LD on Mute

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this…

I had my longest LD ever last night, but one thing that really annoyed me was that there was no sound! I could hear only this faint buzzing in the background. Even though I talked to a bunch of people, it sounded like I was saying it in my head and I was hearing their responses in my head. Other than that, I could see everything clearly, I could smell this strange scent, and I was cracking these weird crackers which felt very realistic. I ate them later, and I distinctly remember the taste… but alas, no sound. When I woke up, my fan was making a sort of faint BZZZZ sound… Could this have affected my entire dream?

When you have your eye’s closed your brain will put more effort in identifying the sounds you hear. In this case your brain might have thought the fan noise was a radio or speaker noise. And your brain tries to make up a (somewhat) logical explanation to the sound, which in this case ment that “your” sound-volume was at zero, or something like that.

You should have tried to raise the volume on a cd-player or tv, it might have worked.