LC 64 - Winner: Obliverum

/me runs in :mirror:

I swear, I didn’t forget!!!

[spoiler]Monday, 4th of March:
Cornelia: Go sign up for the LC. :razz:
*Eilatan procrastinates further
Cornelia: Procrastinate… by signing up for the LC. :razz:
Cornelia: pls don’t be “fashionably” late. :razz:

Okay, maybe I forgot a little.[/spoiler]

Anyway, I’m here now! :peek:

  1. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift into a Lizardman - No Handicaps
  2. Mew151 - Say goodbye to the resilient fox - No Handicaps
  3. GenghisKhan - Ask A. to help me with a personal matter - Handicap: no lucid points from WILD. DILD max points = short LD
  4. Koal44- Meet my baby and see his face - No Handicaps
  5. Majah - Meet plant(s) - No Handicaps
  6. Susan_Y - See a musical instrument - No handicaps
  7. Eilatan - Find a Good Man - No Handicaps

In the interest of clarity, my goal refers to seeing 11th Doctor, not any of the others. My dreams have been woefully empty of doctor sightings since the last LC, so I’m hoping to find him again. :content:

:tardis: Oh, just 11? I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure 2 has seen him somewhere. That is assuming our gracious host will let me in to this LC.

if so, In the meantime… I will win the lucid dual with Xander once and for all!

  1. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift into a Lizardman - No Handicaps
  2. Mew151 - Say goodbye to the resilient fox - No Handicaps
  3. GenghisKhan - Ask A. to help me with a personal matter - Handicap: no lucid points from WILD. DILD max points = short LD
  4. Koal44- Meet my baby and see his face - No Handicaps
  5. Majah - Meet plant(s) - No Handicaps
  6. Susan_Y - See a musical instrument - No handicaps
  7. Eilatan - Find a Good Man - No Handicaps
  8. Rhewin - win the ancient Lucid dual against Xan - No Handicaps

Oh my goodness, a wild Rhewin has appeared! I almost feel like I’ve spotted a legendary Pokemon!! :razz: Welcome aboard!

And don’t worry, Eilatan. You made it in time so that’s all that matters. :tongue:

The LC starts tomorrow, everyone!! … And I should probably get the score sheet done up. XD

i didnt forget either! really looking forward to starting tomorrow :smile:

  1. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift into a Lizardman - No Handicaps
  2. Mew151 - Say goodbye to the resilient fox - No Handicaps
  3. GenghisKhan - Ask A. to help me with a personal matter - Handicap: no lucid points from WILD. DILD max points = short LD
  4. Koal44- Meet my baby and see his face - No Handicaps
  5. Majah - Meet plant(s) - No Handicaps
  6. Susan_Y - See a musical instrument - No handicaps
  7. Eilatan - Find a Good Man - No Handicaps
  8. Rhewin - win the ancient Lucid dual against Xan - No Handicaps
  9. obliverum - do healing magic - no handicaps

Welcome aboard, Obliverum! And there’s still plenty of time for signups!

Task 1: Willpower Warmup
Alright everyone! It’s time to stretch those dreaming muscles a little bit! We’ll start with something a little simple, something a little easy to get your dream control warmed up. It’s time for some willpower exercises!

A little disclaimer before the actual subtasks. To claim points for these you must not use any aide in the dream to accomplish them. Specific examples of what wouldn’t count are provided alongside the subtask descriptions, though these are not all-inclusive. As a consequence of this task being quite narrow, there’s not much room for creative execution… but surprise me if you can! If you have a question about if something falls under the umbrella of “willpower” feel free to ask. And, without further ado, here are the subtasks for this week:

  • Float / Hover (4 Points)
    Float or hover around over the ground, perhaps very high in the air! This is different from “flying” in the sense that you are not zooming around very fast!
    Using wings or some kind of machine to do this would not count.

  • Conjuration (4 Points)
    Summon an item out of thin air. I.e. make something you need or want just appear. Could be something mundane like a pencil, or something more extravagant like a truck. :tongue:
    The name is a bit misleading… using magic doesn’t count. (Don’t do an incantation or wave a wand, otherwise they’re kinda indistinguishable. :tongue: ) Also… no Starship replicators or reaching in a “bag of holding” and pulling out what you needed. I will allow “Hammer-space”, however, as it literally is pulling something from thin air. :wink:

  • Transmutation (4 Points)
    Will something to change form! For the old-fashioned, turn lead into gold. Or, maybe shapeshift some DCs!
    Just like Conjuration, no magic implements to aide you. :tongue: Also… no transformation potions or the ilk for helping make things change shape.

  • Adjust Lighting (4 Points)
    A common thing I tend to do in dreams is make it day or brighten things up. Use some willpower to light things up! Or… make things darker if you dare!
    Obviously, flicking a lightswitch would not count. Likewise, I’m looking for a large scale “ambience” change so summoning a ball of light, while interesting, isn’t really what I’m looking for.

