LD material

hello all, i’m just wondering what different LD related books any of you would recomend. I want to get a book or 3 :content: but i’m not sure what to get. Also, if you have any websites with LD inducing MP3 files or something of that nature, they would be most appreciated as well.

EWLD (by Steven LaBerge) is a good book.

I dunno any others :wink:.

When I was looking for LDing books I went on Barnes and Nobles’ website and typed in “lucid dream” I found a god amount of books that could help you.

Not sure how you feel about e-books (i’m not a great fan myself) but there are plenty of those floating around too…

I’m a bit suspicious about those inducing mp3! I believe negative messages could easily be transmitted by the tone of voice or simply by words! i would stick with natural, real deal! for as hard as it may seem!
:content: peace@us.all

I have this book, but am quickly nearing the end, does anyone have anymore ideas that is something as groundbreakingly good as EWLD? As when im finished with this, i want to find something to further my knowledge of LD’s.

EWLD is bar far the most extensive lucid dreaming book I have ever read so far, but here are some other ones I’ve read.

Lucid Dreaming by Pamela Ball (not really a great book)
The Lucid Dreaming Book by Pauland Charla Devereux
Lucid Dreaming; A Concise Guide to Swakening in your Dreams and in your Life
Lucid Dreams in 30 Days by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub

wow thanks a bunch, i’ll probably go to boarders and get EWLD today, thanks for the recommendations