LD or an after dream thought? Please - explain!

Last night I was dreaming about a big indoors market, where I was looking for some specific stands. In one moment, I thought about something from the RL, as I often do in dreams without consciousness - and I thought “if I’m thinking about that, it must be a dream!” - I felt that I can REALLY control it, but it wasn’t anything special - it looked like an ordinary daytime thought, so maybe I woke up and flew from the dream state to the thinking state? It was really weird, I felt that these scenes were far, only in my head and I wasn’t a TP nor FP. If the LDs are supposed to look like that, I won’t practice them :meh:

Nope, a real LD would be one where you feel as if you were in the waking world - you can move around and interact by your own will while knowing that you’re dreaming and your physical body is actually in your bed. That’s the ideal and there are variations in a lot of aspects (different ‘‘levels’’ of lucidity), but it should come close to this.