  • Teleport Somewhere (4 Points)
    Or, better yet… teleport that somewhere to you! Basically, change your location in the dream simply by willing it to change! Images of WritersCube stepping into the “Grey” come to mind. :wink:
    Teleportation machines or walking through portals don’t count. Spinning is a little on the fence, but I’ll count it if it is indeed a new location and not the same location slightly changed.

[center]… what’s that? … a rumble in the distance?
… …
oh no… it’s the return of the extended task!!!

Extended Task: A Maiden in Peril
and before anyone gets on me about cliches… :tongue:

Alright everyone! This LC will have an Extended Task! The Extended Task will be composed of three Parts. Each participant has to unlock their own Arc by completing the outlined objective. Each Part will be worth a specific amount of points regardless of which “variant” a participant completes. Part 2 will be released on and after the start of Week 2’s tasks to those participants who have completed Part 1. Part 3 will be similar to that of Part 2, but matching up with Week 3’s tasks.

To clarify, if you complete Part 1 before Week 2 of the LC has begun you will have to wait until Week 2 to receive Part 2, but if you complete Part 1 after Week 2 has started you will be given Part 2 immediately! Week 4 does not have its own part and is there to offer a small buffer of time to finish all of the Extended Task.

Now that that is out of the way, Part 1 is the most important! This is because Parts 2 and 3 are based on which Part 1 option you complete. Options are first come first serve! The first LC Participant to do an option, in a Normal or Lucid dream, and post here claiming it shall be assigned that Arc. So if you see a particular path that you’d like be sure to do it quickly before it’s gone!

And now, the scene: Cornelia’s in danger! or… just needs your help… or is waiting for you to find her… or something… :tongue: Your task is to receive a message from her in a dream asking you for your aid or, perhaps, to complete a quest for her. Below are the different ways you may begin your journey.

[spoiler]* You’ve learned of Cornelia’s capture by some insidious foe. You see a castle in the distance. Make your way to the castle and search for her inside.

  • You’ve recently come into possession of an automaton. The automaton is carrying a message from Cornelia asking for help. You, however, weren’t the intended recipient of the message, but you paid good money for that automaton, and now it’s done gone and run off. Chase after it and find the automaton.

  • While you were teaching class at university, you receive mail from a strange woman named “Cornelia” beseeching you to meet her in Egypt as soon as you can. She’ll be waiting for you near the Giza pyramids. Travel to Egypt!

  • A horrible plague is ravaging the city. Cornelia has made a call for adventurers like you to come to the academy, train, and help find a cure for the plague. Go to the academy and meet her in the main hall for the graduation ceremony.

  • While exploring the reaches of space your sensors detect something unusual a few sectors away… you’re faced with the choice to ignore it and complete your current mission or investigate… Change your course and head for the anomaly. Perhaps you’ll find something there?

  • You set out one morning to wonder through the forest with a travelling companion. You come across a small lake hidden within the trees and a strange woman standing nearby. She turns to you and asks you for your help in exchange for an item of power. Find her at the water’s edge and receive a gift, but be wary of its cost!

  • You’ve known Cornelia for a long time as she’s a good friend of your cousin’s. She’s coming to town after a long trip away. There’s supposed to be a celebration later, but that will have to wait as she seems to be running a bit behind schedule. Find Cornelia as she enters town and let her know what you think of her tardiness!

  • Cornelia’s gone missing! She’s stormed out and away into the night. It’s been a day now and you don’t know where she is or how she’s feeling. It’s also especially cold out… The townsfolk say she ran off towards the mountains. Put on your parka and make your way towards the mountain and see if you can’t find her.

  • You receive an email from Cornelia. It’s rather cryptic… but you head over to her place and make your way past all the DDR machines and such that seem to be lying around. She asked you to check out something on her computer for her. Sit down at her computer and do some searching.

  • It’s another year and you’re finally back off to school, leaving your horrible aunt and uncle behind. While riding the train you see that girl, Cornelia, who everyone calls crazy. She’s seated alone, reading. She looks rather puzzled at something. Speak to her and ask her what’s on her mind.
    Claimed by Obliverum.

  • Everything was supposed to be alright… you and Cornelia were just going to play around and explore your Uncle’s house… but you bumped into him and he showed some… strange rings… and enticed Cornelia to take one. When she did… she vanished! Now you’ll have to do the same to follow her! Find a yellow ring and follow her to world’s unknown!

  • Another day has come and everything seems all too familiar… A strange darkness roils over the land and you have dreams, dreams that almost seem like visions of a princess in peril. She seems so familiar… this Cornelia… With the danger escalating, and nothing better to do, make your way through the darkness to the castle at the center of the land.

