LC 64 - Winner: Obliverum

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Two NDs plus one DILD - I’d like to claim short LD points for properly recognizing I am dreaming
In the LD I get very close to my personal goal, but I do not feel like I achieved it, so not claiming points for that

Sadly I’m too busy to jump into this LC, but I’m enjoying following along; lots of magical and otherworldly dreams, lots of points, just my cup of tea, and Rhewin’s back! Keep up the good work everyone!

James_UK2008: I read your dreams when you post them. Sadly, yea. No tasks… but you almost came close with the werewolf one! If you had a prehensile tail, though. :tongue:

GenghisKhan: Noted! I’ve added your points for your LD. :smile:

DeRuyter001: Aww… Hope you’re not too too busy. :tongue: Are you still posting journals? * Cornelia goes to peek.

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks. Werewolves again though?! :wink:

James_UK2008: What a fun dream! Now you should use your shapeshifting werewolf powers to do Task 3. :tongue:

Task 4: Suit Up
And now for the final task of the LC. As previously mentioned, dreams are fantastical and unbound by the rules of waking life reality, and so impossibly advanced technology is at your fingertips! It’s time to get your very own suit of Power Armor!

The task: acquire a suit of Power Armor and take it out for a spin. Use its various functions and utilities to fight enemies, block powerful attacks, explore, and investigate!

  • Suit Up (2 Points)
    Acquire a suit of Power Armor. The suit should cover most, if not all of your entire body. This task is only worth 2 points because all of the following subtasks require that you have a suit of armor equipped.

  • Use an Attack Module (4 Points)
    Use your suit of armor to attack something. Maybe you have a deployable sword? Or shoulder-mounted plasma cannons! Missiles? A “rocket” punch?

  • Use a Defense Module (4 Points)
    Use your suit to block some kind of attack. Hand-in-hand with the above, maybe you have a deployable shield? Force fields… flares to distract incoming missiles. Whatever you can think of as long as it serves a “defensive” purpose.

  • Use a Mobility Module (4 Points)
    Use a facet of your armor to move around easier. Power thrusters like Iron Man, or grapple beams or the morph ball like Samus Aran. Anything that helps you move around the environment more efficiently than just walking, running, or “single-jumping”. A thruster used to acquire a second, mid-air jump would count!

  • Use a Utility Module (4 Points)
    Use a utility function of your armor. Perhaps you have scanning visors to acquire more information about your environment? A giant, arm-mounted drill for excavation? Welding and other repair tools for working on megastructures? Almost any advanced functionality that doesn’t fit the other three categories would likely meet this one’s requirement.

  • Defeat a Big Bad End Guy (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 Points)
    Fight a big boss of some kind using your armor! You don’t have to win, merely fight the enemy in more than just passing. Maybe a large arena battle with spectators watching. It can be any kind of enemy you’d like but should have that “boss” feeling. Goons and grunts won’t count! Additionally, your score for this task will be based on how many different types of the modules mentioned above that you use during the fight! Fighting a boss and not using any (i.e. walking around doing nothing) will only net you two points. Using attack and mobility modules will net you 6! While using Attack, Defense, Mobility, and Utility will gain you 10 points! (And also points for all the other subtasks listed above!) So go take down some big baddies!

This is the final task of the LC! It will run until next Friday, the 12th, at 0900 EDT. From that point you will have 24 hours to submit any last-minute claims (Saturday, the 13th, at 0900 EDT). Final scores and the winner will be announced on the 14th at the same time! Good luck!

[center]“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
~ Arthur C. Clarke

… silver white winters that melt into springs
these are a few of my favorite things …

oh my, only a week left already! id better get a move on finding corneluna :smile:

Non-lucid dream in which I climb a tower in a castle.

No Cornelia, but is this enough for the castle extended task? (i’m not having much sucess with this LC)

Obliverum: Doo eet!

Susan_Y: Were you searching / looking for something? If so, I’ll count it. (It doesn’t have to be for me even though the task says it should be. I’ll be lenient.) I could tell more if you wrote up your dream. :tongue:

Lucid dream (medium duration) in which I attempt (but fail) the conjuration task.

No task points, I think, but I’ll claim the points for the lucid dream.

another ld too short to count last night with another short failed attempt at the extended task.

Susan_Y: I’ve added the points for your medium LD… but you never answered my question about your castle dream. :tongue:

Obliverum: Heh… I’ve been a cat before in dreams… maybe that was me?!? :tongue: Though, nowadays… it’s more fox than cat. :tongue:

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

I think my dream of the castle doesn’t count for the extended task.

oh no, next time ill follow the cat! that would make more sense, since my sister is definitely not a cat person.

uhhh i only just realized right this moment that in my last failed corneluna attempt i was also following a person who turned into a cat and that made me lucid, but i ignored the cat and tried to find you elsewhere and it didnt work… i cant believe i didn’t even notice both my recent attempts at the task had that in common! i wouldnt have noticed it if you didnt bring it up. thats what comes of remembering your dreams when youve only just woken up and are all groggy about it and then moving on to busy work days after posting and forgetting all about it… :tongue: i dont think otherwise it is normal for me to dream about people turning into cats, i cant remember ever dreaming that before :wizard:

Had a short LD last night.

Claiming points for floating :smile:

Dream Journal

last night i had another annoyingly short ld, my 4th attempt at part 2 of the extended task. although if i werent trying to do the task i doubt id be having these lds at all!

it was early in the night so my recall is even fuzzier than the cat was, but i tried to follow her this time!

i dont know anything about cat breeds but from my googling i think it looked like a norwegian forest cat.

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

Susan_Y: Maybe next time, then!

Obliverum: Nyaaa~! purrs excessively

Koal44: I’ve marked you down for the LD and the floating… but did you shapeshift the DC using willpower? If so, that’s another task! Please let me know. :smile:

Obliverum (Again): Did you want to claim that short LD? You’ve passed on the past couple and didn’t explicitly say so here.


That sounds like a Lizardwoman… so… do you explicitly want to shapeshift for your personal goal? Sounds like you were really close here!

Everyone: Scores have been updated!

@Cornelia Xaos = If it’s applicable for points, I’ll gladly take them at this stage :smile:

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks. The last one was a hair short of being an LD. A shame with how nicely it flowed :wink:

I had a medium-length lucid dream in which I swam in the solid ground and even used it for surfing. Interesting? Yes. Worth points? Not so much.