LD & drugs?


I’m trying to have LD experiences back (haven’t been practicing
for years) but to me it seems like I don’t have the same skills I used to have before (first time I practiced I had a LD the second day of practicing!). When I had LD’s I didn’t smoke nor did I drink alcohol; some people have told me that this could be the reason of me not being able to have LDs again, but I’m not sure: how does it affect? Does smoking regular cigarrettes affect at all (like 15 per day?) Does drinking some wine or beer while having dinner affect?

Just wanted to know your opinion, this forum is fantastic, I’m from Spain and I used to get into spanish forums like this with very few people.

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Yeah, it’s sort of true. When you’re drunk when going to sleep, you’re pretty much fucking up your Dream Recall.
Cigarettes do not affect LDs. Some wine or beer at dinner does not have effect, being drunk is.

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Actually I heard nicotine does affect DR, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. It’s probably true but Im not sure it will make a huge difference, mabey just a small change.

Then maybe if you’re used to drink some alcohol everyday you have less dream recall than a non-drinker person. Huh, that’s interesting. I’m wondering if it affects the “quality” of your dreams too, because if I ever get drunk and remember my dreams, these use to be random or scary, or both.