LD might be dangerous

is there anyway LD might be dangerous becuase i was in another forum and it had this guys friends get mixed up with dreams and reality. so i dont know if i should do the lucid dreaming . Does it accually seem so realy which being lucid ??
anyways idk… i would appreciate if someone would send me some warning of doing a LD thanks

Not really, don’t worry about thinking you’re lucid and jumping off of a building. Of course, there are about 1 in a big number odds that something could happen, but don’t worry about them. The risk is the same as walking out in public. Someone could pull a gun on you, but chance says it’s not going to happen. Nothing to worry about, kid! :happy:

LDing being dangerous is like saying thatd dreaming is dangerous. Unless you have a serious problem with telling the difference between reality and fantasy, you’re fine. Even the most vivid dreams are waaaay different that IRL.

Oh, and welcome to the forum btw. :wave: (SOAD rocks! :boogie: )

but its crazy i mean its pretty freaky to get SP. IDK still thinking if i should do a lucid dream. anyways whats an old hag ?

I LIKE SP, personally. It’s a pretty cool experience. Old Hag you can think of as a nightmare… sorta. You see some scary figure in the room, but can’t move at all. I’ve never seen anyone, I don’t fear them. If you have no fear, you won’t see it. Even if you do, you can will your mind to make it into a nice figure. The good thing about this is you can easily go into a LD, like with SP. Sweet stuff. :cool:

Some people see an old women or “witch” during SP. But I think this is explained because during SP you are half asleep and you think you are seeing old hag. (please correct me if I’m wrong). It can seem very very real while it is happening. But I don’t think there is anything that can physicaly injure you when this happens.
Some people don’t see a thing when this happens.


Unless your the one out of a billion that goes insane and starts craddled your knees in the corner of the room mumbling to yourself “It’s all a dream, do a reality check…AH! Dream. Dream. Dre–AH! It’s a dream. RC. RC. Reality–DREAM!” Or the person that doesn’t think he needs to do a reality check and jumps off a building because he thinks he can fly, then nothing will happen that can physically harm your body.

There’s always the chance that you dream something so horiffying that it mentally scars you for life, but I don’t think the odds are very good.

So, If I do the math–carry the four, add the ten, add then four, subtract the denominator–I figure your odds of going insane or dying are about 4/1,000,000,000,000.

Seeing as the world population is still shy of seven billion, I’m thinking those are pretty low odds.

But, sometimes (rarely) during a WILD, you can be thrown into different states (mentally). Things like extreme panic, fear, depression, feelings of drowning, and in some cases pain. Oh, did I say rarely, because I mean rarly. VERY rarely.The fear and panic states are probably more common, but the feeling of drowning and the pure pain are much less.

Those are pretty much all the risks involved. OH, and sometimes lack of sleep, but that’s no biggy. The only negative parts of of lucid dreaming that you’re likely to encounter aren’t even real, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

You might want to stay away from the whole jumping off buildings thing, just to be safe. 8Σ

If you keep your LDs fresh and extraordinarily exciting, you should be able to distinguish it from the ennui and monotony of the alltag!

But always RC just to be sure! The hand/finger technique is tops - I heard some bloke used a broken clock as an RC, and concluding he was dreaming, did something inappropriate and indecent to a woman. He, thankfully, escaped unharmed :content: but learnt his lesson (Or so I hope!)

I think that lucid dreaming can be a sort of a BAD TRIP, can’t it? If you are so inclined… The question is how to turn the nightmare into a pleasant experience? If I dream of a person who I fear, how can I escape the meeting with him/it?

If you’re lucid, you can do it without any difficulty. Just change them, or go away, or attack them (you pretty much can’t lose.), or become invisible so that they can’t see you, or turn them into your friend, the list goes on and on.

I have never heard of this being common, unless you are already mentally ill. I had my first LD when i was 7-8 years old and i have never experienced anything close to that.

I think it works more the opposite way, so that you actually learn better to differ between dreams and reality.

I think you should go ahead and learn lucid dreaming…

Is it just me that remembers some thread from like 2003 where this guy had this death experince while lding.
He saw the light in the tunnel as most people who have had a near death experince also claim they have seen.
He tried to get closer to the light but said that he got a feeling that it was dangerous and that it might be a possibility of causing his own death if he got to near.
And one day he just stopped typing in the forums?
Or am i just remembering a dream now, lol :razz:

Wow, that is scary.

Was it Jeff?

The first couple times you get SP you have no idea what’s going on, and you don’t always have hallucinations. But SP lose their edge if you get used to them. You could just fall back asleep.

I guess there are always risks of some sort for everything. And there always seem to be a few people who have problems with things that the majority don’t. But I think that LDing is safer than things we do in real life everyday. And just think how many years LDs can add to your life. Instead of being unconscious in sleep we’re aware and living and enjoying. So I would say go for it.

Yeah, that might have been the name.
You know what happened?
Did he change his name in this forum?

Jeff is very much alive, but does not come to the forums anymore because of some internal issue between him and some mods.

I think maybe he also visits dreamviews.com forums.

Not true, he was saying it to scare you. You can’t get confused, like that. Dreams are just a part of your subconsiouse mind, anyone can have control over them.