 would have involved a butler telling you I was in another castle and then you having to ride a gokart there. :tongue:

GenghisKhan, your powersuit dreams sounds so cool :happy:

i think i became briefly lucid three times last night, i only really remember a bit of one, and none long enough to count by my reckoning. i had to get up early and do stuff all day and only now have a chance to try to recall so its all pretty fuzzy.

so nothing more to report for points.

but it is still a victory to me, to have all these tiny lucid moments ive been having because of this challenge! and especially to have had my first continued story in a dream :smile: as much as i wish id found more of the story :grin:

thank you cornelia for a fun and inspiring challenge!

NOT claiming points (as I just had the dream :grin: )

But I just:
Had a medium LD
Wore a suit which looked a little bit like a black scale armor.
Used it to fly like by sending fire from the bottom of my foot (feet Jet Pack?)

I tried to do the part 1 by meeting Cornelia in a Castle but I just woke up while trying to get to a castle…

Too Bad I also wanted to know what would have been in Part 2 and Part 3!
I didn t follow on the Tasks that much at the beginning, but I wish I had had more LDs as I really liked the tasks :smile: Good Job Cornelia :smile:

Dream Journal

Guess who overslept and missed the end-of-the-LC announcement? :spinning:

And so, that’s it folks! The LC has come to an end… Nice job right there at the end, Koal… Almost had a good dream worth some points! And the Castle task, you should all know, is based on the Mario franchise. :tongue:

Also congratulations to Obliverum! You had a lot of little lucid moments, and that’s what this challenge is all about… Oh… and did I mention…?

(:> Obliverum is the winner of LC 64! :partying_face:

Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to host the next LC if you would like! If not, then the mantle of host will pass down the chain of participants until someone takes it up! Here’s the final score report (though the scores are still available here):

LC 64 - Scoresheet

  1. Obliverum ( 29 )
  2. Koal44 ( 18 )
  3. GenghisKhan ( 14 )
  4. James_UK2008 ( 12 )
  5. Rhewin ( 10 )
  6. Susan_Y ( 9 )
  7. Eilatan ( 2 )
  8. Mew151 & Majah ( 0 )

Thank-you all for participating! I greatly enjoyed reading your dreams about…

[center]… when the dog bites …
… when the bee stings …
… when I’m feeling sad …
I simply remember my favorite things
and then I don’t feel …
[b]SO BAD![/b][/center]

Double post followup… Koal… you actually got stung by bees in that last one… just in line with the song. :tongue:

ooh, i might just try my hand at this! ive participated in a few lcs and ndcs now so i think ive got the idea, but i havent hosted before. are there any rule books or is it up to my discretion?

The kart gives away the inspration for this subtask :smile:. (And you explicitly reveal it later in the thread).

Now i’m wondering how many of the others would have become easier to identify by the second task…

I really wish more of the extended tasks were claimed, because I wanted to find out all the references. These are the ones I figured out: :woah:

^ The original Mario

^ Possible a Lady in the Lake / King Arthur reference

^ Obvious Harry Potter reference was obvious

^ Narnia, or more accurately Book 1: The Magician’s Nephew

^ The Legend of Zelda

There seems to be a few references to zombie-esque games, maybe a couple of action movies. I wonder if Cornelia would tell us what they all are, so we can groan at how obvious it should have been :peek:

Obliverum: It’s up to the next host’s discretion! You can copy the contents of the first post of my LC if you need something to build off of, or you can write the rules from scratch. Past hosts, like me, are also here if you have any questions… but don’t spoil any task plans with me as I’d like to participate! :tongue:

Susan_Y: Heh. The format for the parts was supposed to be:

  1. Obvious plot reference.
  2. Unexpected twist
  3. Wrap up the loose ends and conclude

I wanted to subvert peoples’ expectations with Part 2. :tongue:

Eilatan (et al.): Here’s the tasks again with their sources:

[spoiler]* You’ve learned of Cornelia’s capture by some insidious foe. You see a castle in the distance. Make your way to the castle and search for her inside.
Source is the Mario franchise…

  • You’ve recently come into possession of an automaton. The automaton is carrying a message from Cornelia asking for help. You, however, weren’t the intended recipient of the message, but you paid good money for that automaton, and now it’s done gone and run off. Chase after it and find the automaton.
    Source is the Star Wars Original Trilogy.

  • While you were teaching class at university, you receive mail from a strange woman named “Cornelia” beseeching you to meet her in Egypt as soon as you can. She’ll be waiting for you near the Giza pyramids. Travel to Egypt!
    Source is Indiana Jones.

  • A horrible plague is ravaging the city. Cornelia has made a call for adventurers like you to come to the academy, train, and help find a cure for the plague. Go to the academy and meet her in the main hall for the graduation ceremony.
    Source is Neverwinter Nights. (RPG.)

  • While exploring the reaches of space your sensors detect something unusual a few sectors away… you’re faced with the choice to ignore it and complete your current mission or investigate… Change your course and head for the anomaly. Perhaps you’ll find something there?
    Source is Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • You set out one morning to wonder through the forest with a travelling companion. You come across a small lake hidden within the trees and a strange woman standing nearby. She turns to you and asks you for your help in exchange for an item of power. Find her at the water’s edge and receive a gift, but be wary of its cost!
    Source is Lady of the Lake / King Arthur mythos.

  • You’ve known Cornelia for a long time as she’s a good friend of your cousin’s. She’s coming to town after a long trip away. There’s supposed to be a celebration later, but that will have to wait as she seems to be running a bit behind schedule. Find Cornelia as she enters town and let her know what you think of her tardiness!
    Source is Lord of the Rings.

  • Cornelia’s gone missing! She’s stormed out and away into the night. It’s been a day now and you don’t know where she is or how she’s feeling. It’s also especially cold out… The townsfolk say she ran off towards the mountains. Put on your parka and make your way towards the mountain and see if you can’t find her.
    Source is Frozen.

  • You receive an email from Cornelia. It’s rather cryptic… but you head over to her place and make your way past all the DDR machines and such that seem to be lying around. She asked you to check out something on her computer for her. Sit down at her computer and do some searching.
    Source is Tron.

  • It’s another year and you’re finally back off to school, leaving your horrible aunt and uncle behind. While riding the train you see that girl, Cornelia, who everyone calls crazy. She’s seated alone, reading. She looks rather puzzled at something. Speak to her and ask her what’s on her mind.
    Source is Harry Potter.

  • Everything was supposed to be alright… you and Cornelia were just going to play around and explore your Uncle’s house… but you bumped into him and he showed some… strange rings… and enticed Cornelia to take one. When she did… she vanished! Now you’ll have to do the same to follow her! Find a yellow ring and follow her to world’s unknown!
    Source is The Magician’s Nephew. (Chronicles of Narnia, Book 1 / Prequel.)

  • Another day has come and everything seems all too familiar… A strange darkness roils over the land and you have dreams, dreams that almost seem like visions of a princess in peril. She seems so familiar… this Cornelia… With the danger escalating, and nothing better to do, make your way through the darkness to the castle at the center of the land.
    Source is Legend of Zelda. (Specifically Twilight Princess.)

  • Everything was going fine… until someone broke into your house… and you… killed them… Oh how terrible. You can barely care for your mother and now what will you do… You run away, the only thing you can think to do… and stumble… through a portal? What even happened? All you know is you’re in a deserted city and there’s this strange girl… with some kind of… shapeshifting cat. Ask her about the cat.
    Source is His Dark Materials series book 2: The Subtle Knife.

  • It’s dark… it’s always dark. Supplies are running low… they’re always running low. And to make matters worse you’ve been assigned a job that you simple loathe. Luckily, your friend Cornelia is in the same boat… She doesn’t want to work on pipes and you don’t want to deliver messages… so why not swap jobs? Meet up with her and trade assignments… be sure not to get caught!
    Source is “The City of Ember” book.

  • In a strange turn of events… Cornelia found you! You were trying to hide, trying to avoid doing something you’d regret… and yet… here she was… tempting you to get angry… all because she needed your help. Have a chat with Cornelia who’s more than a little on edge that you might… lose your temper.
    Source is The Avengers. (Specifically, the scene where Black Widow confronts the Hulk in India. :tongue: )
    And I had a few on backup in case we got more than 15 participants and everyone did the extended task. :tongue:

The extended tasks were a cool idea. but it seems they were too hard for most people to do. (Obliverum managed to do one, but she also had a high score in the previous LC).

Thank you so much Cornelia for hosting :happy:

And congratulations to Obliverum for winning this LC :content:

Susan_Y: The extended task is usually harder as they’re worth quite a bit more than the standard tasks. Sometimes they can be simple… and I admit this one was probably more difficult than past ones as it involved summoning someone and being in a specific place for some of the subplots.

GenghisKhan: You’re welcome! And thank-you for participating! :happy:

:woah: I honestly can’t believe I didn’t notice these two.

I feel like I have to hand in my nerd card now :peek:

Thanks again for running this LC, Cornelia. And Congrats to Obliverium for winning! :clap:

it was fun to see what all the source material behind the different extended task plots were!

i am planning to host LC 65 over the summer, so look out come july. i have a plan and im very excited :smile:

* Cornelia stares into the distance… “July…”

The end of July is fast approaching…

Seriously, if “the curse of the LC” has struck again and Obliverum is too busy to host the next challenge, I’m sure someone else would be able to volunteer.

I m also ready to join the next LC. I hope Obliverum still wants to host it :happy:

I was gonna message Obliverum and she if she still wanted to… but it looks like she hasn’t been on the forum since May. I’m thinking about giving her a half a month or so before offering the torch to the runner up (you Koal :tongue: ).