LD help

hi, i have already had my first LD which lasted for a few minuites however im not finding it any easier infact, im finding it harder to get lucid now. Even with RC. Please help me :cry:

Take it easy, these things take time, you have to be patient. I had my first LD on my first try, but I didn’t get another one until like a week later. And nowdays I only have them once or twice a month. It’s different for different people.

You’ll have a second LD eventually, just give it some time. It’s good that you’re motivated, but don’t stress it. When you stress you’ll just get frustrated, and then it’ll be much harder to get LD’s.

And, don’t forget to value ND’s too. :smile: Dreams are awesome, both LD’s and ND’s, so even if you don’t get a LD, just enjoy the ND, and then see LD’s as a kind of bonus when you get them. :smile:

I feel your pain! Count yourself lucky, I’ve never even rememebered to carry out a RC in a dream yet! :smile:

yea dont stress it too much, as OlesiaTheDreamer said, frustration can cause you to have a much harder time having ld’s. with practice and patience, you will have a ld again :content:

Relax. My advice - remember that point when you became lucid in that dream? It had suddenly seemed so obvious, so easy right? Keep hold of that feeling. Be positive about this - LD’ing is easier if you think it’s easier.

And yeah, be patient. Now you’ve had a taster, that should (hopefully) give you more of a urge to have further LD’s.

Two questions: how long after you became interested in LDs did you have your first one, and how long ago was that?

My guess is that you had your first LD within a few days of becoming interesting, and a week or two later, you haven’t had any more luck. That’s normal. Just make sure LDing is still a priority for you and don’t give up. What technique(s) are you trying?

Bah, reality checks are overrated. I’ve have quite a few of lucid dreams and there was only a single time reality checks ever helped. All other times I either went to sleep lucid or suddenly became lucid from a normal dream.

Really, you must stop pushing yourself or be worried about it. Just use the techniques you learned and be calm about it. Dreams are like fluffy pillows, glowing rainbows, emotional night skys, and soft beds and floaty warm feelings and alllll the nicest things, ahhh. aaahhhh :content: feels sooo nice. just let it all sink in. :fly: like nice warm and fuzzy hug.

ahhh, just breathe in… breathe out… ahhhhhhh :love: Love yourself, love your dreams, love rest. feel yourself just letting your desires out, letting your lucid dreams come to you.

now you will have a lucid dream.

Well, reality checks are overrated for some people…for other people, RCs are the #1 way to achieve lucidity. It can’t hurt to do them, as long as you’re doing them right.

RC Bob, welcome to the forum! :smile:

I would recommend that you read the first post of this thread. I know, it’s a bit big, but it will help you choose a technique that will most likely help you get lucid.

Don’t forget: sometimes it takes time to have an LD, even if you had your first, and you should not quit trying or get frustrated. If ti’s really not going to happen, take a couple of weeks not to think at all about LDing and then restart trying.

—Bruno :bruno:

cheer’s :smile: you hav all been a great help and ive come to realize to respect my ND aswell, (hopefully) ill have another LD soon just not as soon as i expected. :sad:

You never know, mi amigo, you may have one tonight, if you’re lucky. :content: Also, mess around with all the different techs. The topic can give you ideas on what to try first, but you can only tell what tech is for you by experimenting.

For me: MILD was suggested. I have YET to have a good MILD experience, but WILD works great!

Just play around a bit to see what fits you.

Have happy lucids- a lot of them- and soon! :grin: