LD-Lucid sky & Giving myself to the higher!Longtime no p

Hi guys. Its been ages since I posted on the board. The names LucidLasVegas on LD4all.com…been LDing a lil over a year i think? Lost track of time…but Im still only a novice, never mastered LD’ing. I like to post as vividly and discriptive as I can of my LD’s, so people can enjoy them as much as I do. This is the FIRST MAJOR LD i’ve had in some time…a couple few months, and Im also happy to say one of my longest.

Im working with little dream recall, so I know there are ‘gaps’ in this LD because it was so long. But i’d like to share what I do remember vividly. Here goes.

Not sure how I go lucid, but I am Lucid in my backyard. I have enough ‘sense’ in this LD to be fully aware of things I want to do, one of which is yell out, “INCREASE LUCIDITY and LUCIDITY X1000”. Well…seems it may of worked because I had a very long, lovely LD.

As i yell out INCREASE LUCIDITY though…my voice is muffled or something, can’t go very loud. I know because im Lucid that im in a dream and im not really yelling, so i should be able to ‘will’ a proper yell. As i ‘will’ my voice to be loud as i yell, I again yell out, 'INCREASE LUCIDITY", and im DEFINITLY louder than before, but to my suprise it sounds like im talking through a broken megaphone hehe.

So I move on…

I want to see some REALLY GOOD LUCID SKIES…so I look up. But like usual its just a normal sky really…LOTS OF VERY DIMLY lit stars, but nothing special at all. So I look around and wonder why it’s dark out in most my LD’s…so I say outloud, “I WANT IT TO BE DAY”…as i say it some lights turn on in the backyard, but its still night out hehe.

I then look up at the sky and ITS AMAZING- TRULY THE LUCID SKY i’ve been waiting for. Lots of light blue and pink…but what is THIS? There is a GIANT SKELETON ARM made by TONS OF PINKS and YELLOWS and BLUES in the middle of the sky. WAS FRIGGIN AWSOME. Better than anything i’ve experianced in the way of sky’s yet…but later on something EVEN COOLER is seen…ill get to that.

So I try to fly around…but…no go. So i say to myself, “NO GRAVITY IN MY LD”…a lil flying technique I read in LaBerge’s book i think. I don’t have much trouble flying usually but i use this technique for fun…and it works, I gently fly around the back of my yard, but get bored quickly so I decide to try to GO TO SPACE for the 4th or 5th time. I get up high in the sky, all the while looking at a lil white full moon…no go…Yet to get to space yet!

So Im back on the ground again, and I decide to try something out of the ordinary. I wanted to ‘give myself to the higher’. Im not religious, not all that spiritual…but to ME, my ‘higher’ is just lucidness…kinda like giving myself up to the dream.

WELL…I say, “I give myself to the higher” BAMMMMM. One of my BEST LUCID MOMENTS TO DATE. My eyes close as im lifted gently up above the ground, and TONS OF COLORS swirl around me, and IM TOTALLY IN AWE as the feeling of euphoria is just SOOO OVERWHELMING. Better than the sex i’ve had in LD FOR SURE. Was simply amazing…VERY POWERFUL!

I don’t remember what all happened other than a few vivid seconds of this…

Not sure the order so ill just write the things i remember vividly next.

Im down the street from my house looking down the street i notice the sky is beautiful. I look up…and OMG. I SEE A HUGE PLANET hovering . I can make out clouds, oceans, land mass, mountain…>ALL OF IT> Was great!!! BUT THEN …the planet slowly turns pure pink…gets a bit smaller, and I SWEAR TO YOU…it FALLS OUT OF THE SKY, and is now a big bouncy ball that casually BOUNCES PAST me as im LAUGHING. THAAAAAT WAS NEAT!!!

I now wake up amazed that i had a GREAT LD. I say, 'well, guess ill check my reality just incase". I look down, and see two of the same rings, one on each hand…IM DREAMING WOOOT! The fun continues…I love defeating FA’s.

I am now looking at myself in a small mirror on the wall, and my nose keeps changing shapes hehe. I decide to try the classic ‘go thru the mirror’, which i’ve had no success at. I put my head against the mirror and its as hard as glass. I give myself a few seconds to “WILL” myself thru it…and i do…my head slips thru and im now again looking at myself on the other side, but my head is definitly IN the mirror. I laugh…and BUBBLES COME OUT OF MY MOUTH AND IM CLEARLY ‘under water’…but i’m not. Just bubles came out and my laugh was muffled as it would be if I was really underwater.

Well, thats about it. I know the LD all together had to be about 15 min long. VERY LONG for me…and im VERY HAPPY about it. I need to get my dream recall up a bit, and im hoping this most recent LD will SNOW BALL into me having the two LD’s a week or so like i was having back in my prime.

Well, hope i didn’t bore you, and sorry its written so poorly, kinda in a rush to finish this my typing is stirring my brother in his bed.

Well, hope to have more to share soon. THANKS FOR TH EINSPIRATION ECT to everyone i’ve been chatting with in the chat room. Have a WONDEFUL waking state, and even better Lucid dream state!


That was an interesting ld Vegas. The other night I had an ld in which I issued a voice command but I also experienced a muffling of my voice. I think, though, that I was afraid that if I was too loud then I would wake myself up.

I hope I could someday have an ld with the length and clarity of the one that you’ve just described. My lds are vivid, but they usually don’t last more than a couple of minutes.

Yup. Thats usually how mine are. Like I said, i consider myself only a novice. I’ve done lots of things , and have steadily been learning how to manipulate my Lucid Enviroments…but pretty much all my LD’s have been no longer than 5 min, and on average maybe 3 or so. This one was just SOOOOO LONG.

And today I remembered why I was heading down the street from my house…I was LOOKING FOR TRAFFIC to commit suicide lol. (Thanks Atheist). Was going to throw myself in front of a truck lol, which is prob not the best way to do it, but thats what came to mind.

P.S. No interest in killing myself IRL…I’m actually seeking the “rebirth” sensation some have reported after killing yourself in a LD.

Wow, I’m impressed. That sounds like quite a fun experience you’ve had. I can’t do anything like that, because in both my lucid dreams so far, I’ve had no real thought or logic abilities.

Hey LucidLasVegas! Don’t know if you remember me from the good old times? :smile: We were pretty active a year ago…

Anyway, I’m gonna try getting more into LDing and stuff now (AGAIN), and thought I’d check out what’s happening on the forum. Weird to see you here again…I’m not gonna read your post until right before I go to sleep tonight though.—I remember your LDs were always inspiring, so hopefully they’ll give me some cool dreams…


WOW ALASKEN> How are you man? It’s great to see you on the forum. I just started posting, this was actually my first post. Hope to have some more stuff to say as I get ‘back’ into LucidDreaming. Real life took a poop on me for a minute there, got real busy, and lost dream recall ect ect. (Exuses exuses) . I’ve slowly been getting back into it, and after watching "waking life’ the movie, i realized it is IMPORTANT to dream every day…which includes Lucid Dreaming! So…hopeing this latest LD helps to snow ball into more.

But it’s just great to see you! How have you been. How is your LD success ect ect? Talk to you later bro, looking forward to it.

Yeah, I’ve been busy too…doing the year in the army that all Norwegian males have to do (in theory anyway…60% get away with it)…haven’t been thinking much about dreaming, and besides, when you live in a tiny room with 5 other ppl and have to get up at 5:30 in the morning, you don’t feel much like keeping a dream diary :smile:

Now, though, I live at home (moved to a camp 20 mins from home) and have much more spare time…started thinking about LDing the other day, and came to the conclusion that I should start it up again…I just think I’m lucky to know about it, and really want to learn it…

Started doing some chakra meditation last night, as I had a pretty intense experience with it last year when I was into the whole LDing business…gonna do that meditation every night now, and start keeping a dream diary I think…I do have LaBerge’s book, but I don’t think I have the patience to follow all his instructions…

anyway, the first thing I’m gonna work on is my dream recall…how is yours? I had a pretty vivid dream last night, but usually don’t remember any dreams at all…

Awesome dream, the kind of stuff I’d like to do in LDs :cool: The “No gravity” thing is very interesting, quite an ingenious yet simple way to make flying in LDs easy. Was that in LaBerge’s first or second book? I only have his second, I’m somewhat close to the end and I never saw that.

