LC 64 - Winner: Obliverum

im not sure i got all the details quite right for it to count, but i think i completed part 1 of a maiden in peril on the hogwarts express in a lucid dream! only with a plot twist i didnt see coming… ill be curious to see what you make of it :smile:

claimed points:
medium ld - 3 pts
extended task - 8 pts (?)

Obliverum: I’ve awarded you points for the LD. As for the extended task… did you “Speak to her and ask her what’s on her mind.”? I know you spoke to First Luna (who actually sounds like she might look like IWL me) and then you briefly interacted with Second Luna. I’ll award you points if:

  • You believe one (or both?) of them was me.
  • You spoke “to her and ask[ed] her what’s on her mind.”

Everyone: Scores have been updated.

i definitely thought first luna was you when i spoke to her, and probably asked her what was up since that was my intention… but i admit to losing all recollection of our dialogue once second luna surprised us by showing up! then i was confused and didnt know who was who. im bad at remembering dialogue at the best of times. maybe real luna had something to say about Corneluna trying to replace her :razz:

i dont mind foregoing the points if it doesnt count, im more concerned about continuing the story with the follow up tasks :grin:

:rofl: I love this! Your incubation of Corneluna definitely sounds like her.

Here’s hoping you get to pursue the storyline!

Obliverum: I didn’t really need details from the conversation… just needed to know that you had a conversation somewhat along those lines with someone you thought was me… so I’ll give you points! Congratulations on being the first participant to do a part of the Extended Task! You’ll get Part 2 in, like, 45 minutes when the next task goes up. :tongue:

Eilatan: The resemblance is uncanny, no? :tongue:

Everyone: Scores have been updated.

Task 2: Breaking Physics
And now, on to task twooooo! :tongue: There will be far more avenues of completion for this task (and future ones) and for creativity points! So… go all out, and surprise me!

The task: mess with physics! Dreams tend to mirror waking life… at least a little… but they aren’t constrained by the rules of physical reality… so why not usurp your expectations and do something impossible? Here’s some ideas to get you started (and also get you points this week :wink: ):

  • Mess with Gravity (4 Points)
    Specifically, I’m talking about changing gravity from something “standard”. So… for example, if you’re in a house… walk on the walls or ceiling! Maybe mess with point gravity? Could be fun!

  • Impossible Geometry (6 Points)
    I’m thinking something along the lines of MC Escher’s work or the Penrose Stairs. Basically, your task is to create / explore some impossible geometry. It can be any example of impossible geometry you’d like, so if you have something in mind feel free to pursue that!

  • Matrix Jumping / Falling (2 Points)
    Specifcally, “The Jump Program.” Do some super jumps… and fall! One of my favorite things to do in LDs is to fall from extremely high heights and bounce harmlessly. (This one isn’t really physics based… so… it’s only worth 2 points. :tongue: )

  • The Free-Standing Door (6 Points)
    Find a free-standing door or something shaped like it. Look through one side and see one location… and look through the other and see a different location. Be sure to write down the different locations you see!

A Maiden in Peril: Part 2
There’s been a completion for Part 1! You can find the second task prompts below for all completions. Part 2 is worth 12 points!

[spoiler]* While you were chatting with Corneluna you learned quite little about quite a many things… but what was currently bugging her… is why do you take a train to school? Surely, there should be a faster way? cough fireplaces cough Well… she must have been on to something as after talking for a little bit an imposter appeared and challenged you two! Or was the first Corneluna the fake? At this point you’re too confused to ask so you step back and observe. Meet up with the “real” Corneluna and tail the imposter to figure out why she or whoever she’s working for doesn’t want faster travel options for getting to school.
Claimed by Obliverum. Currently uncompleted.
And for everyone who hasn’t completed Part 1 yet, all Part 2 reveals will happen immediately after any Part 1 completions from this point on. Good luck!

[center]Now go out there and make Richard Feynman mad! :tongue:

… wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
these are a few of my favorite things …

yay i have a secret spy mission! :happy:

i had another lucid dream last night, before the new tasks were posted. i did do some teleportation but with the aid of a side-along apparition partner, so im not claiming that.

but i did read a poem and complete the current wings quest! heres the dj entry.

claimed points:
short ld: 2 pts
wings quest: 10 pts

i am having fun :grin:

i have to get up extra early the next few days so i dont know if my lucid chances are very high, but hopefully well see some other folks logging some tasks :smile:

Had 1 LD here which I feel was a short one. No tasks

Non-lucid dream in which I float in the air. I’ll claim the points for the floating task.

Non-lucid dream on a riverboat through a canyon. I think this isn’t close enough to any of the extended tasks to be worth points. (It didn’t look like the river Nile in Egypt, for example - more like Arizona or California).

Obliverum: Congratulations! Yea, I can’t give you points for teleporting, but the quest has been done! Remember to post in the topic if you haven’t already! :wink: Also, your poem sounds like it’s from the game Valley. :tongue:

James_UK2008: Congratulations on your lucid. I’ve marked you down for the points!

Susan_Y: And congratulations on your task completion! And, yea, in order to claim the Egypt extended task you’d have to be sure you were in Egypt.

Everyone: Sorry for being absent… I didn’t have internet for a day and was unable to get in to update everything. I’m back, though! Scores have been updated!

After comparing it to some online photographs, the canyon was more like the Pacific Northwest, for example Lake Whatcom in Washington State. In any case, it wasn’t Egypt, so no points.

Just 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

I am back to play :smile:
Claiming points for
1 Short LD Last night
My Personal Goal last week, though I wasn’t Lucid…

Dream Journal

Koal44: Congratulations and welcome back!

Everyone: Scores are updated!

I’ve just realised that, given what happens in the last The Last Battle, its possible to write a Narnia/Source Code crossover. (This comment inspired by Obliverum’s Harry Potter dream).

i still need to watch this source code movie :smile:

last night i had a semi-lucid dream that im not going to count, and also a short lucid dream where i went to find corneluna! no task progress though.

i have never continued a story in a lucid dream before, or had recurring characters, which is one of the things motivating me to try it out with the extended task. so even though the dream was short and uneventful, it was a first for me! :grin:

claimed points:
short ld: 2pts

Susan_Y: Now I’m interested in this strange “Source Code” movie. :tongue:

Obliverum: Yay! I’m so glad you’re tackling the extended task. It’s making me quite happy that I get to help weave this narrative. :content:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

Movie trailer if you haven’t seen it. The scriptwriters were clearly influenced by lucid dreaming experiences…

Susan_Y: OH. It’s that movie. I haven’t seen it but I recall wanting to see it. :tongue: