LD and FLD

What is the difference between an LD and an FLD? thanks

In a Lucid Dream you are sure you are dreaming while dreaming.

In a False Lucid Dream you are NOT aware about dreaming, but you can still act like you were. I mean, you can do things impossible in real life.

In fact, it’s a normal dream about having a lucid dream (lucid dream within normal dream? - sorry about that, but it’s true!).

I gotta disagree, Tggtt. Dreaming about having a lucid dream is still having a lucid dream. You know that you are dreaming, even if the premise behind it is false. In this case, I would think of it as a transition between ND and LD.

As my general rule of thumb, if I think to myself “this is a dream” or otherwise know I am dreaming, it’s an LD, even if I have almost no control over the dream or my own actions. If I have all sorts of amazing super powers and even know its not reality (like I think I’m in a computer or something), it’s an FLD.

Well, Rhewin, when I dream about LDs and lucid dreaming without thinking that “I’m dreaming” or being it’s a dream since the beginning. I still consider them FLDs.

I mean, I think it’s possible to have a ND about LDs.

I’ve had an ND about LDs. I’d say the LD inside the dream is an FLD, but not the whole thing itself. I prefer to keep it less confusing for those who have a simple question (as I stated in my topic a while back about FLDs). That statement agrees with Rhewin, as such:

In an LD, you know you are dreaming, while in an FLD, you have powers or do things that you would do in an LD, but have not thought or said to yourself that you are dreaming.

It’s really just a simple question. To me, it’s a new person just wanting some simple information. For those of us more experienced with our LDs, things become more philosophical and questionable. But when we start something, we don’t want it confusing. If you want to debate FLDs, Tggtt, I’d be happy to debate in another topic, like this one. :content: (Yes, it’s my own topic. But it didn’t get much attention. :peek: )

But really, for questions like these, I prefer not to give complicated answers. :content: