LD Blackouts?

Hey everyone,

After months and months of drought (mainly because the RC method doesn’t really work for me, I discovered), I finally had a full blown LD last night with good recall, and as usual this LD was rather vivid (it was at the end of a 9 hour sleep cycle). I dreamed that I was at a party in Bethany Beach, DE, and had to drive home (it was 5AM). Suddenly the dream sort of “phased” and I was instantly zooming around the DC area, in Northern Virginia (at least I thought so, meaning that it was in the dream world).

It didn’t take long for me to slowly start realizing (and I mean slowly) that I was dreaming…the excuses my mind tried to make failed and I knew I was dreaming after I checked text several times.

But this LD was…very different from the others. At points during this LD, suddenly everything would go black as night and I could not see a single thing. This happened at least twice, if not more, in my low-level LD. At one point, still in my “waking up” phase of the LD, I was on a beach (my dreams LOVE to teleport me around, making me highly confused) reading text multiple times to test the dreamscape. When it went black, and “increase lucidity now” (my first time using verbal commands!) failed me, I spun. I entered an FA, but quickly RC’ed my way out of it.

I tried to conjure somethings, only to now wake up for real this time. GRRR.

What are these “all black” screens that are placed over my eyes? Is there some sort of remedy to avoid them? Does seeing them mean that I am getting better at LDing? (I didn’t have FA’s during my first LDs)

hmm ok first question , how offen do u ld.

ok i will tell you what happened to me maybe this will help. When i first started out at lucid dreaming i always awoke right away, i trained and lasted a little longer, i found a nice little techquine i called it “letting go to hang on” this is where i drop lucidity to hang onto the dream and regain it later, anyway this way i got the hang of holing onto the dream. so after i learnt how to stay in the sream longer than 2 seconds :content: i had this black screen u r tlking about. i belive this is us waking up. from my experince i have found that we lose sight first, than sound and last feeling.

So to sum that up, no i dont thik this is a part of lucid dreaming that you should be aiming for, if i were you i would start rubbing my hands together, or spinning, or grab onto somthing this works for me !

i dont get these black outs anymore and i dont know how i got rid of them i spos i just kept at it.

good luck


Though my dream recall is very shaky (too lazy to write often in journal), to my knowledge I have LDs once a month or so…

I’ve only had one or two LD’s that were tons of fun, sadly…still trying to figure out how the hell I can stabilize the dreamscape.

Though about these “blackouts”, they were not me waking up (surprisingly enough), because I would somehow regain vision in a new place (IIRC).

How exactly DO you “let go” of lucidity? Teach me, please! I BEG OF YOU.

EDIT: Actually, the blackout may have been me waking up, because I remember feeling like I was experiencing SP and then suddenly jumping back into the dream somewhere else…could this have been WILD?![/b]

hmm i strongly think you were waking up and if you were lucid after you awoke than it spose it could be counted as a wild. but using this method i would say you at least have to be awake for more than 3 seconds to count :wink:

anyway i cant teach you how to let go, i dont even know how i do it myself. it is just like this. inside a nonld you have a feeling, just a sorta not real feeling . when u r lucid you have a awarness feeling, to drop lucidity i just sorta relax and think about not being lucid and hence going back to the nonld dream, but i have a nagging feeling and soon go lucid again. I am sorry i cant help more :sad: