LD frequency, other people's LDs and flying

i have been practicing this for about 5 days and already had an ld and it actually lasted a while and i could control it and everything. was i just very lucky or is this a sign that this will come to me easily. also where can i find lds of others to read about (on this site). also is it me or do you actualy need to learn and practice flying in lds cause it was hard to fly haha

Edited the topic title, please use something else than “question” or nobody will know exactly what you ask :cool:

I think it’s possible to be both lucky and skillful :content: Congratulations on one or the other, anyway.

Dream Journals? It’s often a mix of ND’s and LD’s, though-- the Lucid Quests that assign dreamers something specific to do in a lucid dream, usually have links in the comments to the specific lucid dreams where the poster accomplished it.

Have you ever had a non-lucid dream of flying? 'Cause I just try to copy that.
In quite a few of my LD’s, though-- it doesn’t work. I guess the conscious/logical mind that alerts us to that we’re dreaming in the first place… can make it difficult to do something that it’s not used to. So, actually, yes, I need to practice too :eek:… but I don’t know where we learn. Swimming, maybe, or playing with magnets and static electricity and wondering what it would be like to be the other magnet with the same charge, or bit of styrofoam? I haven’t tried flying with jetpacks, wings, broomsticks or flying carpets yet, maybe those would be easier for the logical mind to accept. (I mean I still think sometimes that I need updrafts to fly in dreams. :tongue: )