LD fears...

there are two things that still frighten me a little about Lucid Dreaming…
I would like to know what you think about them.

First, is it possible to have a frightening LD, in wich you know you are dreaming, but still can’t control the dream, can’t avoid thinking about bad things, that will consequently start appearing? have anyone of you experienced such a thing?

maybe your answer will be “just quit the dream, since you know you’re just dreamin”, this will lead to my second question…

do you experience sleep paralysis after a Lucid Dream…

  1. if the dreams fades out by itself.
  2. if you chose to abrubtly get ou of the dream and wake.
  3. or never.

(I have a read somewhere that having a Lucid Dream increases the chances of experiencing a SP just after it ends)

Personally, I´ve never experienced anything of the like. I can´t remember any LD scaring me even though my amount of control isn´t usually the best and as for SP: Hm… I think it partly occurs when I´m WILDing but I´ve never had a moment where I experienced it as threatening.
So, might be different individually of course but I´d say just don´t give the frightening stuff too much thought. :smile:

I have felt fear in a LD. Can really only remember one time. But it’s no big deal, you shouldn’t worry.
They say that you are more likely to experience SP if you practise lucid dreaming. I think that’s true, because you are practising awareness, and it is actually called “awareness during sleep paralysis”. I have personally experienced things where I might have been paralysed after waking up, but I didn’t try to move, and there was nothing unpleasant about it.
So you shouldn’t worry about this at all really. If something scary happens, it is only a scare. Maybe you’ll think it’s a fun thrill! Also, you’ll have a story to tell.

I think of frightening things all the time within LDs and sometimes they manifest. The thing is to keep cool and be prepared with creativity as your weapon to keep you out of the scary stuff… and if you do end up having a nightmare… well, sith happens and hopefully it’ll fade with time. :neutral:

I’ve never been scared in an LD, the worst one was I was being chased by the government or something, but I dont think I was scared.

If something scary is in a dream, you probably know it can’t hurt you. Unless your afraid it actually will hurt but not in RL and so you DO feel pain…if you expect it, still, it can’t hurt YOU. Think it won’t/can’t hurt you, it won’t.(weird example of pain will be fit in spoiler)

Majority of this doesn’t have to do with pain…and they had a harder time since they weren’t lucid. It won’t hurt for you if you are lucid. Not unless you believe it will hurt/want and believe it will hurt.

[spoiler]I woke up in bed in the dream…And I noticed how I sorta felt different, wasn’t really describable I just remember feeling different…

So I get up and Im on 4 legs? yes I am on 4 legs as I look down at my hands that were now black paws and I ran jumped off my bed, shocked I looked into the mirror and saw I was a fox and I noticed how everybody at home was out, just like in real life, Im the last one out of the house in the day and so I sorta thought…I need to escape or be caged or something…so I snook across to the front door and it’s handle was too high up as I soon noticed after trying to grip it with my paws which also proved difficult…

So I returned after grabbing some large books in my mouth and taking them one by one and building a pile of them by the door and then I climbed and clawed at the door again trying to use my new paws to grip the handle. After about half an hour of struggling, I even saw the clock in the other room through the open kitchen door, I opened the door to the front of the house. I jumped out and ran down the road, that little scurry thats not exactly running and as I got past an old friends house I looked round to see if anybody was following and the street, it was deserted. There was nobody, no animals or people at all. I faced my head forward again and kept running, getting paranoid about being a bright orange fox in a tarmac road and the way that there were no humans about and that they may be watching me or maybe even the reason why I was a fox. I look around again…nobody…I turn and face forward only to collide with a leg in jeans and little dirty trainers…taking a deep breath and squeaking from how much my new snout hurt which was weird since, I’ve never had one before and Im feelimg pain in a place I never had before…as that happened, I notice the feeling of hands under my armpits and around my chest only to be picked up while hearing “FOXIES, YAY FOXY!” and I look up, noticing my hearing was better than usual and the sqawking voice booming in front of me made my head tense up and eyes close in hope of it stopping, then I open them and I see; the girl from next door, she was a very nice girl, same age as me, unfortunately with a mental brain disorder, but she was ever so kind to me when I was human, she used to hug me when she saw me which was nice and I saw her, then I though…Oh no…no…noooo…Im gonna be her little hug slave forever now!..and she held me like a girl hugging a teddy bear then took me inside and just before bumping into her I thought I had freedom from being human…then she puts me down on the floor in her house and shuts the door…she walks off and I sit down wagging my tail playing around with the new feeling of having one…until she returned and puts me in a large cage…[/spoiler]

SP is nothing. I sort of enjoyed my first experience. :spinning: Don’t worry

I only remember one LD (Well, it started out as lucid) that was frightening because i thought i was trapped in the dream and couldn’t wake myself up. If my lucidity had been stronger, my thinking wouldn’t have been so muddled and then i would have felt completely safe.

Generally I find ND’s much scarier because you’re not aware of what’s happening and dreams do like to exagerate fear.

I’ve hardly ever had SP. One or two times it was very scary but since reading loads about it and trying to deliberately induce SP, the experience got easier to cope with. So i really think it’s something you should persevere with.

in my experience, scary occurances in LD’s are less scary than normal nightmares. this is because i am able to take the attitude, “oh for goodness sake. it’s only a dream.” and just ‘walk out’ of the situation. or say i’m having a bad dream where i’m say balanced on a really high up place, and afraid to fall, i’ll just jump off, and most likely end up having an FA. :O)

i have sleep paralysis probably almost every time i get to lie-in… and it’s never a problem. i’m never able to become lucid during my sleep paralysis though, they tend to be brief and frustrating, but not scary or anything.

Things that scare you in Lucid dreams DO occur. But you’ve just got to relax, they can’t hurt you… I know its difficult to explain as it must terrify you at the time but; the more you KNOW that it can’t hurt you, the more relaxed you’ll become.

Also, I lucid dream almost every night; I have NEVER experienced Sleep Paralysis…

There have been many times in which this has happened to me on low level lucid dreams, once you realise its a dream fully, you can embrace your fear and concour it and i tell you what, it is one of the most special things you can do inside a ld. You will, most of the time, receive a special gift, let it be music, a wonderful dream sence, love of your life etc etc anything you can imagine, i have had some wonderful random experinces.Even though it can be scary, it can also be one of your most rewarding lucid dreams.

1 & 2

but it doesnt last long and once you realise how to get out of it it can last as little as a few seconds. Its nothing to be scared of infact, if you are stressed up and high strung like me it is going to be an awesome experience, you will be relaxed!

If you learn to like SP, which wont take long, you will find lucid dreaming a lot eaiser through WILD, and also if you wake up and feel SP you can use it as a gate way back into LD.

Good Luck