Interesting. Very interesting. This has given me an idea. In my next LD I’m going to try and simply tell my mind to give me some good feeling (or something suggesting that) and see what happens. I’ve had lots of different feelings that I’ve either never experienced in real life, or have experienced in real life but no one else seems to have. It’s a shame, really, that so many people don’t get to experience the many types of “feelings” I get :smile:

Awesome dream!

Hey Alasken, sorry I didn’t get back earlier. Been having some troubles posting on the forum. My dream recall is a bit weak lately, but in the last week and a half I’ve gotten it up to at least one dream a night. Should be having a lucid dream a week to start out again…hopefully more. My LONG TERM goal is to have them at will. I have soooo much stuff I want to do / try / learn in my lucid dreams. So…that’s why im here. The place I feel most at home talking about lucid dreams and sharing them. I think just spending a few minutes a day ‘thinking’ or ‘reading’ about dreams and lucid dreams helps greatly in lucid dreaming, thats why im here.

Well…keep me updated on your progress bro, I’ll let you know how things go for me too.

Good seeing you, and take care.

Oh, and thanks everyone for your nice remarks ect.

Tride, second book i think. I think it’s in there somewhere. Maybe not. I don’t use that technique when i want to fly, I just did it this time cuz it came to mind. I usually don’t have much trouble flyingm, as I fly in MOST of my regular dreams in some fashion.

Wow! :cool_laugh: It’s great to see some familar names! Alasken AND LLV! It’s great to see you two around again! :smile: I remember you both from the ol’ N54 days.

Sorry, I haven’t read the whole thread yet or LLV’s LD, but you can bet I will. LLV always had the longest and detailed LDs, they were the best to read. Jack posted a good one a while back, and he was happy that I mentioned it was as good as a LLV LD. :wink:

I hope I see both of you guys around here more often!

BTW, We have a dream diary section made just for sharing nice and long LDs. It would be nice if you posted your LDs in that section. :thumbs:
Take-care you two!

1 year of phpPP LD4all forum and now some oldtimers coming back, great! :bounce:

15 minutes, not bad for a “novice”. Creating planets out of the sky, neither bad. Muddling through dry period, I’m truly jealous :smile:

HEYA DREAM ADDICT! This is great, really excited about being back on the forum. And I’ll make sure to start posting my LD’s in the right place. This was a bit of a mixed post…lil bit of ‘sharing experiance’ like it said, and of course the LD part of it, so I didn’t know where to post. But ill make sure to follow the rules ect to keep your work load down :smile:

Dry spell indeed. But I’m trying to get back and better than ever. I feel something cool is gonna happen in this next phase of LD’ing, but I definitly gotta work on my dream recall ect.

Well, again, great to see you, and I’ll keep in touch!

p.s. It was 15 min, had to be, but I know I didn’t recall all of it heh. But the actual length of it I ‘sense’ was about 15 minutes…which is exciting for me as most of my LD’s were no more than a solid 5 min.

@dreamaddict and brainhacker:

Hullo, nice to see other “oldtimers” :smile: It’s great to see that this forum still is thriving :wink:


Yeah, I just started my dream journal yesterday, and I’ve so far recorded 7 dreams :smile: Not bad, but none of them were particularly vivid…I prefer quality over quantity…In one of the dreams (it was so non-vivid and I remember so little of it that I didn’t even bother to write it down) I was even trying to prove to people that I was not dreaming…

At the moment I’m studying for my psychology exams that I’ll have tomorrow and the day after …it’s a pain in the ass, but it’ll be pretty nice when I’m done…