LC 64 - Winner: Obliverum

I’ve just realised that, given what happens in the last The Last Battle, its possible to write a Narnia/Source Code crossover. (This comment inspired by Obliverum’s Harry Potter dream).

i still need to watch this source code movie :smile:

last night i had a semi-lucid dream that im not going to count, and also a short lucid dream where i went to find corneluna! no task progress though.

i have never continued a story in a lucid dream before, or had recurring characters, which is one of the things motivating me to try it out with the extended task. so even though the dream was short and uneventful, it was a first for me! :grin:

claimed points:
short ld: 2pts

Susan_Y: Now I’m interested in this strange “Source Code” movie. :tongue:

Obliverum: Yay! I’m so glad you’re tackling the extended task. It’s making me quite happy that I get to help weave this narrative. :content:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

Movie trailer if you haven’t seen it. The scriptwriters were clearly influenced by lucid dreaming experiences…

Susan_Y: OH. It’s that movie. I haven’t seen it but I recall wanting to see it. :tongue:

Task 3: Metamorphosis
And so we arrive at our regularly scheduled transformation task. No LC would be complete without such a staple of lucid dreams. :tongue: And so it’s time to do some shapeshifting!

The task: change some shape! The caveat? I have specific types in mind and you won’t get points for changing shape, no. You’ll get points for using your new form! It’s not enough to just look different. You have to use whatever new form you take on somehow.

  • Prehensile Tail (2 Points)
    Grow a Prehensile Tail and use it to grasp something. Since tails are very common in Lucid transformations this task is only worth 2 points.

  • Scorpion Sting (4 Points)
    Grow a Metasoma, i.e. a Scorpion “Tail” and use the telson (“stinger”) to strike at something, injecting venom!

  • Crab “Claws” (4 Points)
    Grow a Chela and use it to pinch or snap at something! If you like Pokemon maybe try being a Krabby. :tongue:

  • Merfolk (4 Points)
    Grow a Caudal Fin in place of your legs and use it to swim faster in water.

  • A Homely Web(6 Points)
    Grow a Spinneret and use it in one of two ways: build a web for catching prey or use it to build a cocoon for yourself. I’d be especially interested in any arachnid transformations and how having eight legs might feel.

  • Shapeless Monster! (8 Points)
    Turn into a formless, non-humanoid monster of the grotesque or eldritch variety. I’m thinking either the Cronenbergs of Rick and Morty or any variety of eldritch creature like the Shoggoth from the wonderful mind of H. P. Lovecraft. Use your new form to horrify some DCs! Be the boogeyman you were always afraid of! This is a high-scoring task due to how difficult it should be.

A Maiden in Peril: Part 3
As of this moment, there hasn’t been a Part 2 completion. You can find the third task prompts below for all future Part 2 completions. Part 3 is worth 16 points!

SPOILER - Click to view

[center]… a tumbleweed blows by …[/center]

And for everyone who hasn’t completed Part 2 yet, all Part 3 reveals will happen immediately after any Part 2 completions from this point on. Good luck!

[center]Every shape and shade is simply beautiful… and you are too! :love:

… girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes …

Thanks Cornelia, however I don’t claim points because I differentiate between “wondering if it’s real” and specifically “wondering if it’s a dream”, which ultimately leads to LD
Sometimes I rationalize “not real” with video-games (or movies), so I cannot attain lucidity, e.g. it happened few days ago

New entries
Still no claim unfortunately

i had a very short ldwhere i started to go looking for corneluna again, but it was so short i dont want to count it! next time ill take a handicap to not count short lds because im tired of all of mine being too short to do anything! :cry: i did have to wake up though :tongue:

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

GenghisKhan: You’ll get it the next night!

Obliverum: I’m really glad how hard you’re trying for the extended task. Sorry I’ve been so elusive in your dreams. :tongue:

James_UK2008: That dream was almost predictive of the next task!

Everyone: No score updates to report. :tongue:

Cornelia - OMG premonition lol.

Had 3 NDs here this morning. No tasks.

Lucid dream, short duration (1 minute) in which I levitate. No other tasks done. I’ll claim the points for the lucid dream and for redoing the levitation task while lucid.

Been incubating it since Task 2 and finally got a dream with the TARDIS :tardis:. Not only bigger on the inside, but in the dream I explored corridors that impossibly loop back in on each other. For example, I exited the control room, took a right, walked down a long hallway, jumped down a hole in the ground to a lower level, took a left, and arrived at the same door I exited. I believe this qualifies as impossible geometry.

Nothing lucid to report.

Rhewin: that tardis dream sounds cool! :happy:

last night i had an ld that was all of 2 seconds long before i woke up, so i wont count it. but this challenge certainly is inspiring me to get lucid more!

Susan_Y: Congratulations on your lucid and going back to get the lucid points for that task!

Rhewin: When I designed the task the TARDIS briefly came to mind. I’m glad someone managed to pull it off!

Obliverum: Yay for lucidity! :happy:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

Non-lucid dream in which I explore a desert planet. Not Egypt (though it was starting to look like it) and no Cornelia, so no tasks done.

Had 4 Nds here this morning. No tasks (I think)

Latest DJ entry

Two NDs plus one DILD - I’d like to claim short LD points for properly recognizing I am dreaming
In the LD I get very close to my personal goal, but I do not feel like I achieved it, so not claiming points for that

Sadly I’m too busy to jump into this LC, but I’m enjoying following along; lots of magical and otherworldly dreams, lots of points, just my cup of tea, and Rhewin’s back! Keep up the good work everyone!