LD music

I’ve always imagined going into a big battle or something in a LD and saying “Dream play the song Crack the Shutters by Snow Patrol.” beating the stuff out of some dude while huming a song only i can hear.

anyone have any luck with this? love to hear.

thanks, :mrgreen_hat:

I’ve never tried this, but I imagine if you found a way to put this into your dream without having it come out of midair (ie a pair of headphones plugged into an mp3 player, all strapped on to your person so you didn’t lose them) you might be able to get some music playing in your dream.

I had a LD where i was in a cage fight and was listening to “The darkest nights-As i Lay Dying” and it was really epic and there were strobe lights and stuff and it just made everything 20x cooler

Hmm it seems a lot of things come from WL experiences so perharps if you’ve heard the song, or know it well?

any it is just an idea but i was trying to avoid mp3ish type use because when burning the inside of someones soul you can’t be wearing headphones. :happy:

hah was it just you that heard it or did everyone but seems like something like that would pump you up and you would just start wining no matter what.

In my dreams I can get my dream to play songs I know as perfectly as if I was listening to it IWL, it isn’t coming from any source, it seems to play in the air around me. :smile:

Ctharlhie, how can you start a song in your dream?

I had a dream where I could hear the song Soul to Squeeze by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I have heard the song a lot and the days before I heard it in my dream I had been learning to play it on my bass and had been practicing with my friends. So I would say as long as you know the song well enough you can hear it in your dreams

The music I’ve heard is beautiful, haunting and utterly abstract…like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Has this certain quality that I have a hard time trying to describe…other-worldly. 'Tis a wonderful thing! :content:

I’ve heard music, both music I’d heard in real life and made-up music, in both non-lucid and lucid dreams. With one or two exceptions*, it sounds the same as real life. (But I’m a musician and can replay music in my head with lots of detail, so it may be easier for me.)

*Once I had a non-lucid dream where I heard some made-up music where there was some nonexistent pitch - not a frequency that doesn’t have a name in the Western scale, but a pitch that can’t actually exist in real life because it was an impossible combination of intervals away from existing pitches. I have no idea what my brain was doing to produce that.

I love the music of my dreams, It’s very rarely something that I remember from WL, its mostly beautiful sounds that my mind makes up, and that I can never remember when I wake up :sad:

I tend to dream a lot about music in my normal Dreams. Didn’t have a LD yet so I don’t know how if it’s gonna “work” there.

Usually they’re made up songs, I for example dreamt about some kind of native tribe on an island and I was hearing really ‘deep’ traditional songs of them. Most of them are damn beautiful.
Can’t wait to try “hearing” mind music when I start having LDs :smile:

I’ve always had an interest with music in dreams, probably because I never seem to remember auditory elements from my dreams (well, not much).

I’ve only heard music in my normal dreams, but it is always something created by my mind and generally quite nice. Usually it plays through…well, it’s just there. :tongue: I’ve tried reproducing one or two of them on piano in waking life, but it’s hard to hold onto the memory of the song unless I constantly hum it.

I have a lot of dreams with music. No lucid dreams though. :sad:
Once, I dreamt about playing piano. But it didn’t sound like a piano, it sounded like a whole orchestra + percussion and a synth- like mix of guitar and piano.

When I woke up, I was able to exactly remember what I played in the dream. I then realized that, in fact, that melody I played was new. I composed it. While dreaming. I then decided to try to recreate it as good as possible. soundcloud.com/jason-efstathiou/snow-fox

That was really awesome in a way.

Sometimes, I hear music in my dreams, too. Like sitting in a car and listening to radio. I hear some familiar songs, then, and my brain plays them back quite realistically… I spend a lot of time listening to music in RL, though, so my brain knows the music really well.
I realized that when listening to music, my mind often focusses on only one specific “layer” inside the music. I mostly don’t listen to the whole track, but only to a specific instrument or synth. Like this, I sometimes discover new things I normally wouldn’t have heard with listening normally. Maybe this helps me to remember the overall track and play them back in dreams… :content:

I don’t usually hear music in my dreams, but when I do, god, it makes me wanna transcribe it upon waking up immediately. (But alas, I have no way of doing that!)

The music in my dreams is usually simply so beautiful, that upon waking up, I feel all warm and fuzzy, it kinda resonates with my soul. Sad thing is, I tend to forget it in the next 20 minutes, which is a real shame.

Okay, so I can always LD whenever I have something small, precious, but not easily breakable. For me, I use a small quartz crystal that fits in my pocket. I then use a radio or anything that can play music (that is not an mp3 player though) to play the song I want as many times as I can (or put it on repeat if there is that option). When I get into LD, I am then hearing that exact same song. So, there you have it. You think it’s not good, then post a reply about it.

I often hear music (normally some particular songs I know and like in reality) in my dreams, I mean non-lucid ones, and usually they make stronger impression on me, than IRL. I’ve just started to practice LD, so I have very little control over this process and can’t start a song in a dream just by my intention. But I don’t think it’s too different from starting any other processes in a LD.

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I’ve heard music playing in the background of my LDs, but only when I’ve had music playing in RL. So I’ve never been in control of it - I couldn’t change the song, turn it off etc).

Too bad I wasn’t aware of the music while I was dreaming, it was there, but I didn’t really notice it until I had woken up, recalled my dream and written it down. :nuu:

However, I did feel more relaxed than usual. :content: