LD and instant awakening - questions

OK, yesterday night i might have had a LD, i don’t know exactly (if it really was a LD or if i only dreamt of having a LD). It went like this:

I dreamt i was WILDing, then i knew i was dreaming (before that i did not). I found myself in a train, my brother sat opposite to me, i did not focus on something, so i always looked all over the place because i knew otherwise i would lose the dream :smile:stop REM). I thought about what i could do in the dream, still always looking all over the place. I tried to fly, which was a bit difficult at first, because i wanted to boost myself into the air really fast. It didn’t really work, even as i imagined of having rockets mounted onto my feet. I just couldn’t get a real fast boost. But eventually i found myself gliding above the landscape and i enjoyed it (it was like in paradise). I even rubbed my hands while doing this to ensure myself again that it was really a dream. Then after i landed i tried to do a somersault backwards, which i did not do perfectly. then i saw some fast cars next to me and i decided to have a fast ride with them. but then i somehow instantly woke up (without the dream fading). WHY??

Now i have some questions:

  1. is it normal that some dream szenarios only disappear partly? because there were still some curtains (from the train windows) in the air as i tried to fly, i had to wish them to disappear before they completely disappeared.

  2. my emotions in the dream were great (at least i think they were). shouldn’t that have disturbed the LD? because i heard that emotions are not good for LDs…

  3. how do i know if it really was a true LD, or if it was a normal dream, only letting me believe, that it was a LD? i think i remember of being really exited of having this LD, but the thing is: was that really me, or was the excitement part of a normal dream, like the whole LD??

  4. why did i wake up instantly? the dream should have at least faded first, or not?? even then i don’t find a reason for having waked up. or was that just the normal end of the REM phase, which lets the dreams end instantly (does it?)?? but why then did i not go directly into deep sleep, but wake up? was it in fact the end of my whole sleep period (which does end in REM)?

I get this in all of my LDs… Im not sure the cause…

All I can think of is that, I lose lucidity (Dont realise I do)
and then wake up from the normal dream, I donno…

Id like to hear what other people have to say

If you know you are dreaming, it must be a lucid dream. But when you are lucid dreaming, you know it is not a normal dream. How can it be possible that you wonder if it was a lucid dream or not ? :confused:

emmm… And now, are you really awake, or is it a normal dream that let you believe you’re awake ? :wink:

Of course, your emotions can make you wake up instantly. For instance, that’s the problem of a lot of people who are dreaming of love situations. When it begin to be interesting… they wake up.

  1. Yeah, sometimes your mind cant keep up with the info you want processed, and only goes halfway.

  2. Emotions only control the dream type. If you’re scared, your dream gets scarier (SP), I’f your happy, your dream will be awesome.

  3. You were lucid. I have no doubt =P.

  4. It could have been the end of REM, but odds are, you were doing to much for your mind to handle. Esspecially if you dreamed right after you fell asleep again.

Cool dream :smile:

Well if you know you are dreaming ( which it appears you did ) and you could control the dream, even just a little bit ( which you did ). Then, I would say you had a lucid dream. So congratulations on your lucid dream.

As far as the dream ending goes: A dream my gradually fade or it may end abruptly with no warning. I recommend doing prolonging techniques 1) when you first become lucid. 2) at periodic intervals throughout the dream.

Happy Dreaming.