  • Everything was going fine… until someone broke into your house… and you… killed them… Oh how terrible. You can barely care for your mother and now what will you do… You run away, the only thing you can think to do… and stumble… through a portal? What even happened? All you know is you’re in a deserted city and there’s this strange girl… with some kind of… shapeshifting cat. Ask her about the cat.

  • It’s dark… it’s always dark. Supplies are running low… they’re always running low. And to make matters worse you’ve been assigned a job that you simple loathe. Luckily, your friend Cornelia is in the same boat… She doesn’t want to work on pipes and you don’t want to deliver messages… so why not swap jobs? Meet up with her and trade assignments… be sure not to get caught!

  • In a strange turn of events… Cornelia found you! You were trying to hide, trying to avoid doing something you’d regret… and yet… here she was… tempting you to get angry… all because she needed your help. Have a chat with Cornelia who’s more than a little on edge that you might… lose your temper.

Part 1 of the Extended Task is worth 8 Points (4 Points in an NLD).

[center]Have fun! And remember… you have to believe to achieve!
:om: :om: :om:

… cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels
doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles …

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks. Came close to attaining lucidity in the 2nd one though… :neutral:

I think some of the literary/film references in the extended tasks went right over my head. (Though they make sense as tasks even if you don’t recognize the work they’re based on). Some of them might be genre tropes rather than more specific references, I guess.

Spoiler tags for the ones I recognized:

SPOILER - Click to view

Star Wars; The Chronicles of Narnia; Alien

a couple nds last night, but i completed the hover task in an nd! i started from flying very fast and then managed to stop and hover high up in midair. in the dream i was very impressed with myself, despite not once questioning whether i might be dreaming :tongue: heres the dj entry.

i went to sleep with the intention of completing this task and im glad it managed to bring some flying and fun to the beginning of my dreams before other worries took over.

claimed tasks:
nd hover - 2 pts

edit: i missed a good opportunity to ignore the dream plot and look for Cornelia (or Corneluna?) when i was on the train… i already had harry potter influencing my dreams so this would have been the perfect entry to the maiden in peril quest! if im getting the reference right :smile:

James_UK2008: Nice job on that almost lucid! You’ll get it next time!

Susan_Y: Heheh… I’m not going to confirm or deny anything, but I will say this: 2 / 3. :wink:

Obliverum: Way to go on scoring the first points of the LC! Sounds like your incubation game is on point. :wink: And, if it helps, you can call me “Corneluna” for your extend task attempt. :tongue:

Everyone: Also, I feel I should note it here, if you claim a task as having been done in an NLD for half points and later do it again in a lucid you may upgrade your claim to the full points! So even if you’ve done some tasks in an NLD you may reclaim to receive full marks should you do them again in an LD!

Scores have been updated.

No recall for last night; no points.

@obliverum: missed opportunity for a Harry Potter/Source Code crossover there :smile:

thanks! im coming back for the rest of my hover points in an ld, just you wait :cool:

one boring nd last night. i havent had an ld in a while because my sleep has been a mess, heres a good excuse to fix that! :yes:

Susan: i havent seen source code but maybe ill watch it for inspiration. maybe ill do a double feature with harry potter :grin:

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks.

Non-lucid dream in which I am at a party.

Am I right in thinking we don’t get dream journal points for this challenge? If so, I’ll only link in this thread the entries where I get tasks done.

Susan_Y: That would be correct! But I’ll still read all entries posted here so, if you’d like, feel free to continue to do so. :smile:

Everyone: The week’s almost halfway up, y’all! Let’s see some task completions! :tongue:

Catch-up posts - Several NDs, one FA with some OBE feel to it LINK

No points to claim

Whew, my dream recall is rusty.

One short lucid dream with no tasks or other things worth mentioning.

In a FLD, I teleported myself from being underwater to a white void. I was hovering in the void, but as there was no ground I’m not sure it really counts. Don’t really remember a lot of other details

i had a short lucid dream this morning with a failed attempt at completing the current wings quest. it was interesting!

claimed points:
short ld - 2 pts

GhenghisKhan: I noticed in your DJ, right at the end, you had “the doubt it’s not real”. This would qualify you for “Wondering if you were Dreaming” points… but I am correct that you don’t want those? Only for DILD LDs?

Rhewin: Any recall is good recall! Also, it’s like a muscle… you gotta work it out. :tongue: Finally, teleporting from underwater to a white void is still teleporting! So points there. And while I want to give you hover points… it’s hard to say if you were hovering since that generally requires that other point of reference. (i.e. the ground :tongue:) It sounds more like you were floating in space, which definitely would not count… so maybe next time!

Obliverum: That Poem almost reads like a DnD action. “[My character] accept(s) and distract(s) (the) flawless mimic.” :tongue: It looks to me like you did the quest! You may have not read the poem in its entirety, but you did read one. Good luck on your next attempt!

Everyone: Scores have been updated.